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Solid State records - PO Box 12698, Seattle , Wa 98 111

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This north american company is really one of the most interesting one if you search for extreme bands. But Solid State is not another Relapse records. It's more devoted to thrash, power thrash,n & hardcore metal. Each band get its ownpersonality & sound. that's why their last releases are so convincing. 


Releases :


Album : Selfmindead - Style : Hardcore

Here’s a new sign for Solid State records, the famous US company that released such good bands like Living Sacrifice, Zao, ...Selfmindead evolves in a different way from other bands I’ve already mentioned. Selfmindead is more hardcore. Sometimes, it makes think about Rage Against the Machine but in more melodic, probably because of the voice of the singer. But it’s not Rap sing at all. It’s really more melodic hardcore voice. The main difference between this band & other ones is probably their great talent to compose very heavy guitar riffs like for « Clean » with some good vocal lines like for « progress » that remains me Red Hot Chili Peppers. Of course, there’s no weakness to find in the sound of this album. Solid State always gives the best to their bands. Sometimes more atmospheric, the music of this band is very entertaining & heavy without falling into the massive un-melodic music like many hardcore bands.


Album : My dear - Style : punk alternative rock

The music of Royal is not easy to be described. Look at the cover ! It’s maybe the best to know how sounds Royal. Between Rock, Alternative & punk, Royal blends all elements in each songs. So, some songs can be furious but one minute later it’s as sweetest as possible. Guitar sounds remains sometimes the 60’s sound but it can also be terribly heavy ! However, the main sound of this album seems to come from this past period. With good vocals lines , sung by a woman, Royal alternates between anger & sweet parts. Unclassifiable & surely too much strange for Die hard metal fans, Royal can convince all those that are looking for another way to listen to music. It sounds really original.


Album : Let it happen - Style : punk rock

Web :

As soon as you see the cover you know what to await with MXPX : some kind of punk rock ; Not the same way that was created by the Sex Pistols ; MXPX is more influenced by the US wave of Punk/skate Rock. That’s why, that can find some very melodic & unusual parts in their music like in « Oh Donna », a 1958 song revisited by MXPX. There’s 32 tracks in this album . But it has to be taken as a sampler of all the band has released these past years. Some songs come from « On the cover sessions » & originally appeared on the « double 10 », some other come from a 7’’, « Small Town minds » & « punk rawk show », « 17 », from the EP « Move to Bremerton », some are unreleased track, some are demo version. Anyway, some could expect to find a lot of difference in the sound of this album, but it’s better compact. Of course, the band has evolved a few during all these recordings, but the trademark of the band stays the same, some vocals melodies are counterbalanced by speed drums parts & fast guitars riffs. On some songs, the band sounds more like 60’s rock like for « GSF », a kind of power ballad in a 60’s version. More melodic than The Offspring, XPX remains less commercial despite all melodies & funny track they have composed such as « Elvis is Dead » . This band will please a lot of fans of US punk rock. They’re indisputably the best in this style.


Album : the split EP -Style : Death/hardcore metal

Email Training for Utopia mailto:noiserock@integrityonline8 .com E mail Zao : - http ://

Here’s a good ide to propose a split E p for 2 of the best bands of Solid State records. It starts with Training for Utopia. This band remains old Sepultura by the violence they spread with their music. Technically irreproachable, this band is among the best power thrash band in the underground. With absolutely no failure, Training for Utopia totally kills ! Zao has impressed a lot wiht its last album. The band was like a US version of Carcass ( « Necroticism » period). On this split EP, Zao sounds more different than on its album. As precise as before, the band seems to have enriched its influences to some more atmospheric music. So, Zao seems to develop now its own personality, still with some Carcass touches but with some more original parts. Completely indispensable for those who like violence with method !

Style : Power thrash - core - Album : the falling cycle

The band ‘s first goal is to create an original piece of work ! This ends into a first EP in 1996, called ‘Plastic soul mpalement’ & produced by Bryan Carlstrom (Alice in Chains, White Zombie, Slayer, ...). In 1997, it’s now the turn of ‘The falling cycle’ to be released on Tooth & Nail - Solid State records !

This group releases a musical violence that would not be denied by several extreme formations! On a basis that is rather hardcore, various influences are grafted. The whole album really sounds ragor with the most heinous sing as possible. The riffs are in the same time very heavy but without falling into the extreme. So the result sounds very powerful. The production is very powerful with excellent arrangements (' pretty picture of lies') and thoses who appreciate Hardcore metal in the vein of Fear Factory can find in Training for Utopia a group with the same qualities. It is a pity of having to be only satisfied with these 4 titles. But it is better quality rather than the quantity. And with this extremely promising group, quality seems to be a trademark! a group which is undoubtedly to follow so much its potential is significant.

Style : Thrash -Hardcore - Album : The advent of a miracle.

