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Style : Melodic Death-black - Album : Lady Lust Lilith Label

Band web : http ://www.orion.boden.se/~azarel/satariel.html

Created in 1994, Satariel used to play a kind of « aggressive ptimitive ultra fast black metal ». But in the first demo « Thy Heavens fall », it has already changed . Their second demo « Hellfuck » brings them a lot of attention in the underground scene but the band were not satidfied with the del proposed by companies. After they last demo « promo 96 », the band recorded « Lady Lust Lilith » with the help of the famous Tomas Skosberg in the legendary Sunlight Studio & for Pulverized records.

Satariel is the new sensation of Sweden ! If their album starts with an ultra fast song, that let think that Satariel is another black metal band, maybe better than the average, but like mre & more new black metal bands coming nowadays, the following of the song & of this album proves that Satariel is more than one another band from Sweden. To describe Satariel, imagine Dark Tranquillity with some black metal touches. Using a lot of melodies in guitars with this so characterictic sound & style from north european band, Satariel achieves to create a real surprise by the musicianship they have, their technical quality, their ability to create amazing riffs & the diversity of their singer ( sometimes like in Dark tranquillity but with a melodic approach too). I really think that some people can be discouraged by the ultra fast parts but if you continue to play this album, Im sure you can find more & more interest due to their excellent arrangements created in each songs. Satariel is of course influenced by melodic death metal school fom Sweden with its so particular sound & melodies but they ve really found their own place in this scene. « Lady Lust lilith » is really a richness album to be listened several times !


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Style : black metal - interview

Created in 94, Tyrant is the piece created by Keisuke & Ryugo! the band is coming from singapore & evolves in the Black metal scene ! 1995 see the release of a debut demo 'Black Crown' with a more complete line up. including now keyboards (playing by a female player), Tyrant released 'Grudge of Dannoura' , a 2 track demo that get good reviews. One track feature on a compilation released by Art productions. Pulverized records signs the band & a first full length album. 'Under the dark mystic sky'. 

This album is surely the most impressive black metal act ever released in the renewal of the black metal scene. what strongly differs with Tyrant in comparison with the other bands is the fact that this band is composed of good musicians with a really skilled technical level . Thus, the musicanship is most often up to the average in this kind of productions. More, the band used one the best studios to record its album. So, it's also a professional recording that allows to listen to a quality album. Musically speaking, Tyrant uses all elements that belong to black metal : fast tempos, slower ones, high riffing parts, various surroundings, gloomies emotions, ...But Tyrant never forget to take its references from heavy metal or thrash metal. so, it's really one of the most richness black metal songs ever released. All elemnts in this album reveals a high potential band. More, guitarist enrichs its play with technical solis that make songs reach another level . Combining aggressivity with some folklore Japonese elements , Tyrant composed a majestic masterpiece of Black metal. It seems that this band has no boundaries & exploits all possibilities to create metal at its best. It's very clever! & highly recommandable.

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