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Interview Regency

1 Regency has just appeared on the progressive metal music sceene as the first french band. Tell us about the story of the band :

Regency came together thanks to our common passion : the progressive metal.

2 This style of music don't suffer mediocrity from musicians. How many time have you been playing ? Have you ever played in other bands before & have you take some music lessons before & do you continue them? 

We've been playing music for 8 years. We all played in different bands with different styles. We don't take music lessons anymore, we like better to compose & arrange our own songs. 

3 Why did you only record a mCD 4 tracks ( with a playing time of 30 minutes) instead of an album? 

The 4 CD tracks were only made to be a demo for labels, so they could hear from us. Our budget would not let us record a whole album. 

4 What are your goal with this m CD? What are also your main projects? 

This CD helped us to put us in touch with a few producers, because our aim is to be produced. Our plan is to find a manager & tour on the french & foreign stages.

5 Even if your style is near from Dream Theater, your CD shows a band that have its own personality & where the influences intend to be larger than it seems. What are these influences? 

It's true that Dream Theater seduced us, but we have many other influences (Queensryche, Rush, Kansas, Marillion, Pink Floyd, Pantera, Fear Factory, Chick Corea, Uzeb, David Bowie, Queen, ...)

6 For those that haven't heard you yet & would like to discover you, how can you present Regency?

The best way to discover Regency is to see us performing on stage. 

7 Is a so technical music easy to reproduce on stage? Do you need special conditions? Don't you think that this style can be a problem for live performances (Dream Theater is a band that is very static on stage)? 

This kind of music is hard to perform lilve but work & concentration help us to feel at ease. Regency is more concerned by their musical quality than their stage presence. 

8 On your own opinion, what are the main quality of your CD & if there's one its main fault? 

We're pretty satisfied with the demo sound.

9 What is & what will be the place of Regency on the french sceene? What is your opinion about this sceene?

Th french progressive metal sceene is non existent. We hope to see other french band coming up in order to increase the movement.

10 Tell us about the way Regency creates its song? To find melodic lines on a so complexive music must not be easy. How do you do?

We 5 members of the group contribute to hte development of the musical compositions in both a rythmical & melodical fashion. ?

Review :This is the first progressive heavy metal in France. Regency has just released a 4 tracks CD which surely stay in the memories for long. Itís real impressive debut one. If the referencees are Dream Theater, Regency has also got its own touch. The singer is near from James la Brie but in a louder tone & his way to sing is very particular & personal.

In comparison to the masters of prog metal, Regency has condensed its ideas to keep their powerful of a music (even if the 3rd songs is quite calm). Of course, the technical level of all musicians is obvious & unreproachable. The sound of the CD remains me the first Lemur Voice, ; so itís useless to say that itís an excellent one (still recorded at Numerock). The aim of the mCD was to present the bnad in the metal sceene. Now itís done. The first album is surely awaited, but donít forget this first act Ďcos itíll soon be unavailable. This album is also available at my distribution list!!

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