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Label : Brennus records

1 Hervé, you're a cult personnage in the french scene, can you resume your history?

I started to play in my first band in 1980 with 'Attentat Rock'. I recorded 3 albums with them from 1981 to 1985. Then, I participate to the compilation 'Hard rock rendez vous' with 'Firefox' in 1987. In 1993, I recorded teh album 'Back to the front' for 'Face to Face', then in 1996 'We love Gas' their 3d CD.

2 I heard about re relases & solo album. What are teh news from you ?

The 3 'Attentat Rock' albums will soon be reissued (1st one is now out!) under the label Brennus. I recorded a 4 titeld demo wich is presently on the market a little everywhere. The aim of this is to launch a nine titled CD under the name of a band : 'Smokehouse'

3 What's your opinion about these re releases, a trend in french market nowadays?

Teh reissues are very interesting for th enostalgics of an era because tehy permit to benefit by a much better quality sound than an old cracking vynil. 

4 Heavy metal knows a revival. What do you think of it?

Melodic hard rock & heavy metal are coming back to fashion & I'm not going to complain about it, because it's the music I've always lived. 

5 What do you think of the french scene since the end of 'Attentat Rock'? What are differences between 83-87 bands & 89-96 ones? Have you some reproachs or advices to give?

I think that the french scene at the same time, from 1983 to 1987 was the same as today's one. Styles have hardered & today's music is very rebellious. Th most important is to have fun while listening to it, whether it be melodic or brutal. 

6 What happened after 3'd Attentat Rock album (Strike) ? Explain why the band has splitted up? What di dyou think about 'Pink rose' ( Pink rose was the new name of ex Attentat Rock members without Hervé. They relmeased 1 album)

As for the split of Attentat Rock, I belive that, at that time, all possible means have been used so that the band takes on a European dimention. But in 1985-1986, there was a loss of interest in the frnch hard rock scene & all teh bands at that time splitted up. Pink Rose was no exception. 

9 Fo roy, why doest it fail in 1985-96 for you but for otehr ones too? How do you see nowadays ' situation?

During the 'France festival', I questionned myself about the poor success of the concert which had everything to succeed but the public did not follow & that was teh beginning of the end. Nowadays, this hasn't changed & only 2 or 3 french bands live from their music. 

10The first Attentat Rock album is soon re released (it's done now!) can you present it & can you tell of it facing the 2d & 3d one? Best points & worst ones? Why do you reissue it ? Do you have a particular feeling at this reissue like you had in 1983 for the LP release?

The first album is very different to the two following ones, because it's much more rock than hard. Its strength is : pleasant melodies, its weakness is : several imperfections at teh production level. It's great to be abl to listen, once again with nostalgia & perfect sound quality, to an album we have recorded more than 15 years ago.

11For now, what are your best memories as musican?

My best memory was the first part or TRUST & IRON MAIDEN in the 'Theatre Antique' of Orange in 1982 with Attentat Rock. The first part of Motorhead in Avignon in 1984 & of course, the participation in 'Monsters of Rock' in 1990 with Aerosmith, Whitesnake & Faith no More. 

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