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1 Can you present Ruination?

1. I myself came to RUINATION only in 96 and the band had been existing around 4 years then. One of the main reasons was the fact the guys took their work for music very seriously that cannot be said about many of Lithuanian acts. RUINATION were very active in local Metal movement and they didn't sit somewhere deep in a cellar and didn't wait when some "good guys" would come and put them at the top. I myself was a fan of the band at the time and I think it's one of the strongest Lithuanian bands. RUINATION have release the only demo "RESTS OF BEAUTY" in 95. Huge line-up changes followed after and our debut album was recorded eventually just in late 96. Then another giant pause followed since we couldn't find a label that would have been into releasing our album. Finally GOLDTRACK RECORDS released our album "VISIONARY BREED" in mid-98, our second album has to be out in April 99 and it's called "XURA", again recorded at ABYSS studio with producer PETER TAGTGREN of HYPOCRISY and again it's gonna be out through GOLDTRACK RECORDS. RUINATION originally started as traditional Death/Doom band more or less, however with the time being many different people joined the band and the result is the music You can hear now. I couldn't say that our music is too motley and various-sided, but it isn't an ordinary one. Since we have no prejudice how our music must be called or what riffs must be used and which not, we just play the stuff that is close to our hearts at the moment.

2 What's your influences?

2.It is a very frequent question I've been asked about by many zines. The most simple thing would be to mention the bands we listen to and like like the most, but firstly it would take too much space and secondly I perfectly know how it is when You name some certain band or musician, people just take it too deep and then You are concidered as "the band X number 2;3;4 etc". Therefore I better tell You we are influenced everything that surrounds us, what we see, hear, read, write, feel etc. I guess this the same is with all the bands. And if we talk purely about the music, we have been influenced by all Heavy Metal and we are proud being a Metal band. All the rest is not so important.

3 Can you present your album?

3. It's quite difficult. Don't forget that "VISIONARY BREED" was recorded in December 96 and lots of time passed by since then. We also have changed. Not very much, but the stuff we play now slightly differs from our debut album. The whole music and majority of lyrics on 'VISIONARY BREED' were written by one man. It's our guitarist/vocalist AINIUS. And if we could define a soul of the band in RUINATION, I can assure that there is no such person as "leader" or "mainman" in our band. Though I think he's done lots of quality work in the studio as well so he is the main actor in this album.

4 It's difficult to define you . There's heavy metal parts & riffs, blended with more aggressive vocals & some gothic touches? How do you define & called your style?

4. We don't wanna define our music at all. Some musicians like to define their music as something special and unique by giving some fantastic monickers to their creations. Others, without compromising, name themselves as only "true" representatives of some music genre. So we are not able to decide what is the music we play and how it must be defined. As I've said before, it's some certain Metal music style where You can hear what You want. We don't try to label ourselves too much since we know there are many people who would do that better than us. No member of RUINATION is set to follow the same line that was made in the debut album therefore we wouldn't want people have prejudice upon our band just after listening the debut album. We have lots of potencial to change and progress. And only time can tell which direction we'll move to in the future. We don't see the world as just two colored creature so everything belongs to the future. Check out our second album "XURA" in April 99 to comprehend what I'm talking about.

5 what do you think about the other release from Goldtrack records?

5. I really heard just a few bands on GOLDTRACK so I would prefer not to tell You my opinion about that since it would be not objective enough. One of the bands called SEER'S TEAR played in our hometown of Vilnius and I think they did it great indeed. At least their music is very different from the stuff big labels release and that is a big plus for them. Besides, I don't think it's very well when a label has a limited direction and set bounds to itself releasing just certain style of music which is concidered to be a face of the label.

6 Can you tell us more about the scene in your country?

6. The situation in our country concerning such music, zines etc is not a tragical but it's not that good in the other hand. There are lots of bands, heaps of various musical and not only musical mags or zines, but there are just a few people who are interested to make gigs, promotion and other stuff. This leads to a fact that there are just a few bands that can be active, make something etc. Everybody has to live from their own pockets. However, we have many good and original bands and I think foreign labels might be interested to sign them. So far everything is moving very slowly and that has its impact on the enthusiasm of bands that start their activities.

7 What does your lyrics talking about ?

7. We are trying not to answer to this questions due to several reasons. First of all, considering the time that passed after the recording, everyone in the band agrees lyrics for 'VISIONARY BREED album were written too quickly, too little work has been done for them and we are very unhappy about that. That's one of the reasons there were no lyrics published in the CD cover book. It gets very clear to ourselves as we have the stuff we can compare to. We have already recorded our second album "XURA" and there are the lyrics we are 100% behind it and they are much more sincere and closer to ourselves. What gets to the content of the lyrics, we are not going to discuss upon that at all. According to our opinion it's a very personal matter. We are no preachers of some movement, sect or doctrine and our lyrics are some poetry ( at least we take it this way). However every person may understand the meaning of the lyrics his way and we don't wanna be a barrier to that.

8 What are your projects now? Can you tell us more about the coming album?

8. Currently I have no exact information concerning our activities in the future. I'm just aware that our second album "XURA" is gonna be released in April 99 via GOLDTRACK RECORDS. Our management is currently booking a European tour to coincide it to our "XURA" release. As regards the album, it's been recorded at ABYSS studio with help of MIKAEL HEDLUND and PETER TAGTGREN of HYPOCRISY. The fact this time all the six members of RUINATION composed songs for "XURA", has changed our music. I think now it's more real, heavier, though we have kept that melody lines. The music has a strong touch of our keyboarder, his work has made our music more full or more original. Perhaps it's a slight step of ours towards aggressive music and vocals, but strictly in the good sense of all this.

9 a last word?

9. I hope that after releasing "XURA" we'll visit more countries and will play much more than we did in the past since we played really too little abroad. So listen to real music and stay true to Your feelings.


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