Contact : Season of mist - 24 Rue Brandis - 13 005 Marseille - FRANCE - Phone /fax 33 3 491 8000 37- Mobile 33 660 180 221 - Label E mail :

This french label is quite young but very active. Devoted to underground & extreme metal, Season of Mist works in a really professional way. They've released several productions. The first one presented in this site is Oxiplegatz.


Album : The symmetry of I, the circle of O - Style : Black metal

& Oceans E mail :

After its participation to the "War volume I" with Bloodthorn, & Oceans is back with a second full length album. Strange title than this one! & Oceans has probably recorded one of the most important album of its young carreer. The band has kept the best of the first black metal wave & has added new influences. Both very extreme & very melodic, the band never fall into something boring as mainly melodic black metal band. With a great sense of arrangements, & Oceans is really captivating & attractive. The brutal parts are enriched with clever synths parts & a very good bass player. Available as a double CD set with some dark industrial songs, the second & Oceans' album reveals undoubtly a band to follow . & Oceans features as one of the best new generation band.


Album : The bleeding light - Style : indus /Black metal

Here's probably the first band that mixes black metal with industrial. So far away from noisy industrial, The Bleeding light achieves to create real songs. Evolving as well in both dark surroundings ("Halloween") than in heavily parts ("My empire"), the band has created its own personality, which is really rare nowadays. Some hypnotic melodies ("Kyrie Eleison") makes this album an essential one in the extreme metal world. Here's something new for black & industrial metal fans!


Album : Angel's cry - Style : Black metal - Interview

Here's the first Irish band I've to review. Geasa has been created in 94 evolving in a brutal black metal way such as Immortal or Darkthrone. Now, the band has really found its sytle & sound & this is their first real album. Recorded at the famous Tico Tico studioin Finland, this album doesn't show any sound weaknesses. In comparison with other black metal bands, Geasa has a loud bass sound which gives a different color to its music. Inspired by occultism & atmospheric music, Geasa adds too some Irish feeling inside its music. So, it's definitly not common black metal. The numerous guitar harmonies enriched by this so loud bass parts takes influences as well from heavy metal than from the most melodic death metal bands. It's quite the same for the drums parts which are very good & definitly not inspired by the black metal movement. They are really diverse & very subtle ("The last one on Earth"). Only vocals parts stay in the typical black metal movement, even if some melodic vocals parts appears here & there. Most of the songs are quite long & filled with good & diverse arrangements. So, for afirst album Geasa has recorded something that sounds very fresh & original. & with a so good cover, there's no doubt that a lot of metal fans will try to get this album.

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Album : Roll the dice - Style : Rock'n'thrash metal - Interview

Band E mail : -

Here's definitly not new comer into the metal scene. Born in 1988, the band had already released 2 demos, 3 albums, 2 videos. One of their album was also a Crom ( the last one "Strange ways") Due ot som eproblems with their record company, Furious Trauma has signed a new deal with the now famous Season of mist, the french record company. More, all members of the band are quite well known into the metal scene. Some have played in Timpeless Hall, Konkhra, Artillery ( the reunion only), Jackal while some still plays with Gutrix with Hank Shermann & Bjarne Holm form Mercyful Fate like did Morten Nielsen in the past. So , with suck a solid background, ther's no doubt that Furious Trauma is a band with high level musicians. More, som especial guests appears into th ealbum like Mickael Denner (Mercyful Fate, King Diamond), Andy La Rocque (King Diamond) & some other more. Now, let's music do the talking! Furious Trauma is a kind of rock 'n'thrash band. It's piece of evidence with songs like "Roll the dice" with its harmonica, with "On top of the world", especially in the end of the track. But Furious Trauma can be also as heavy as Metallica ("Alive")Furious Trauma is highly aggressive & corrosive but without forgetting to get enough melodies in songs to kept attention alive. So, if you cannot imagine a blend of Pantera, Metallica & Motorhead, Furious Trauma has done it & achieved it for you. Anyway, nobody can stay insensible facing metal hymns like "Hole in my pocket" or "Memory & mind"

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Album : LXXVIII - Style : Death metal

E mail :

Norwegian band, Bethzaida isnít a new band appearing on the extreme scene. Having a lot of experience , the band tries to demonstrate with this new album all its capacities. At first, we will notice the good production. The heaviness of guitars reminds more classical metal band. And it is necessary to confess that this kind of sound & production for a Dark metal band is very interesting. Bethzaida is a band that mixes very subtle melodies with a unhealthy weight. To add some flute parts brings a supplementary dimension to this music that can be qualified as depressive one. Unclassifiable, the band has forged its own identity. Close to avant-garde music , the band explores new musical while keeping some classicism in its music, classicism that can remind sometimes Loudblast ( «wolfís desire»). That feeling makes the force of this band. Therefore a very good third album! Nothing more was expected from this reputed underground band.


