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Relapse records is now a famous underground record company. May be one with the best reputation in underground. But there's some particular points that the record company wants to spred : they always releases extreme & original bands & gives them all they need to record the best album that the band could recorded at this time.

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style : Grind (jazz!) metal - album : Under the running board - Interview

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Together for less than one year, The Dillinger Eescape plan come from New Jersey . & like Rorshach, Deadguy & Human remains,, this band has already staked out its musical territory. This mini CD has just been released after their participation to the north east & Milwaukee metalfest. Brilliant blend of hardcore, metal & jazz ( !), TDEP with its 3 tracks Cd will surely mark spirits of thousand of bands & fans ! Terribly powerful, TDEP is maybe one of band composed the most incredible musicians ! The avalanche of brutal music proposed is compensated by a musical wealth and an irreproachable technique. The group goes very far in the experimentation & some break have not anything to envy to the best moments of free jazz bands! The Dillinger escape plan can be compared by its originality to Primus ! this band is the Primus of Grindcore : inventive,powerful, brutal, melodic, ... The new member of Relapse family is really impressive ! 8 minutes of rare & unique intensity ! I hope the album will soon be out !


style : Grind Death metal - album : Inhale/Exhale - Interview

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Formed in the 92 in sweden, Nasum ‘s idea was to create teh most intense grind core, in the old Napalm Death vein. After a 7’’ ep for a german label, the abnd entered the Unisound studio of Dan Swano in the goal to record tracks to submit to record companies. The result is 9 songs for a total of3, 30 minutes of grind crust ! In 1994, the band returned to teh Unisound studio to record 16 new tracks released on a new 7’’ EP called ‘Smile when you’re dead’. In 1995, Nasum get again in studio ( still the same) for 12 new tracks & 6 re recordings of 1994 tracks that were previous to be released on a mCD called ‘industrislaven’. In 1996, Nasum recorded 24 songs with their home tracks studio ( a 8 tracks one) , which represents yet their most brutal & raw productions which is issued on a new 7 ‘’ ep called ‘the black illusions’. Then, the band invested more in a personal studio & recorded 16 tracks for a compilation. This tape ended at Relapse & it turned into a deal. This ended with a 42 tracks album called Inhale/exhale recorded in the personal studio of this 2 piece band !

This album is intended to become a traditional grindcore act. Helped with a powerful production, Nasum is essential right now like one of the heads of file of this movement. The group reaches nodes of violence and brutality. One can sometimes make reference to Entombed for certain sounds of guitars and certain voices which go from the loudest to the most yelling. ' Disappointed' is on my opinion one their best titles with a surprising break where the drums parts are excellent. Decided to make no mercy on its passage, Nasum applies to the perfection its destroying method . It is impossible to resist this flood of incredible brutality. Certain parts of guitar leave nevertheless time to the listener to rest before a new attack as on the mid tempos tracks : ' shapeshifter' which really sounds close to Entombed or ' feed them, kill them, skin them' where the bass takes a very particular dimension. There ultimately, Nasum achieves an album of high flight where all is implemented so that its grind core is more devastating. Sensitive souls will have to abstain to listen to this album


style : Hardcore - death metal - album : Soul of the martyr - Interview

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Benümb is described as astraight up hardcore/thrash from the vay area. Created in 1994, the band rapidly established itself in teh hardcore community. After some split 7’’ EP, the band in may 98 decided to put in one Cd 21 tracks of their ferocious hardcore, compiling new tracks with oldest ones previously released on old material.

