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For more info, see their home page or send a mail to Seb., the drummer of the band.

Interview :

1 Present the band & your aim:

The band is composed by Stephane (Rythm guitar), Valerie (Vocals) and Sebastien (Drums). At the moment, we are searching for a bass and a guitar players to complete the line-up. Our aim is to play the best music we can in a style we always loved : heavy-metal. Our music is also influenced by progressive, melodic and sometimes speed metal. We also intend to do a lot of gigs to have fun with fans, that_s a reason why we keep on playing music. The first aim is of course to have fun but we do not forget serious project as releasing a new CD in a near future.

2 What's your main influences ?

They are very various. Everybody in the band appreciate Vanden Plas, Savatage, Angra, Queensryche but there are also more specific thing we like (which are not really influences) like Klaus Nomi, Cradle of Filth, The Gathering, Classical stuff (Vivaldi, Barber..). We have really been influenced by the 80s and bands of the NWOBHM but we try to do something much more modern, a bit more sophisticated and complex in the structure of the compositions.

3 Do you think Snailbooster is the last (or one of the last) heavy metal band in France & Why?

Of course not, heavy-metal is not really in front of the stage at the moment, even at an international level but there are still in France a lot of heavy-metal bands. By the way, BOOSTER PRODUCTIONS will release in September a CD compilation of 14 of them to show the world this kind of music is still strongly represented in our country. Of course, we need a leader band to open the doors of success, I think it's possible and I hope SNAILBOOSTER will be the chosen one.

4 Your style of music needs lots of arrangements. Is it very hard to record with an 8 tracks studio?

Of course it is. To exploit all of our ideas, we would have need many tracks but we had only 8 tracks and we have learnt to use them fully. The work we have made for the CD and the demo has been really interesting. It is a very good experience for each of us. Now, we are much more conscious of the work to do before going to the studio and the next recording we'll do will be done in a more professional studio even if it includes some danger. More stress, more urgency in the recording sessions but hopefully a better quality of the result.

5 You project a new album for this year. Will you record it in the same studio as your 2 demos & first album?

Definitely not, we have done good recordings with Yvon in the Bucephale Studio but we now intend to record the new stuff in a more professional way. It's important to keep a good progression in the music and recordings we do. Our compositions evolves into a more complex way, for example there will be more keyboards arrangements in the new songs and we also need more technology to be able to realise the music we dream of.

6 What's the situation for Snailbooster in your country? Can you define your relationship with other bands?

SNAILBOOSTER is definitely a regional band as far as concert is concerned, we did not played elsewhere that in the North of France but if we talk about the CD and demo sales, SNAILBOOSTER is international. We get orders from everywhere in the world thank to Internet and fanzines all over the world which promote our music. For example we have sold some CDs in America (USA, Cuba, Brasil...). This represents a non negligible part of our sales.

SNAILBOOSTER do not really have contacts with other bands in our region or country. BOOSTER PRODUCTIONS is much more in contact with bands and tries to help them to promote heavy-metal in France by swapping contacts, producing CD compilations, distributing auto-produced CDs and in a few weeks writing a new fanzine.

7 Is it a chance for you that bands like Angra, Vandenplas have success in France?

Oh yes, this is a great motivation ! This shows there are a public for that kind of music in our country. But one thing we should not forget is that the medias have made a huge work to impose these bands in the front of the stage. CNR has been very active to make Angra a real success in France. These musicians are really brilliant that's OK but it's not enough, if CNR had not done the works they've done, Angra would still be playing everywhere except in France. These bands are something like a reference for us, we will try to follow the road they are on.

8 Lethal Freedom (your last demo) is more melodic than before. But in the same way, songs seem to be more complex, more technical. Is it a new direction for Snailbooster?

Yes definitely, as we said before this is the next step of our evolution. The title track + Lethal Freedom ; is the example of the new musical style of SNAILBOOSTER. The other three titles of the demo are much more in the older composition style. More raw, classical heavy-metal tunes. New stuff is more melodic too, mainly because of Val's voice of course. The guitars are still full of hate (Ha, ha...)

9 Do you think that it's time for a french heavy metal revival?

A revival ?, yes, it seems that the french metal scene has a new interest for melodic stuff after years of devotion to brutal and extreme music. One thing is obvious, the 80s will never come back with a flow of make-up and tiger skin T-shirts. The word I like to qualify the music we play is + modern ; heavy-metal. Some people call it progressive when it_s really complex and technical but I prefer modern heavy-metal. We have listened to heavy-metal in the 80s, speed and trash too and progressive has come in the 90s, now we try to mix all these influences and the result is what you can hear on Lethal Freedom.

review : "Why" is a solid heavy metal album with good melodies & harmonies on vocals, great heavy metal riffs & good solis. For an album recorded on a 8 tracks studio, the sound is very clear & powerful enough. Structure of the songs have been worked, then , songs are not linear. Snailbooster 's music remains a meeting between Hard FM for senses of melody & Heavy metal for the riffing parts & the rythm. Backing vocals enrich songs & bring a special touch on it. In a way, it makes me think as a heavier version of ASAP (the first solo album of Adrian Smith of Iron maiden).

On their new demo "Lethl Freedom", songs sound more melodic. It's surely because of the voice. Their new vocalist is a woman & what she did is very good (It's hard to find a woman with a good voice & knowing how to sing). She succeds in making heavy vocals lines. The last song of the demo remains the style of the first album, but it also shows that the band has worked a lot. Each musician brings its own technic to the whole band.
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