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1 Whatís the story of Soilent Green ?

There Ďs really no story on Soilent Green. Itís just your same ordinary bunch of musicians mixing liked styles like anyone else. As far as the past goes, i canít really delve to far into it. The band started in 88í,when through a few line up changes & is at the most solid point it could be at this time. I entered the band around92 or 93. I was a big fan of Soilent Green before that...very big fan ! So in a way it was quite a rush to my head when i was asked to join. I was in another band Paralysis at the time, which is now non existent. I have to say i had to do some hard work to get used to the style they played. I think everything turned out for the better as a whole. So, as you can see, just like another band Soilent Green has went through its changes. Actually itís still progressing & changing daily.

2 What are the influences of the band

Everyone in the bandlistens to separate things. This helps us to be more diverse. Within the band styles range from metal to blued to noise to grind & so on. I could namethe list of stuff everyone listens to but the list would be infinite. Iíll tell you that at this present time, Iím quite influenced by a mixture of vocalists. For example, Neil Fallon from Clutch, Lee Dorian (old Napalm Death), all vocals in Neurosis, Freddie Mercury from Queen & so on. It gets even more diverse as time goes on.

3 Why do you have only release a iniCD & not an album ?

Well originally we were only suppose to release those songs on a 7 » EP. Things changed & the guys at Relapse records decided to make it a mCD. Iím very pleased, it came out great. The material on the mCD was just a few new tunes we recorded to see how they sounded. Luckily enough Relapse liked them. We had other material. Just no money to record all of them. So, itís kind of like an appetizer before the main course.

4 Do you have already scheduled a tour ? Which band would you like to play with ?

We are in the works on a tour with Crowbar & Eyehategod. It will be in the states & last about 1 month . It will hit the Milwaukee metal fest along the way. We were suppose to do some canadian dates to the west coast with Brutal Truth but somestupid situations came up on our part.

5 Death metal was out of time & now a lot of new & good bands appear ! Do you think that they were too much bands & do you think that you come at the right time now ?

I donít really think Death metal is old dated, itís just reforming itself in a stronger form. I think when it was on its rise the market got crazy a flooded it too much. Give it time, there is a lot of great new bands, always ! It keeps the metal scene grow stronger & progress. I think itís a good time for Soilent Green to pop up. I think we could add a little more diversity within metal & whenever i say metal it involved Hardcore, Thrash, Death, Black or whatever. Within metal there is a diverse world.

6 When can we expect a full length album ? Can you talk us more precisely ?

We just finished teh full length. Itís titles ĎSewn mouth secretsí. A really intense piece of mental art for us. Itís suppose to be released in September. Hopefully it will. Itís probably one of the best things Soilent Green has done to date ( this is how I feel personally) . Really balls-out at your neck kind of shit. Itís one twisted tune adter another with some noise intros & addictions. We really worked together on this one. It wonít have myrics in it but a lot of visuals. But you will be able to get the lyrics from us. There will be an adress on the inside. I donít want to paint this picture for everyone,just try it when it comes out.

7 To be signed on Relapse records, in the same company than Brutal Truth, is it something that you think possible when you start music ?

When i start music, i never thought i would be to the point I am now. Iím very content except for a few minor things, but I canít complain. Relapse is an incredible & powerful label in the underground music scene & Iím glad to be along for the ride...Especially next to Brutal Truth. Iíve been a fan of Brutal Truth for a while. We went on the road with them a couple of months back (in the states) & they were the coolest motherfuckers. Iím still a kid inside & when i come across bands & neat situations, i still get giddy like Iím seeing Stars Wars for the first time again. I donít show it much but trust me I do. When i got to meet them I felt weird, but they are just like anyone else , you see , like you & me. Straight up people.

8 A last word ?

Letís see. Check out th emCD « A string of lies » & if you like it check out the full length in September (« Sewn mouth secrets ») also support all this underground bands & labels if you canít find something dig for it & demand it. You can change something trust me !

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