Benümb is not really a group of hardcore to the literal meaning of the term (or at least compared to what Europeans await from a group of hardcore). It is not a question here of hardcore like Rage against the machine or Biohazard. Benümb has a feeling much unhealthier and the group endeavours to develop a concept of an incredible brutality. One could speak about grind - hardcore as it is sometimes difficult to follow this group. Admittedly, some larsens of guitars here and there points out to us from where this band come but songs like ' Stood up & sold out' resemble more like tortured doom than pure hardcore. In any case, this album is very varied (which is not always the case for hardcore groups) alteranting ultra brutal parts with ultra heavy ones. Certain titles are very short (0:46 minutes) & others are much longer (8:48 minutes). One can almost bring Benümb closer to SOD (as on ' CTOA' for example), except the concept of the group does not lend to smiling and having fun. But in comparison with some so called extreme bands, Benümb really plays on this album, it is not a question there of machines programmed more or less well recorded. Then, we can greet the performance of the drummer. With 21 titles plus 13 bonus tracks and finally 9 titles live, this album presents a complete panorama concerning this group whose favorite sentence can be: '‘if you don’t know about them, you’d better get your ass in gear & learn about a real harcore band’

INCANTATION : ( click on below for interview)


style : Brutal Death metal - album : Diabolical contest

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Incantation, like napalm Death, Brutal truth is oen of the best brutal band ever existing. More, it's also a cult one, an institution ! no compromise & maximum rutality can be teh 2 words that define Incantation at its best. Created in 89, the band built slowly but surely itsname & reputation through several albums. Each one is better than the lastest ones.  Their 2 7" EP were both reissued by Relapse in 90 & 91. In 92, they recorded their first brutal ode : Onward to Golgotha & then toured with Entombed , Brutal Truth, Pungent Steech, Autopsy, Vital Remains, Unleashed, cannibal Corpse to name a few! then, they issued a 2d Cd called 'Mortal Throne of Nazarene but the band after this recording has to be re built entirely! To promote this album, they toured with Grave, Immolation, Enslaved & Absu, ...Then , they get a deal with Repulse & issued 'The forsaken mourning of Angelic anguish' a mini CD, that would be later reissued by relapse, including live tracks! Then, a cult live album was released : 'Tribute to the goat'. in 97/98, it's time for them to prepare & released their 3d album ( still with Relapse). 'Diabolical Conquest' is born & it overcomes all that the band released therefore!

it's sure that with this album, Incantation has created something infernal ! Mortuary, the french band hasd issued something really brutla & excelletn for the beginning of this year & with this album, Incantation proves that the US brutal death metal scene is not dead at all. The 2 bands are really amazing & totally awesome! Incantation shows in 8 songs how must spund a death metal albums. They still alternate furious & incredible ultra speed parts ( played by a real drummer & not a rythm machine!) with slow& low parts. these last ones are really heavy & weighty, close to what Cathedral or my Dying Bride are able to create. This contrast strenghten the force of their songs. This kind of album is devastating. The louder sound of their guitar is impressive. If this kind of music can be described like old school brutal death, Incantation renews this style with some guitars harmonies ( in the lower parts) & some innovative structures ( 'unto infinite twilight/majesty of infernal damnation'). More, there's nothing to say about the production. For those who like extreme metal, Incantation is more than recommendable.


NILE :( click on below for interview)


style : Brutal Death metal - album : Amongst the catacomb of Nephren-Ka

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Nile thinks that death metal scene & bands totally lack of convinction practising their music. That's why the band exists. Describing themselves as a "Ithypallic metal' band, the band released a demo in 94 & recorded a first Cd 'festival of ataonement' in 95. Then they played with bands like Obituary, Deicide, Six Feet under, ...In 96, they released a mini CD ( thorugh Visceral productions) & planeed a full length album to be called 'Amongst the catacomb of nephren-Ka'. Then, Relapse signs them!

Nile is probably the band that trys to make the death metal scene reached new horizons. Their album is inspired fom Pharaoh & Egypt 's history. It's a real masterpiece of brutality & subtleties. There's excellent arrangements in songs like some ethnic interludes, some strange or classical music influenced guitar parts ( hear the end of 'Barra Edinazzu') & som eexceptionnal intro, truly hymns ('Stones of Sorrow'). Nile has got a high potential of creativity & never lets its death metal turns into mediocrity & easiness ('Ramses bringer of war' ). Of course, Drums parts are devastating like the crushing guitar riffs, but the band is able to create in each songs a gimmick that make this whole album sounds like the ultimate death metal act. More, their overall impressive production shows the technical level & musicianship of Nile to its advantage. With only one album out, Nile asserts already itself as one of the premiere death metal band worldwide !

