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Contact Label Adress :PO box 70 - Skillman , N.J. 08558-0070 USA

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Contact : The Quiet Room: P.O Box 100742 , Denver, Co 80250 , U.S.A

Interview : w/ Jeff

1 It seems like if there was a prog metal wave these past few years with the help of Dream Theater, Magellan, ....Why do you choose this style of metal? Why don't you prefer Thrash metal or heavy metal? Is it just because you all own a fantastic technical level & that you want to use it to express more emotions on music?

1. I think we choose this style of metal because it has greater content, both musically and emotionally. The more straightforward styles of metal don't have as much to offer as progressive metal does. All styles of music are expressive, but each on it's own level. When I listen to an album by Dream Theater or Fates Warning, I always feel as if I'm listening to it for the first time. And each time I go back to it I discover something new. It's hard to find that in other styles of metal.

2 I feel like if you were more influenced by European bands than american ones. What are your influences? What are your favorite prog metal bands?

2. Actually, we aren't familiar with too many European bands. Our influences come from a wide range of styles. Obviously bands like Dream Theater, Fates Warning and Queensryche have influenced us all. But individually we all have different influences. Here's a few just to give you an idea. Tori Amos, Sarah McLaughlin, Faith No More, Seal, The Dave Matthews band, Pantera, Beethoven, Shadow Gallery...the list goes on.

3 Do you know a band like Eldritch (italian band with an american singer, that recorded 2 excellent prog - power metal CD)They meet a good success in Europe. I think that you evolve in the same direction than this band. I'd also say that you're at the cross of this band & of Symphony X. DO you hope to meet as success as these bands in Europe, to come play here? What 's your situation in USA & worldwide?

3. Yes, we hope to become well known in all of Europe. We are currently distributed by the Underground Symphony label in Italy. Hopefully we will find distribution throughout the rest of the continent and be able to do a tour there soon. As you have probably heard, the progressive scene in the US isn't very good. There are some progressive fans here, but not enough to make the media give us a chance.

4 Tell us about the recording of "Introspect"?

4. The whole process, including tracking and mixing, took about three or four months to complete. We started recording in January of 1997 and finished about a month later. We attempted to mix down in a different studio, but we weren't happy with the outcome. So we went back to the original studio and re-mixed. We finished in April and sent it off for mastering and duplication. It was a lot of hard work for everyone, but worth the effort.

5 "Introspect" is your 3d album. Tell us about the first one & the second one. Where can we find them?

5. The first album was a three-song demo recorded shortly after the band formed in 1993. The other was a five-song demo recorded in 1995. The songs on that demo were all recorded on "Introspect" and sound much better. There are a few copies of that one left, but we are all out of the first one. You can order it directly through our P.O. Box.

6 what are the difference between each album you released?

6. I think the main difference is the songwriting, it has matured with each recording. We continue to grow, both individually and as a band, and that has a great effect on our music. Also, our influences vary quite a bit, so you'll here differences in style between recordings.

7 Tell us a few words that wil definitly convince to buy your CD?

7. Here are a few things that have been said about "Introspect".

"The songwriting is superb and the skill of the musicianship is exemplary all around." -Matt Barber/The Mining Company

"This is one of the best releases of 1997 and I think that it's unique qualities will make it an enduring classic." -The Progressive Metal List.

8 I find no fault on your last CD. May be there's one for you. Which one?

8. So far everything is sitting pretty good with us. We are really happy with the way it turned out. There are a couple of parts where I think we could have mixed a little better, but other than that, we couldn't be happier.

9 What are your projects for now & for the future?

9. Currently we are planning to play at the Powermad festival in Baltimore November 28, 29, and 30. We are working on some new material now and should start recording again in about a year or so. Other than that, we are just trying to secure good licensing deals throughout the world. If we are successful with that, perhaps we will try to arrange a tour.

10 Your songs has got a solid stucture but it's not a collection of riffs. Explain the process of creation of your songs?

10. The process differs from song to song, but it generally begins with a guitar part. Once the guitarist has developed that part into something he is happy with, he presents it to the rest of the band. At that point, we all learn it and begin shaping our individual parts to fit with the rest of the music. Then, we develop the song as a band. The amount of time it takes to complete a song varies, but a few months is probably a good general time frame.

