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Contact Brennus records-Alain Ricard/ 5 rue de lixy / 89140 Villethierry - FRANCE Tel / Fax : 33 3 86 66 51 41

Web site (Brennus is a sub division of the Musea Label, so you'll find very different badns in this site) : http ://

Interview :

1 Brennus is a label that have been existed since 1994, with already lots of productions. Tell us about its history & your main goals?

Brennus came to earth on autumn 1994 with the release of the first Chris Savourey album, but the idea of making an oriented label was in my mind for a long time. At first, i'm only a passioned person of rock & hard, making radios shows & bored of putting on the shows good productions that are only available on a demo tape.

2 Dream Child, one of your bandwas in touch with LMP (Angra, Vandenplas, ...) how did you make to sign them?

For Dream Child, it takes time because of the high qualities that the band has. LMP was not the only interessed in this band. It's surely time & sincerity that bring them to sign with Brennus. LMP doesn' t make a lot during Dream Child was in contract with them, that the same thing for some labels that were unable to seduce the band & its producer... Unfortunatly, there's still some "bad people" in this job!

3 Brennus only signs french bands playing heavy metal, heavy rock, ... often inth more melodic & progressive tendencies of metal music. Why? Are you one of those who think that heavy metal is not dead & really not old fashioned?

Of Course!! I'm one of those that don't follow trends. I don't deny that theres not new sounds & new tendencies but you must not forget that without the blues, hard rock won't exist & without hard rock, the actual death, thrash or fusion won't exist too! Hard rock has been existing for more than 30 years & it's no more a fashion but a culture. So, it's impossible for it to become old fashioned, a culture is never old fashioned... The growing sells of Brennus proves it. 

4 Can you take stock of Brennus's evolution? What are your best seller? In which country?

It's still hard for us to take stock of our evolution. We're still in the underground ( & really proud of it) but it's true that media system cannot make as if they don't know us, because of our 25 releases made in less than 3 years. More & more bands are contacting us & medias come more & more often to have reguar news about us. That proves that Brennus is getting well & that we're credible. For now, the best seller is without contest the CD of Dream Child, in France or in foreign countries like Japan or Italy or Germany; The Killers albums & Swallows sell very well , then come Truckers & Chris Savourey ( often more in France, but it's getting better for exportation) , Arsenic ( see their interview) has got some problems with its sells in France but it is quite good in Japan. For CyrilleAchard & Hydra, the beginning is really good in France & in foreigh countries.

5 What are problems that meet independant labels? How is it with Brennus (distribution, advertisement, ...)?

Problems with record companies as Brennus are often linked with the "racism" against french bands that lots of french medias made & with the budgetary difficulties ofr making a good advertisement campaign for its own productions. We're not supported enough ( even if things are changing) by medias, our receipt of money are not enough yet to pay for advertisement in mags that we would like to do. On the other hand, the partnership structure of the label made that the manager are directly responsable on their own funds of the label's debts. . That made us to limit risks. For the distribution, things are getting well, i'll say they are better & better.

6 What are your previous releases & previous sign?

At short range, there's 2 sorts of previous releases : new ones & re issue :

News : Pat Vig Group & Blind Roller in september, Century Scream & Fifty Ones in october & Killers (8th album) for the autumn too.

Re issue : Attentat Rock (first) & Blaspheme (first) , the second CD of Toxic Twins (See their presentation & interview) in september, some other projects are also previous (like the second Attentat Rock & Blaspheme, the first High Power, ...)

Some new signs are studied : Headline, Rainbow Warriors & some others that i cannot talk now.

7 What was missing for french badns in the 80's & didn't allow them to assert themselves? Make your own analysis about the actual french sceene in comparison with the one of the 80's.

It'd be too long to give my own view of the several reasons of the collapse that have known the 80's french metal sceene. I don't want to be pessimistic but I think that the actual situation is worst than the one that have known those of the 80's. Look at the gigs situation. It's evidence that concert 's organiser are more than before focused on trends... Bands that don't follow trends meet lots of problem to tour with good conditions. & for some medias, it's unfortunatly not the quality of an album that they're talking about & they're better talking about some elements that are less artistic.

8 Except the band you signed, what are the french & foreign bands still in the underground that you would like to have in Brennus records ? 

I have no particular prejudice for on eor one other band. Some french bands have impressed me through a demo or a self produced CD & things have not going on without knowing exactly why. For the bands of the 80's, I 've nothing to worry about, but I would'nt have been disappointed if I could have re-released Sortilege or H Bomb & some others on Brennus... But Life is life... People that are coming on Brennus do not sign for money but before for human relation. 

9 To have Killers on Brennus records what does it means to you?

As i've said before i have no prejudice about any bands but Killers, it was an old dream, that failed to be realised at the release of the "Contre courant " CD.. But our roads had only be crossed for a little time. It's true that Killers is a band that on my own has made a lot for the survival of a certain hope of recognition for french bands ( also singing in french) Killers & Brennus, it's in fact the same fight... To do what we like without concession!

10 You 'll soon re-released some french albums of the 80's. Which ones? Why?

As I've said before, we start with the re-release of the 1st Blaspheme & 1st Attentat Rock, there's very old relation between these 2 badns & me, so things have been made on a natural way. Fro the same reason, we will certainly re-released the 1st High Power. Soome other bands are in touch with us but things are not made enough. So it's not impossible that some surprises come...Time will tell, perhaps. 

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