SOILENT GREEN :( click on below for interview)

Soilent green

Soilent green 's beginning started in 88. in 3 years, the band released about 6 demos. 1994 will see the release of their first full length album called 'pussysoul'. After touring with Extreme noise terror in the summer 95, or Pantera & Clutch in 97, the band enters studio again with Ben Falgout (Crisis, Crowbar) to record songs taht will feature on their new mCd 'A string of lies'. Relpase ,signs teh band & resents worldwide this 3 tracks mCd of brutal megagrind !

This is a new band signed on the famous label Relapse records. Soilent Green is of course an extreme band in its style. Strongly influenced by death metal, the band also uses some grind parts, alternating loud voices with more aggressive one . tempos are for sometimes really speed. But the main parts is really well structured & well played. Arrangements are quite good & this makes music pleasant to be listened to. More, the production for a mCD is more efficient that on some famous bands. Soilent Green masters its style very well & proposes a good alternative to the main bands. There's only 3 tracks but it shows the best side of the band. There's also a short hidden track. 11 minutes of solid death grind with a good production. It's quite rare to bring your interest on it.

Album : Sewn mouth secrets -Style : Death metal

Soilent Green released last year a miniCd on Relapse that was a great surprise. Now they’re back with finally a full length album. At first, the cover & the booklet of this album is one of the most beautiful one ever done for a death metal band. It’s quite timeless picture that seemed to come from the 50’s. But musically speaking don’t expect 50’s music ! Soilent Green created pure brutal & innovative death metal with a perfect production. Some parts remains more « stoner » like the break part of « It was just an accident » that sounds like old Black Sabbath. Soilent Green renews with the best period of death metal. Soilent Green get all means to become the new & cult leader of a new rebirth of Death metal. Combining some old school parts with new influences, the band sounds unique. Sometimes very fast, sometimes really heavy, Soilent Green plays track after track future classic songs like « looking through nails ». It’s very precise for the guitar parts & both fluid & powerful for the drums section. With a good sense of creating ultimate heavy riffs, Soilent Green confirmed the high potential that were shown on their mini album. Now the band will have to prove on stage their ambitions. This is the best & most diversified death metal album for the beginning of 99 !

BRUTAL TRUTH : history & review ( click on below for interview)

Brutal Truth is not really a new comer in the metal scene. In 1992, Dan Lilker ( former bassist of Anthrax) splitted up with Nuclear Assaulst, bored of thrash metal & spent all his time for his new project Brutal Truth. Earache records produced the first Cd "Extreme conditions deman extreme responses.  Described at the fastest records on earth, it put the band into the highlights of the metal scene. With the help of MTV & the video exposure, the band also toured with bands like Incantation, Pungent Steech, Napalm Death, Carcass, Fear Factory & Cathedral. After a few recordings ( Need to control , , Perpetual conversion ) & problems with record companies, the band signed with Relapse records in 1996 & released a mini Cd called Kill trend Suicide. then, the band toured with Cannibal Corpse. In 1997, it's the return of this famous grindcore band with the release of "Sounds on an animal Kingdom", their first full lenghth Cd for Relapse. It's described at a multifaced album, blending the most savage moments of grinding madness & slow thick & sludge tracks.

