1 Sacred Steel has signed with ‘Reborn in steel’ one of the best heavy metal albums of the past year. Can you tell is more about this album ?

We recorded the album in about 12 days. Teh song were all written by Sacred Steel. In fact, there were only new songs on the record. None of them are old Tragedy Divine stuff. We decided to do the recordings in a small studio in our area, with the engineer who recorded the ‘Dawn of winter’ CD. At this tiùe we were satisfied with the result for a debut album. The cover was painted by a friend of Jörg. It show a warrior who’s « reborn in steel ». The CD was released in November 97 in Europe & in March 98 in the States.

2 Can you tell more about th ebnad that have influenced you ?

Our influences are bands from the 80’s. For example, Omen, Agent Steel, Hallow’seve, Nasty Savage, Liege Lord & stuff like that. SO, asyou can hear, our music sounds more US than german power metal. That’ doesn’t mean that we don’t like German metal at all.

3 The tittle of this album ‘Reborn in steel’ had been really well chosen. Do you think that with bands like you or Hammerfall, the heavy metal scene has reborn ?

Not at all. The heavy metal scene was never dead. Metal just got real underground & bands like us or Hammerfall have shown that heavy metal isn’t ded. Heavy metal will rise again. We stuck with this kind of music for a long time. We hae made this kind of music for more than 10 years & for us, Heavy metal is a way of life. At the time, we recorded’Reborn in steel’, it seems that there is a new chance for Heavy metal to become as big as it was in the 80’s.

4 How do you explain the decrease of the true heavy metal scene & can you explain too the revival of this scene ?

We don’t know exactly but we think one of the reasons is that there were not enough good bands who played true metal & the press began to push other stuff like Grunge or something like that. Younger people only see these new bands on TV or hear them in the radio. They are mainly influenced by MTV & all that crap ; Real metal bands totally disappeared in the press/TV. But nowadays, it seems that some people have remembered that there exists an other music which is called Heavy metal . some of teh labels began to pûsh Metal bands again & they have success with it. The people begin to listen to real handmade music again.

5 I heard that you’re working on your new album. Can you tellu smore about it ? Will it be a lot of difference between the 2 records ?

We are in the studio since the beginning of July. We record our second album which is entitled ‘Wargods of metal’ at Mohrmann Studio’s in Bochum with producer Bill Metoyer (if you don’t know him...shame on you !) The new songs aren’t very different to the older stuff. They’re just more melodic & of course real true metal. In fact, that we have much more time now for recording, the whole songs sound much stronger than on the first CD. The myrics aren’t different to the older ones , they are just heavy metal lyrics. The songs are more varied than before & we have no ballad stuff on ‘Wargods of metal’ like the first half of ‘Sword of teh king’. But you’ll find a continuation of this song on ‘Wargods of metal’. Important for us is that there will be released a limited vynil version of the new records.

6 Now, a lot of metal bands include in their music some female vocals. What do you think of female singer in heavy metal ? Will you in the future include some of them ?

We think that female singers in some kinds of melta styles can be very interesting but we don’t think taht we will ever use a female voice in ourmusic because we don’t believe that female vocals are harmonizing with our style of music & Gerrits ‘voice.

7 2 Heavy metal icons (Judas Priest & Iron Maiden) had changed their singer. What do you think about the new ones ?

We don’t like the musical stuff of Judas Priest very much but the singer seems to be very good. In case of Iron Maiden, there’s just one thing to say : Bruce Dickinson is god & Blaze Bailey sucks ! The new Maiden totally disappointed us.

8 With time that has passed by, What would you like to change in your first album ?

We only would change the sound & the mastering (once again a big FUCK YOU ! ! to the mastering engineer) . & we’d love to have a vynil version of it.

9 Now, a lot of bands released seceral selfproduced albums or albums released on very little indie companies begore getting a deal with a better ones. How do you explain that LMP & Metal Blade sign you so fast ?

At first, i think they liked our Heavy metal attitude. Tragedy Divine were already signed by LMP so only the new members had to sign a new contract with Limb. Metal Blade promoter, Mickael Trengert, saw ourvery first concert & asked for a rehearsal tape. After he’d listen to it, he talked it over with Brian Slagel & offered us a deal. That’s it.

10 A last word ?

HAIL ! ! to all the Metalheads & brothers in mind out there, our music will never die & always remember.....METAL IS ALL THAT MATTERS ! ! !

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Adress : Europe : MBR gmbh, PO Box 1332, D-73054 Eislingen - Germany

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