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Contact :Shiver records / Hans deWyngaert / Bossepleinstraat 6 / 3128 Baal - Belgium / Fax/phone : 00 32 16 53 49 43

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This label come from Belgium & is one of the most reputed there. & not only because it's not new comers on the metal scene even if the label was created in 1993. Well know as an extreme & underground metal devoted label, Shiver is also a huge distributor for several bands & labels. So, don't hesitate to ask for their mailorder list, you'll find tons of bands, some very extreme, some not. 

Shiver often releases compilation Cd, well know under the name of "Sometmes death is better".Last release was a 3 CD box! A new issue is planned. SO, you can always contact Hans to feature on it. It's really a good way to attract people & label on your band. 

Releases & coming releases from the oldest to the newest ( prices are form 6us$ for a 7" or a CD ep , 9us$ for a mCD & 16 us $ for a CD:

Temperance : One grave , 7"EP, deth metal

Renaissance : Tired Blood ,7", atmospheric doomy death

Mordancy : progressive downfall , 7", Death thrash

Mystic Charm : Lost empire, 7" doom death

Acrimony : same, 7", Doom death

Renaissance : the death of art , CD, "pink floyd of metal"

Sometimes death is better : compil, CD 15bands

Mystic Charm : Shadows of the unknown , CD, Doom death

Caustic : Moments in the infinite CD EP , melodic doomy death

Regredior : Forbiddentears, CD EP , death metal

Nomicon / Sarnath : the me/northodox , split CD

Caducity : the weiliaon wielder quest, CD, death metal

Conspiracy of silence : Faceless, mCD, power thrash

Earthcorpse : Born bleeding , CD, doomy death

Temperance : karpakalja, CD, original metal

Inverted : the shadowland, CD, extreme satanic death metal

Sometimes death is better : part 2 3 4, 3 CD box, 4hours, 51 bands

Inquisitor : Walpurgis sabbath of lust, CD, extreme anti chretian black trash

Sarnath : Overshine, CD , power thrash

Caducity : Whirler of hate, CD, death metal

Tenebrae : hypnotech, CD , White Zombie goes death metal

Nomicon : Yellow, CD, atmospheric black metal

Ungod : conquering what once was ours, mCD, oldschool black metal

Avatar : Memoriam Draconis, CD, agressive atmospheric black metal

Coming soon : Opera IX, Inverted, Gardens of Gehenna, Tortura, 4 Cd boc Compil, ...

Avatar : Avatar is a belgian band.  They evolve in a black metal style. The main influences of the band seems to be Emperor. So, there's ultra fast part blended with more atmospheric ones. Surroundings are created through keyboards . Then, it brings an unhealthy side to this music. Their first album "Memorian draconis"contains more than 1 hour of furious black metal. Some songs are quite complex with a different feeling than the rest of the album. It's more calm. Those who appreciated the first Limbonic Art album will sure be pleased of this CD, even if guitars are more present & more melodic. Musically speaking, Avatr is composed of real musicians. there's no rythm machine & that's a gret thing. It proves that the band works a lot to create solid songs. Avatar's first album is a very good debut & a real band to follow. the second act will surely assert themslves on the black metal scene as oneof the best european band in that style. 

Earthcorpse : Created in 89, after the split of Insurrection, earthcorpse was a power trio & became in 1991 a 5 pice banc. In 92, they released a mini lp , showing a doomy & gloomy atmosphere. After a participation in the famous Shiver compil, the band signed a 2 albums deal with the label. The result is the release of "Born bleeding" a 6 tracks Cd for 45 minutes of excellent Doom metal. 

Earthcorpse succeeds to find a place between My dying bride & Cathedral. Their music blends the 2 best aspects of these 2 bands : the loudness & powerful of Cathedral & the sense of melody & stucture of My Dying Bride. Songs are very emotionnal , even if the voices is a pure death metal one. As this style may be very hard to listento, Earthcorpse works a lot on arrangements of the songs. One guitar plays the loud aspect & give the rythm & the second one does all the melodies. SO, it can sometimes remain a slow version of Paradise Lost's music. Melodies are very attractive & gives a real force to all songs. More, the qualityof the production allows them to have a very good sound & then to be competitive with the whole metal scene. For the rythmic parts, earthcorpse works a lot to diversify its riffs. It's not always power chords riffs & some riffs couls easily be used by power thrash band. So, it's definitly a good surprised that this UK band. A must have for doom metal fan!