Truly the best grindcore act ever released! Violence at it best & at its primary state filled with constant aggression. Brutal Truth goes higher than all the others grindcore bands, blending grindcore with death, hardcore, punk & rock ( Jemenez Cricket). Lyrics deals with social problems & aspects of civilization : suffocating urban , dezhumanization through technology, ...). But if Grindcore is the mian part of this album, Brutal Truth also propose some "experimentations" like in the track "Fucktoy" for example & the whole album reflects a high degree of unhealthy & vicious attitude. The cover is fantastic & original. It really shows the state of mind of the band : a return to animality . If the main songs are short (less than 2 minutes),there's some exceptions like "Blue World". these songs are often more unhealthy & make the album non linear. By the way, "sounds of an Animal kingdom" is an album that remains me the spirit of SOD ( Prey , 4:20, ...), with this blend of short & grindcore songs, truly "hate songs", (Callous , Foolish Bastard , ...) with some songs that sounds very different, like "Deadsmart" that sounds like a punk rock song. Production & sound is very good & it remains hat if Brutal Truth is a grindcore band, it's also a band with competent musicians. The sing is still various : sometimes loud & grave like in death metla, sometimes aggressive or distorted by effects. At the end of the album there's songs, you'll fond the masterpiece of grindcore with the deluge of brutality of the track "Prey", a true hymn: 20 minutes fo intensity & aggression!! So, "Sounds of an Animal kingdom" is a 75 minutes album of genuie brutality. Brutal truth asserts itself as the best grindcore bands & has released an album that will certainly be the reference almost like "Reign in Blood" for Slayer. It'll hard for Brutal Truth to overcome this album!!

TODAY IS TODAY : History & Review( click on below for interview)

Coming from Nashville, Tennesse, Today is Today was formed in 1992 by Stee Austin (guitar & vocals). After a 7" Ep for their own record company, Supernova records, , the band records new tracks for a advance tape. Amphetamine records signed the band & released the first album "Supernova" in 1993. Then, the band toured in USA & Europe with Helmet, Sick of it all , Unsane, Eye Hate God , Neurosis , ...In 1996, they tour in europe & featured on a recording of the Peel session for the BBC. Due to problem with the record company, the band signed on Relapse records. Today is Today described itself & its last album "Temple of an morning star" released in 1997 as an absolutly mind controlling riffs & surgically precise percussive maipulation combine with maniacally negative personal frustration.

Today is today is really a strange band, extremely spellbounding. Otherwise, it's really an unclassifiable music. Originality is the main word during the album. "Temple of the mourning star" reveals various surroundings but there's one thing that stays : all the voices are distorted with effects ( it can remain the black metal band 's singer of Wallachia on V.M.I.) This gives a special color to the sing & the most incredible thing is that it's really vocals lines & not only screams. It's a kind of tortured sing, unhealthy & frightened like in the tittle track. the Cd starts with a strange song, very atmospheric, calm. Then, the 2d song sounds like country music & finally, it really starts. The main songs are played at a mid tempos. Sound is very loud but the production is very good & original. Imagine a drums that sounds like a jazz drums & loud guitars & bass. The work made by the rythmic section is impressive like in "Miracle". the drummer is excellent ( "Kill Yourself" ) . It's really an original & refreshing stuff. The main atmosphere is very gloomy & dark, very disturbing & in the same time terribly attracting. Sometimes, Today is Today proposes more atmospheric songs like on "Mankind" that bring more melancholies on songs ( "Root on an Evil") or songs that are turned to industrial music like on " hermaphrodite" . So, it's really a band that knows how to play with surroundings. So it's definitly an out of time album. The first & last track are selftittled. The first one is acoustic & the last one is really the masterstroke of the album & it really resumes the spirit of the band. & in the middle of this one, there's an excellent cover of Black Sabbath : "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath".


Album : Solinari - Style : oppressive Doom metal - Interview

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Doom metal is a difficul style to apprehend. If there's a lot of bands in this style, only a few ones can bring som einterest. This style is divided into several parts with bands like Memory Garden, Candlemass, Skepticism, Cathedral (first period), …Morgion evolves in an undergroudn way of playing doom, but this not means that there's no melodies in their music. Morgin's music is oppressive, heavier than anyone. Guitars sound remains old Entombed. But the main strength of this album is to reveal various surroundings based on the multiple arrangements on songs. Despite it's very underground, Morgion succeeds in being attractive. Each song has its unique structure with hallucinating melodies & some frightening parts.The cover & booklet is superb & the production is really up to the average. Relapse has signed with Morgion something new in the metal scene; there's not plenty of these bands able to create & share such stranges emotions with their music. This band really worths being listened to.

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