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Contact : Dirk Verbeuren / 94 rue de la colline - App. 5298 / 54000 Nancy - France

When we hear your Cd it's not easy to say which bands inflluenced you. What are these influences?

Our influences are numerous, because even tough every member of Scarve likes certain forms of metal, we each have a different musical backgroung : heavy, funk, classical, death, ... That's probably why it's ot evident to find a precise influence in our music. We love certain bands, but not those who simply copy another band or style without personality. It's much more interesting to experiment in order to create something different. Many bands don't realize the necessity of originality...

Tell us about the recording of the CD (recording session , mix, )?

The recording went very well. But we couldn't do everything the best way in only 6 days. Luckily, thanks to the professionalism of Brunon Donini & Bruno Objoie, the final result is more than good enough. It was very easy working with them, so we'll surely do it again next time. The hardest thing is to stay concentrated to get every musical detail right

Scarve uses 2 styles of singing. How does this idea come? Spasmophilius ( a french thrash band also uses these possibilities made by 2 singers. Do you know & appreciate this band?

Using a melodic voice has always been natural for us, because Fre used to sing in heavy metal bands like Legend. Before joining Scarve, he had never used a death grunt. When we were working on our first songs, he tried out some melodic lines & they sounded original, so we kept on combining both vocal styles. Concerning Spasmopilius, I know one of their songs on the "Stranger than Paradise" compilation. Their music is pretty good & i'd like to hear their album. They use the clear voice in a heavy metal way, whereas Fred's melodies are more gloomy or pop influenced in my opinion.

To record with a 32 tracks studio is something that's quite new. What are the differences with a 24 tracks studio?What does it bring to you? 

The difference is taht a 32 track console allows you to use more ics for the drums, to add more effects, ...simply because there are 8 more tracks. Butit's not the number of tracks that makes a good recording. The work of sound engineer is primordial. It was a positive experience to record in a highly equipped studio because we learn a lot about differents ways of capturing sounds, working on certain details in songs, etc. I'm even reading some books about home recording rights now!

What do you think of the french sceene. What's your place in this sceene & which bands do you appreciate?

The french sceene is like every sceene, with its ups & downs, its good & bad bands, & its honest fans & backstabbing assholes. The amount of jealous people who talk shit is incredible! But it seems that the quality of most bands is increasing, although originality stays pretty rare. May be the arrival of self financed Cd's pushes a lot of bands to do better? Some bands I like are Sup, Mortuary, Asgard, Malthus, Artsonic, Thalidomide, Agressor & a lot of others. Concerning our place in the scene, that's up to the fans to judge! I believe our CD has helped us to reach quite a big amount of underground fans. We are determined to go further with the next one!

Your drummer has got a fine & subtlety play, especially with his cymbals & hi-hat. Is it something that is really worked in the making of songs or is it a natural way of play?

I like using my ride & splash cymbals & my hi-hat ; for the recording of the CD, I even used a broken splash placed upside-down to give a short, dry sound. Using the cymbals a lot is part of the way I play, but when we work out our songs, I construct my drum parts pretty precisely. Nevertheless, I try to keep certain parts of every songs undefined, which oblige me to stay creative & to improvise. Playing the exact same rythms & breaks every time tends to get boring & useless.

Isn' it too hard to sing the 2 sorts of vocals in concerts? 

No, but on stage, its often hard to distinguish the sound of each instrument, which makes it difficult to do the melodic vocals. Fred is singing better & better but there's still some woek to be done. We recently incorporated a voice effects pedal in our stage equipment wih delay, reverb & some effects used on the CD. We 're also planning to use a second voice (probably Sylvain's) to elaborate the vocal lines.

Do you receive some proposals from record companies? Which ones?

Nothing concrete, until recently Thunder production (See it in labels page) offered us to distribute & eventually repress "Six tears of Sorrow". If we sign the contrct, the CD'll be available in a lot of french shops & maybe also abroad...(on the end of september, the band is now licensed by Thunder)

Do you think that in France, it's possible to be on the top when you play metal music? What do you think of bands like Loudblast, Art sonic, Vulcain, Scarve, Mercyless? what are their future?

Everything is possible but I don't see metal become 'mainstream' in France that quickly. A lot of people are too closed minded & the number of metal fans is rather small compared ro Germany for example. & a lot of them are also closed minded! For a french band, it's necessary to obtain success in other countries & this remains very difficult, partly because of the negative image people have of french hard rock. But metal seems to regain a better image these days. So hopefully, with the help of some good labels/distributors, things 'll go better...

Loudblast : The reference of french metal. With Massacra & Agressor , they opened door to a lot of other bands, altough their first albums didn't display a lot of originality. I love "Sublime Dementia" (from Loudlast)! I wish them a lot of success

Artsonic : a very promising band with a powerful first album! This band has a big potential & will without a doubt display a lot of personality in the near future. 

Vulcain : When are they finally going to retire? Like Trust. They have absolutely nothing new to offer. Old fashioned & closed minded shit! Their chance of growth is zero.

Scarve : also a very promising band in which I sincerely believe! I hope we'll be able to reach as many metal heads as possible & to continue developing our personality. 

Mercyless : I liked their first albums, but they weren't original enough to separate them from the death metal masses. Their new album looks promising, more progressive & less cliché. Hopefully, their old fans will accept it...

Can you take stock of the young Scarve's carreer? & give the main qualities of your album. Do you find it some fault? Which ones? 

Our 'carreer' has been interesting so far. We've learned a lot, be it on a musical or business level. As I said, with "Six tears of Sorrow", everything went better & faster for us : we got good reviews in the magazines & fanzines, found concerts more easily, gained a local reputaion & found a lot of new contacts. But everything remains to be done & our principal goals are to develop our music & to find a label in order to reach more people! In my opinion, "Six tears of Sorrow" is a good album with varied & relatively original songs. The sound is a bit too 'clean' but very powerful. Check it out! Our next CD will be recorde in early 1998 & it will kill!!

Review : This CD kills!! With a good production, the band affirms its original personality. My feeling about the band is that they play a great technical & progressive thrash metal. As Spasmophilius, the band uses 2 ways of singing. But it's in a opposite way of Spasmophilius. In Scarve, it's the growling voice that is the most important. The clear (& really good) voice is less used than the growling one. The structure of the song are really attractive (hear "Shelly's dead"). With this CD, Scarve will surely assert itself on the international sceene. Lots of labels will certainly try to sign them. On some songs (Blockloader & torn underneath), there's a big work of Dirk (the drummer who also plays with Art sonic & with another secret project -may be more in a few time I hope). His game on cymbals is very impressive. Scarve's got a real musicianship. The melodies they put in their songs (in the riffing parts & in the voices) make it recognizable & differents from each others. Guitar parts are really fluid. "Six tears of Sorrow" is absolutly not one of this repetitive & uniform album. One last thing about this band.You cannot really say that they looklike to this one or this other band. You think for some parts to a band & ten seconds later it has completly changed. That's an advantage. Don't wait to the second album, this one is perfect for metal fans who love intelligent ways of playing metal.

Scarve is also working at a web site (in Holland) at (Email at They now look for a site in France. So don't hesitate...Ask for their tour dates with Asgard & Paradise Lost in november...

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