Sarnath : Sarnath doesn't want to spread too much information about them. They want to keep the secret & the legend. the band has been created in 90 & released a 7"ep for an italian label. Then, they released a split Cd with nomicon for Shiver records. The 2 bands have now signed with Shivezr & released one album yet. Sarnath is inspired by old hard rock , heavy metal bands like Sentenced, Amorphis, God Forsaken, ...

It's totally an impressive work that "Overshine". This Cd is absolutly a must have for power thrash fans. A real success in the realisation , composition. It's very atonishing for such a young band. As they said in thier bio, Amorphis, Sentenced are some of their influences but you also find Dark Tranquillity's touches but in a slower way. The band seems to have worked a lot for this result. It's always inventive & original ( "Fallen pretender" for i.e.). The production is one of the best i heard for an independant band. It's really incredible to see the maturity that Sarnath has. Musicaly speaking, it's more often mid tempos than speed one. Guitars parts are very fluid & melodic with good riffs. Vocals are various , sometimes powerful, sometimes melodic like in "Annunciation". I really think that those who have been disappointed by the last albums of bands like Metallica, Paradise Lost, .; will be satisfied by this one. Sarnath proves that thrash metal is still an interesting music if you can create solid songs & bring them a touch of originality. there's absolutly no default in this Cd. 

Caducity : As i haven't got their last Cd yet, i'll only described the band through their bio

The band came to earth at the end of the 80's. They released a first demo of heavy death that sold at more than 1000 copies. Then, they released another demo, more complex, more worked & signed on Shiver records for a 3 Cd deal. The first one, The weiliaon wielder quest received numerous reviews all excellent. This turns to make Caducity one of the best death metal band inBelgium. They played as support act of numerous bands like Cradle of filfth, death, Benediction, Gorefest, ...

In 1996, "Whirler of Fate is their new album & assert on the scene their powerful death metal.

Inquisitor : As i haven't got their last Cd yet, i'll only described the band through their bio

Born in 1992 from the plit of 2 bands, Inquisitor evolves in a dath thrash metal in an extreme way. Their first demo "Blasphemous accusations" sold more than 700 copies & allowed the band to be known & to play live. After their second demo, Shiver signs the band in 1995. "Walpurgis-sabbath of lust" is the name of their debut Cd which features 50 minutes of extreme old school thrash metal combined with death & black elements. 

Inverted : As i haven't got their last Cd yet, i'll only described the band through their bio

Created in 1991, the band released 2 demos. the last one was re released for an american label in 1993. They self produced their 5tracks mCd in 1993 & shiver records signs them for a 3 Cd deals. Then , the band recorded 2 7" ep that were well accepted & not only in the swedish scene. "The shadow land" is their first CD & contains 9 songs. The band is described at a blend of pure dark & unholy death metal. 

Tenebrae : As i haven't got their last Cd yet, i'll only described the band through their bio

Tenebrae has not got alot of luck. Ripped off by 2 different labels, they had tio wait 1994 to release their first CD on Spinefarm records. Then, in 1997, they sign on shiver records for the "Hypnotech" album. Described at a fark & groovy hypno death metal, the band wants to prove that years they lost were used to ameliorate their sound & musicianship. 

Nomicon : As i haven't got their last Cd yet, i'll only described the band through their bio

Created in 1991, the band had to wait 1994 to sign on Shiver records after 2 demos & a 7" ep. their first recording was a split Cd with Sarnath & 1997 see the release of Yellow, their first album. 

Renaissance : As i haven't got their last Cd yet, i'll only described the band through their bio

Renaissance is well know in Belgium as a gothic & atmospheric metal band. it's one of the rare band that nobody can categorized because of the richness of their influences. 

Sometimes death is better : this is the name of the compilation released regularly by shiver records. Bands can still send to the label their Cd's & demos. This is a real way to be dicovered as the reputation of Shiver records in the undergroudn has not to be discuted. 

Here's some bands that participate to this compil : Forgotten silence, Salem Justice, Mangled, Exhumation, Betzhaida, Thalidomide, Mannix,Morphosis, , Gorgon Regent, Scarve, Dawn, casket, Evoke, Intoxicate, flash terrorist, Mutilated, Execution, .....

The next releases of the company are

Opera IX 'CD called "Sacro Culto", a black mystical dark atmospheric death metal. 

Gardens of Gehenna'Cd called "Mortem saluta" will soon be out : domm metal with death black touches; Produced by Kramm ( Atrocity) & released in L.A. ( Ministry, ..), it seems to be a promising Cd. 

Inverted : "There can be only one". Recorded & mixed at Andy Larocque studio. Satanic dark death metal with references to the old style.

Sometimes Death is better compilation with tons of new underground promising bands. 

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