11 You all studied music. What are the advantage of this? Is it an absolute condition to evolve in progressive music? To have such an excellent technical level , what does it give to you, what does it bring more?

11. I think our education's help us to communicate and understand each other better. It also gives us a greater variety of influences to draw from. I don't think that a formal education is necessary for all musicians, but I do think that everyone should study music of different genres. It is important to understand what makes good music and what does not.

12 In playing progressive metal , don't you afraid of losing emotion by the complexive aspect of songs?

12. This is a problem I hear in many progressive bands. Some people enjoy writing super technical music. We try to remember that the most important thing is good songwriting. We strive to maintain a warm melodic feeling throughout each song. Just because something is technically challenging to play doesn't mean it sounds good.

13 You're now a band that have a good experience in studio. what are the possible mistakes that made young bands in their first recordings?

13. I think that a lot of bands aren't prepared for how different things will sound once they have been put to tape. Things don't always sound the same on tape as they do in the rehearsal studio. This can sometimes be a pleasant surprise, but it can also be a rude awakening. It's good to do some type of pre-production, even if it's only on a four track. This gives you a chance to take an objective look at your music and make any changes before your in the recording studio.

14 How is The Quiet Room on Stage? Isn't it sometimes hard to play songs like yours & to save in the same time concentration & entertainement?

14.I think that theaudience should have a different experience watching us live, as opposed to listening to the CD. We try to do some things that will allow for that experience. Sometimes we tie songs together or use an intro tape of some sort, but we don't make a major production out of it. . We definitely concentrate more on the sound of the music than we do on our stage performance. It is important to us that we have as strong of a presence live as we do on the CD. If we achieve this, then we tend to have a pretty good show.

Review : This band is coming from Denver, USA. All members in the band studied music. So, its obvious (when you hear them), that they work in a professional way . So, they all have a brilliant technical level. & for a band that wants to evolve in the progressive metal style, it's really an advantage. "Introspect" is their third album but the first for Dominion records. The Quiet Room is surely growing in the international sceene. They described themselves as blending the powerful of metal & the solid emotional expression that some progressive bands losts.More over, the excellent production & sound bring a lot to appreciate them. But, a good sound doesn't mean that the band was inspired. It's not the case for them.

The Quiet Room succeeds in playing an original blend of metal music. The influences of the band seems to be European metal bands. To give you an idea of what they sound, imagine that they remain Queensryche ("Operation Mindcrime "or "Empire" period) which have find again inspiration & powerful . If your favorite bands are Symphony X or Eldritch, The Quiet Room evolves in the same way . But be careful, because it's really not a copy but a real personal work.

Songs are sometimes powerful, sometimes they bring emotion & sometimes they blend these 2 aspects like in "Altered past". All arrangements show the subtlety & the musical genius of this band. Each song is complex, but always coherent & not only demonstrative. That's a reason why The Quiet Room is so impressive. Songs are never a collection of riffs. So, it's more united & it has more power. The singer is one of the most talentuous one i've heard coming from USA. He proves that heavy metal singing is not old fashioned & that it's the best way to say his emotion on music. He owns a real charisma like in "Drowning", which remains strongly Queensryche. Guitars are very complementary & incisive like in "Experimental". Guitarists own a rare technical level & ability to show & build melody & feelings like in "Second time around". The drummer & bassist bring cohesion & a superior level of subtlety to the band. & finally keyboards are not omnipresent but always used to strenghten songs like in "Suspended seconds".

To resume, if Dream Theater is referencee in progressive metal , The Quiet Room develops his own style ( sometimes close to them in "Undetermined") , that is more compact & so, with an immediate effect. It's sure that if originality is one of the qualities of this band, their extreme ability to compose offers audience to listen to one of the best progressive metal band worldwide. It's obvious that The Quiet Room can compete with the best progressive metal bands on earth. More over, as soon as begin the first track of the album, you're convinced that you're listening to one of the best progressive metal album ever released & truly the best one in 1997.  "Introspect" is definitly impressive & indispensable for metal fans. 

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