Album : Infernal The depths of Hatred - Style : Death metal

Band :

Here is again a new sensation for the Death metal scene. This band becomes rapidly a real phenomena in the underground. Itís a real astonishing band. Playing in a register that seemed completely old-fashioned 2 years ago, the band could have totally felt in ignorance. But it was obvious that technical Death metal could rise up again with the help of a serious & reputed indie company like Season of mist. Anata can probably with this album be the point of start of a new era for this scene. You only have to check the numerous death metal bands that issued now regularly excellent album such as Soilwork, Mortuary, Carcariass, Without Grief, Withered Earth, ..... Anata has pushed out in one record its unique style. Mixing cleverly influence coming from the US scene and from the Swedish one, the band has reacheda result that exceeds all hopes. To compare them to the Swedish Death metal style, Anata does not sink in the whole melodic way and the impressive technical demonstration from guitarists and drummer make proof all along learnedly & constructed titles that Anata is near from bands like Morbid Angel when they were at their best. In any event, if there is a parallel to create, this would be the latter. Anata incarnates the European Morbid Angel, but with greater melodic qualities. Thereís no respite, no time-out! Itís just an Infernal riffing machine « The depths of Hatred » is a really infernal album, in the common sense of the term, a holy success


Album : Miroirs de líâme- Style : Black metal

I have to confess not to be a great fan of this style of band. The fine poetry style bored me a . But Seth is able nevertheless to maintain its audience « in breath » because recited parts are put into the highlight with a brilliant music. Seth can be classified into the Dark / Black metal family. Musically speaking, the band distinguishes itself by a very repetitious approach of the guitar riffs & only keyboards parts bring melody . To not get bored quickly, thereís some variations in the tempos. Relatively well structured, songs remain pleasant to hear; Some French vocals can appear as a curiosity but it is necessary to admit that it perfectly suits to the kind of surroundings developed by the band. And as much as this album is played, it is evident to notice that Seth reaches its objectives. Seth is certainly a band that will be more & more present in the underground.


Album : War Vol. 1 - Style : Black metal - Interview &oceans -

& Oceans :

Here is an original initiative. This split CD is organized in a very original manner. 2 bands share this album. Each proposes 2 tracks and 2 cover songs. The first cover is a title coming form the songs of the other band on the CD & the last title is a cover from GGFH It begins with And Oceans... This band plays 2 melodic black metal tracks. We can immediately notice the technical quality of the band. The music is well structured. Thereís good harmonies. Sometimes able to be very brutal, the band knows how to keep a place left for some melodies. Thereby, the music of the band does not become rapidly repetitious as several bands of this style. About the cover of GGHM , it starts very slowly and lugubriously with some synths parts. The drums sound remains the 80ís and itís more pop than metal. This title is very heavy too, and it gives a very unhealthy impression. The voice is equally louder. The cover song of Bloodthorn is here delivered faithfully: quite brutal & almost primary. Bloodthorn is therefore the second bands playing in this CD. Curiously, their first unreleased track begins very slowly, it sounds like a progressive music. The band surprises by qualities shown on the beginning of the piece. Then, the tempo increases and the female voice used remains conventional. Nevertheless, Bloodthorn often changes the tempos and it is necessary to admit that the band appears convincing. That is again truer for their 2d title. The cover of GGHM is very surprising. The piece is contrasted. The last song is therefore a And Oceansí song, which begins very melodiously with always these female vocal. Then, itís followed with an almost unbearable violence. Eventually, this good initiative allows to give another look to bands that could have been not enough convincing in their previous songs. Some other split Cd are expected with bands like Anata & itíll come soon !!


style : metal - album : Sidereal journey

Oxiplegatz is a concept created by Al Svensson. He's also well known because of his participation in Grotesque & At the Gates. Al is also a famous & well reputed composer in the old swedish scene. 'sidereal journey' is his third album of Oxiplegatz & may be his more accomplished one!

'Sidereal journey' is a concept album. There's 33 parts inside made of shorts musical interludes with some heaviest parts! It's really impossible to talk more about one precisely track because this album must be considered in its globality. More over, this kind of album cannot be classified in any style. Al explores all dimensions of metal music, from black metal to amospherioc metal, including some of the heaviest riffs ever created, females vocals, death metal ones, black metal ones, ...It's really a total achievement. Generally talking, Concept album are often boring or are so called conept album. It's not the case for this one; Lyrics hava to be taken a sa novel or a tale, telling teh story of race of beings driven off their home world, due to the presence of a black hole that threatens teh stability of the sun.  The richness of composition, the musical skill, the effort of experimentation & research of efficience make of this album something indispensable & a reference in metal music. Probably the most original & refreshing concept album of these past years!

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