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1 - How does the idea to create Smokehouse come to you ?
The idea has come naturally because I have written a lot of songs & i wanted to see them on aan album; I called my friends to create Smokehouse. The result is  "Hot Rocks".

2 - The line-up of Smokehose is impressive. Who are they ?
Fred Guillemet on basse ( Trust, Face to Face), Rémy Laëron as singert (Voie de Fait, Face to Face), Franck Ballier on drums (Johnny Hallyday),  Bruno Mieusset on keys  (studio musician ) &  Hervé Raynal on guitars (Attentat Rock, Firefox, Face to Face)

3 - Smokehouse remains teh 70's with bands like Deep Purple. It's ehavy music with good melodies & a great sense of composition. Do you think that now you can express yourself at your best ?
Yes, indeed but to write good songs need a huge work & rigor.

4 - Can we know why you choose Brennus records for smokehouse's album ?
I knew Alain Ricard, the boss of Brennus since I was in Attentat Rock, so since the 80's. So, it was natural for me to think of Brennus to release  "Hot Rocks".

5 - You played with a lot of bands in the 80's. What does it bring to you now ?
Teh experience I get from these bands allow me to not make teh same error twice, as well for production than for shows.

6 - Facing "Hot rocks", Brennus reissues the 2d Attentat Rock's album : "Le gang des saigneurs". What do you think of this Attentat Rock 's album & what sort of comparison you can make with your first one ?
Attentat Rock's album sahve been greatly reissued by Brennus & I salute Alain Ricard. The 2 CD's are close each one from each other, "Le gang des Saigneurs" is more aggressive than the first one. I must say that these CD's contains bonus track & normally, "Strike" should be released f at the end of the 99, still onBrennus & with some surprises as bonus !

7 - Is  Smokehouse a long term project or just a one album project ?
Smokehouse has been conceived for the long term but its survival depends on a lot of things which are so much problems. 

8 - What are the main objectives you fixed for "Hot rocks" to be a success ?
"Hot rocks" is still asuccess because it's a signed & distributed project & it's not an easy thing to get 'cos Smokehouse isn't a trendy band.

9 -  In the Smokehouse's style, what are the bands that have impressed you more & what are the ones you'd like to share the stage ?
Bands that have impresed me are those of the 70's. The 80's & more the 90's are not on my favorite. As Deep Purple still tours, we'd like very much to play as their support act.

10 -  Do you plan a tour or some promo gigs  ?
concerts are hard to plan because you need a professional assistance, so it costs a lot of money et that is the weak part of it. We do what we can do but playing withotu offering teh good sound to our fans s not the best thing to do.
11 - A last word ?
I hope to find again french Hard rock fans in gig with Smokehouse !

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