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Tooth & nail - Solid State records is one of the labels which seems to place at the disposal of its groups all what it is necessary so that those obtain the best possible result: production without faults, small pocket and booklet of quality! And as the groups of the label is not development, it is thus each time of the very first choice! Strongarm does not escape the rule. With an E production which is a model of the kind, this group of metal/hardcore should soon make speak about him on an international scale. Equipped with the rhythm section impressive, probably best in this style: what a its of low and what a play of battery ('measure of consequence'), the group is thus propelled without encumber towards excellence! The singer sings like one damné! He seems as had and he assene with the listeners his rage in a very aggressive way, even if if from time to time he spares some ranges of rest However, one detects here and there in the music of many melodies brought by the guitars as on the very melody ' Council of perfection' to the air and light guitars, almost Heavy metal all things considered. But when it is about power, reassure you, the group is capable of all the prowesses. With the difference in considerable Harcore/metal formations, Strongarm is different by a more melody approach on the level from the guitars and by a smoothness from play which will astonish by them more one. Thus, Strongarm creates its own style and brings a little originality to a kind which appeared a little stereotyped.


Style : Power thrash - Album : Reborn

Living Sacrifice is a band that play against those who’re persuaded that Metal is Dead ! Coming from Little rock , Kansas, the band is really openminded & never hesitates to use all things to enforce their music. With basis & sounds that can be affiliated with pure metal, they also used som e’hypnotic iundustrial loops’ as well as the heaviest aspects of Hardcore !After a demo, released in 1990, the band was part of the interst of REX , a indie company. So, in 1991, Living Sacrifice released a selftittled album & then a second album in 1992 called ‘non existent’ & a third album called ‘inhabit’ in 1994. With already 4 national tours, the band seriously plan now an european one ! & their 4th album can led them to us very soon !

What a masterpiece! This album is masterly from beginning to end! A rapid intro very slow and melody leaves suddenly place to a fury thrash better effect! One feels the influences of group like Slayer but also Machine Head, Sepultura and consorts! The group releases a phenomenal power. But with the difference of much of thrash groups, Living Sacrifice is a made up group musicians experienced and endowed technically. Once again, the production sumptuous and is reinforced by many arrangements which make this album one of the major albums of the current thrash metal. It is especially the song which refers more to Hardcore because the remainder is connected more with power thrash of high flight. The work of the guitars is superb, at the same time technical and brutal. Certain songs as ' Awakening' could just as easily be recorded by a group as Coroner. Because Living Sacrifice can also slow down the tempo sometimes and thus vary the pleasures. So one is never bored because the songs do not resemble each other all and all are not in the same way built. Lastly, this group makes sense of the station-wagon worthy of Kreator (' No longer')! Each song is magnifiquement structured to be most effective possible. With each song, the group arranges surprises, which they come from a station-wagon, of a sound effect of the production or others gimmicks! This album has all that it is necessary to become a reference, a model of the modern power thrash. It would be quite stupid to pass to with dimensions from this one! At the hour when the great names of the power thrash seem to mark time, Living Sacrifice is right now ready to succeed!

Style : Thrash Death - Album :Where blood & fire bring rest.

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The story of Zao is quite strange. After a first tour to support their LP ‘The splinter shards the birth of separation’, Jesse Smith found himself alone into the band ! So, he had to build again Zao ! That’s why there’s no bassist in the band ! influences range goes from At the Gates & Carcass but hardcore too

Zao is one of the only groups (apparently) from Tooth & nail to have more European influences than American. Because if it were necessary to say to which resembles more Zao, I would say to Carcass, time ' Necroticism.. It is certainly the voice of the singer who imposes this reference so much his stamp of voice seems similar to that of Jeff Walker. Because musicalement, the group dissociates a little more Carcass. Admittedly, one finds there some of the elements which made the glory of this group: riffs sharp, vicious melodies, instrumental quality and originality (' to think of you is to treasure year absent memory' and especially ' Devastation ritual'). But Zao exploits a rate/rhythm slower than Carcass. So the tempos are heavier. But the power released by the group does not remain less impressive about it. The quality of the riffs and their originality do of Zao one of the best extreme groups of the moment The music of the group is straightforwardly hypnotic and it is impossible to resist this sound flood. The rhythmic guitars cut the share of the lion and their precision will make fade considerable contemporary formations. Moreover, Zao is able to find the melodies right. Thus, the group does not sink in the silliness or the ridiculous one. Lastly, the beater shows much originality, knowing to air its play or to seek more personal rates/rhythms which differentiate it from the average. Zao east can be one of the rare groups to succeed in taking again the things where Carcass had to leave them without passing for a clone of this group. It is a turn of force there! ' Where blood & fire bring rest' are an excellent album which deserves really the attention of all!

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