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Contact Adress :PO box 70 - Skillman , N.J. 08558-0070 USA

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their presentation on my page : Dominion.html

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1 Present us your record company?

Dominion records is a relatively small but rapidly growing independant label that since it's inception in 1994, has become an internationally recognized & praised company. Driven by a passionate appreciation for music, we promote bands thatstrive to produce musical work of art. Altough each of the artists we promote share the same common theme of having roots in the heavy metal vein, each is uniquely different. It is our goal to bring innovative releases to light, while providing room for growth to those that truly aspire to create the best of their ability.

2What are the kinds of bands you're searching for? For what reasons? Can you sign a band not coming from the USA? DO you want to be a prog metal- heavy metal devoted label only? 

A lot of people believe we are solely a progressive metal label. It's actually pretty funny...when we send out a rock/metal album sometimes the review comes back saying it's the best progressive release they've heard. Go figure. A bands origin is not as important as their music they are creating. Good music is good music. But it has to move the listener in some way.

3 Tell us how to find & get your CD's? Who are your distributors? In which countries are you distributed? Do you need more? Where? ?

We usually seek to license each of our album overseas to better promote the artists we work with. However, we work with a lot of different distributors & exporters here in the states : Conquest music group , USA one stop , Dream disc , Century media records , Perris records , Molten metal , Wildside imports , Visceral, Gemm & more. The release are alos available through mailorder ( PO box 70 - Skillman , N.J. 08558-0070 USA ) & our website ( ) . A quick note about our website ; we just won "the creative entertainement award" for content & quality by Creative Inspire Products (they people that have made listening to music on the internet possible ! It's great.. We are advertised in their new program which is being promoted to 50 million people!!! But yes...we are always looking for new distributors to work with & to help out by connecting them with other companies.

4 For a young independant record company, all of your bands have an impressiv & top quality production. What do you exactly propose as conditions? Is it also one of the reasons you have "few" bands in comparison with other labels : you prefer quality over quantity?

Thanks you for the compliments. Most of the musicians we work with tke their music very seriously & are extremely dedicated. They work cery hard at what they do, so i think this is one of the reasons the production comes across the way it does. We also try to work with professionals on every level. I don't see the point in putting only half your heart into something . The way i feel about it is that if something ( anything ) is worth doing, give it 200%. Although most distributorsprefer quantity-we prefer quality.

5 Some say heavy metal is dead; old fashioned, ....Your bands prove that this is not the case. How do you explain these thoughts?  

Heavy metal has never died in my eyes- it's a part of one's character. & you can't take that away. But there have been quite a few mediocre releases put out by some of the pioneeer bands which has really hurt the scene terribly. They know who they are & i'm sure they realize they didn't put their hearts into it. A lot of artists have also bowed to the notion of gaining mass commercial appeal (generic songwriting & song structuring). They have neglected the key basic ingredients for good songwriting - Sincerity & conviction.

6 What are your projects ?

At the moment we are working on th eMerury Rising's new release entitled "Building Rome". (the follow up of "Upon deaf ears" ) . It is scheduled to be released in late march. Noise records will be handling Europe & Japan once again. Other than that we are still working with our other artists The Quiet Room , Savior Servant , Tanelorn & Undertow.

7 What is the goal of Dominion records? Is it to prove that heavy metal is not dead, to become a major label, to be a reference in the metal arena or to prove that there's just fantastic bands unsigned by the majors which have a real potential & the same qualities as the majors?

There's an abundance of great artists & releases available it's baffling to see people settling for less because of pushy advertising campaigns & mass availability bombardement. "The in thing syndrome". The ultimate objective I suppose is to raise the awareness of what's available- to raise the expectations of the listeners- & in turn raise the expectations placed on the label to deliver.  

8 What are the problems that meet a young record company?

Distribution & finances are the bigest problems. To solve this we joined up with The Conquest Music Group, which is a group of 6 record companies of all different styles of music (Rap , Metal , Rock , Prog , Dance, Industrial , etc. ) , to give the distributors the quantity of releases they need & a good mix of music to make it worth their while. As for finances...running a label takes a great deal of money & perseverance to make things work. It is important to have a good start up fund & access to capital when needed.

9 What do you propose to bands when you sign them? ?

Well a lot depends on the band & where & how to market the release. For the most part, we start with a standard contract & modify it to meet the situation as needed. Our initial offer is usually very fair in meeting the needs & concerns of the artist. We'll do what ever is necessary to make things run smooth for all parties involved. 

10 What sort of promotion do you do for Dominion & its bands? (advertisement, radio, shows, zines, E zines, where, ...)?

We promote in exactly thesame manner as the major labels, except that it is on a smaller scale. We promote to radio, magazines, fanzines, newspapers, retailers, E zines, by sending promotional samples & by selecively placing ads. Typically we'll review our contacts for that particular style , narrow them down, then initially send out to 250-1000 contact people. Much depends on the style of music. So each plan is unique & in the best interest of the band. I must say that I am very pleased with all the positive response & support that we've been getting. Manu thanks to all.

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