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All questions answered by Jimmy Pitts except number 6 answered by Scott Crinklaw.

1 What's the story of your band?

Scholomance was formed by Scott and I in 1995. Basically, we had known each other for awhile. But, due to the rumourous nature of our hometown (and America, in general), we weren't friends. After awhile, we got over it out of necessity; in turn, realizing our strong common ground musically. As far as the band name goes, it comes from Romanian folklore. It translates to "Students of Alchemy." Or, as I like to say it-"Students of METAL MAGIC." It is a really cool myth, but rather than going into it myself, I strongly encourage those interested to pick up a book of Romanian lore. It sounds infinitely more interesting from a thorough source.

2 What are your influences?

We have a rather broad range of influences on our music, though not all are musical sources. Iron Maiden has been my favorite band, almost since birth, it seems. Others from metal would be Yngwie, Priest, Emperor, Helloween, Jason Becker, Artension, Arcturus, ad infinitum. We are huge fans of Classical music ,as well. Beethoven, Scriabin, Liszt, Chopin, Rachmaninov, and Bach are, without doubt, Gods in my opinion. Nothing better exists, nor will. Aside from music, our emotional tantrums belie our greatest inspiration. And literary and visual art only add fuel to those vicious inner flames.

3 How do you define your style?

That is very difficult to answer, but I shall try. First off, we are, unashamedly, a metal band. As far as I'm concerned, that says it all. BUT, I know that can be quite vague these days. So I'll tell you the closest thing I can think of. Neo-classical/Progressive Dark Metal seems to be our most common markeing tag. But, I think our listeners should decide for themselves. Besides, with us , there will always be new elements to throw off the un-attentive labelers.

4 you've got an approach of melodies that remains progressive metalbands. What are those you appreciate?

We tend to find the most inspiration from some of the more modern prog. metal bands. Obviously, Dream Theater and Fates Warning come to mind. As well as older Queensryche. Many of the Shrapnel and Magna Carta label releases hold a special degree of interest. Namely- Eniac Requiem, Greg Howe, Liquid Tension Experiment, and Vitalij Kuprij. Spastic Ink blow my mind just thinking about how great they are. In more extreme circles I would say Meshuggah, Cynic, Atheist, and Devil Doll are the main favorites that we have. Some of the '70's bands appeal to us, too. Personally, Rush, Mahavishnu Orchestra, and Chick Corea's electric band embody the greatness of the fusion/rock era. It seems that more progressive/power metal tendencies are coming back in metal. And, I have picked up an abundance of new music lately that has renewed my metal faith. Yes, there is talent in our scene, and it will rule again!

5 Tell us more about the recording of your last album?

I am not quite sure whether you mean the writing or production, so I will tell about both. It was a very tedious job to write that album ("A Treatise On Love"). It took us about a year and a half of daily practise to get that material as tight and intricate as we demand of ourselves. And some of that material dates back to the band's inception. It is kind of sad how much of the compositional detail gets lost in the recording process, though. We believe that the Cd has a very clear production. But, it was a tight budget for a bunch of picky bastards such as ourselves. And we hope to capture the guitar and vocal violence better next time. We used a lot of tracks, which made mixing a real chore. And that is what we spent the most time on. About twice as much time as the actual performances. It came out pretty good, but satisfaction leads to stagnation.

6Your cover reminds me Dark Tranquillity "The mind's I". Is it a way to sustain the attention of buyers or to specify that those that like D.T. can be seduced by Scholomance?

Scott: I suppose it does have some slight similarities to The Mind's I, being a collage/still-life of sorts. Our cover surely has ten times more elements involved within it than theirs though. It has more in common with the works of Dave McKean than anything but in ours, computer manipulation is entirely replaced by my hand created art. I wanted a distinctly different look to our cover and layout, something to counter the symetrical, anti-creationism of most of today's digitally designed covers. It was to be very organic, very 3-D and very abstract while still being complex like the music. To create the cover, a background of charred bible pages (namely pages from Deuteronomy and Leviticus) was laid down, on top I wrote some poetic fragments in acrylic and lead, and drew the tormented face in charcoal. Additional objects like the locusts, thistle and frog were fixed on with black candle wax. If Dark Tranquillity's fans buy our album based on this fact, I have no problem with that at all. I think they are a great band and I know for sure already that many of our fans also like them.

7 What are your projects for 1999?

Survival!! Aside from that, new Scholomance material that resides somewhere beyond the fringe of the "socially-acceptable". We have improved so much as musicians. And we intend to make it known! There could be a side project or two this year, as well. But, that is never definable from one moment to the next. Besides, Scholomance is a time consuming beast. Hopefully, we can get this new material finished and recorded by the end of this year. It should prove interesting.

8 A last word?

Thanks and praise to Laurent! We appreciate the interview and support. If any of you haven't heard "A Treatise On Love", what the hell are you waiting for? Indulgence awaits the indulgent. Perhaps it will tide you over until our next work of artistic battery and textbook sardonicism. The cd costs $12 US or $15 elsewhere from us or The End. Various distributors like Century Media, Nuclear Blast, Red Stream, Breath of Night, Grimghost, also carry it. Scholomance c/o Scott 8118 N State Hwy AC Willard MO 65781 USA

The End Records. 556 S Fair Oaks Ave #101-111 Pasadena CA 91105 USA

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