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Self production - style : Heavy metal - CD : The actual

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Absolutly amazing! I'm still asking myself why this band is not signed yet. 'The Actual' is simply one of th ebest self produced album i've ever heard! released in 1997, this self produced album will certainly feature for a long time among my favorite ones. Reading Zero come from USA & play some brilliant heavy metal. I think it's not really prog metal like we're using to hear . Each time a band proposes more than 2 riffs in a song, some arrangements & a good melodic singer you read that it's a prog metal band. I think it's just original heavy metal, perfectly composed & amazingly played. All Queesryche fans must discover this band as soon as possible & must get this album. It's really indispensable. It's as equal as 'Operation Mindcrime' of Queensryche. 'the actual' must be heard several times to feel all the emotions proposed by Reading zero. All arrangemetns made on vocals line enrich surroundings created by the band. Using a lot of clear sounds for guitars , Reading Zero is never losing the powerful in its song. There's really not a lot of bands able to sound like Reading Zero & there's absolutly none unsigned. They reach such a level of originality & creativity that they overcome the majority of metal bands. Try Reading Zero & you'll see what is the difference between them & all the other bands. The best to hope now is that the band will finally find a good deal with a record company. Then, they 'll have the power to assert themselves into the metal scene for probably a long time.


Label : Osmose productions - Album : The highest Law - Style Death metal

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Ritual Carnage is a young band, created in 1994 by one man : Damian. After the changes in line up, that let Damian wrote alone some songs for the band, he joined the famous Tyrant ( signed on pulverized records & that delivered recently an excellent black metal album) in 1996. But Damian continue to search for th egood guys to follow him in rutal Carnage. In 1995, the first demo is recorded & then itís followed in 1998 by the recording of their album in the famous Morrissound studio. After hearing 4 songs, Osmose productions signed the band & then released in 1998 « The highest Law » What a pleasure to see the Death metal scene back & stronger than ever! Ritual Carnage was quite unknown in Europe but with this album, itís sure that their name wonít stay unknown anymore. No problem with the production of this record made in the famous Morrissound studio. More, Ritual Carnage & Damian had created ultimate Death metal songs. Itís like if we still were in the golden years of Death metal in the beginning of the 90ís. & itís also sure that Ritual Carnage would have rapidly grown up in this scene. Now, itíll be quite different as the Death metal scene Ďs only begun its rebirth. Anyway, Ritual Carnage can be the easiest way to re-discover this movement & probably the best one to learn what is strong & excellent Death metal. Remaining sometimes Morbid Angel or Death but also oldest bands like Kreator, Ritual Carnage composed excellent & technical guitar parts with very good solis. Thereís one bonus track & i think it resumes the state of mind of Ritual Carnage. They release a cover of « Death metal » from the cult UK band Onslaught. « The highest Law » can bring the same feeling that Exodus made when they released thier first album . When you hear it for th efirst time, itís a real sensation !


Label : Candlelight productions - Style : Ethnic death metal - Album : Rudra

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Rudra come from Singapore & plays death metal as it used to be in the 90ís. At first, sound is quite good & musicians shows an interesting potential. Music is enriched by some instruments like flute & other typical stuffs. It gives special color to this music. Rudra doesnít seem to be influenced by the first Us Death metal scene. Itís not always played on the fastest tempo. Som esongs are really louder & even if guitars are often play in chord, thereís some parts that sounds more technical & where the band search for a certain originality like som esanskrit vocals line blended with a death metal voice. Sepultura opened the way of using typical sounds & instruments of a country, Rudra pursues this way but without falling in playing a carbon copy of « Roots ». Itís still Death metal & the « ethnic » parts never predominate facing classic metal parts. Theres also 2 demo version of old tracks taht allows to see the evolution of the band before this good recording. So, Rudra with this album shows some good intentions & if for you Death metal is not only brutality, maybe Rudra can be a good choice


Label : Goldtrack records- Style power doom metal - Album : Visionnary Breed

Label : http :// -

Created in 1992 in Lithuania, Ruination evolved at first in a doom death metal before finding its unique style of music. In 1995, « Rest of Beauty » their first dmo received a great underground success , the band was invited to several important shows in their countries. But in 1997, Ruination wanted to reach a new level. Thatís why they went to the famous Abyss Studio with the famous producer Peterr Tätgren to record their first album. Itís after this recording that the band completed their line up with a permanent keyboards. Ruination is now composed of 6 members. Goldtrack records is really making a huge & fantastic work around its band. Itís sure that with so much qualities bands they signed, Goldtrack records will soon become a référence & a model for starting-young company. Ruination, their new sign is a real achievement. Itís impossible to say Ruination is a heavy metal band, a doom band, a power metal band or whatever else. The band takes elements coming from the whle metal scene & then they created their sound & style which is really unique. The most evident in Ruination Ďs music seems to be their membership to the heavy metal scene. The main riffs are strongly coming from this scene & itís really eniched by excellent solis & guitar melodies. Vocals are sometimes loud like in gothic music (« back of dreams ») but the singer uses differently his voice, depending to the effects he wants to create. Thatís why to this loud voice is often blended a more aggressive voice that could come from Paradise Lost . So, with such various elements described, maybe itís easier to have an ipression about Ruination. & with their excellent & totally professional recording, Ruination appears like one of the most awesome bands from Lithuania. With such an excellent debut album, Ruination with the help of Goldtrack records will certainly assert itself rapidly into the metal scene & convince a lot of people ( audience & some « biggest » record companies).

Rotting Head :  History - presentation

Rotting Head has been created in 1992 by 4 musicans that were attracted by Grind, death & hard core. Their musical concept is based on musical powerful & brutality. At the end of 1993, after many concerts with bands like Acid Drinkers, Incarnated, ..., Rotting head released its first demo called "Sucked Inside out" & released by Loud Out records. This demo contained 10 tracks. Then, the band released another promo tape & On line records signed the band for 1 album. But due to a lack of money theis album has not been released. But a tape with some of the tracks was released with a few number of copies. Then, Shock Wave records proposes a deal & Rotting head accept it. then, "Backwardness" is released at the end of 1997. 

The death metal scene was quite dead , one year ago & it seems that there's another increase of this movement through the help of excellent underground bands like Mortuary & Rotting Head. This last band makes with Backwardness an excellent work. With the help of a good production, very clear & powerful, the band proposes 12 tracks of raging brutality. However tempos are not always hyper speed. Sometimes, Rotting Head composes mid tempos songs & this alternating tempos make a lot for the quality of this production. Musically speaking, Rotting head remains me the old period of Sepultura. It's not simply brutality at its worst. Rotting Head controls its songs & masters their stuctures. On some parts, the band seems to have been inspired by teh old us death metal school. Anyway, some songs are enriched by original elements that gives another dimension to their music. Guitars have been put in front of the album & riffs are really energetic. Sometimes they are quite simple, & sometimes more complexive. So, it's a really good debut Cd & a promising start for Shock Wave records. If they continue to work like that, it's sure that this name will soon be a reference in the underground. 

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