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Contact : SotD Pomonahof 33 6215 RM Maastricht The Netherlands (tel: +31-(0)43-3472188)

1 Can you tell more about your story & musical background?

The Souls started in 1992. Our influences range from the bay area metal (Flotsam and Jetsam, Metallica, etc.) to more melodic metal like Queensryche. We are also influenced by hardcore. Our hometown (Maastricht) is well known in Europe for its hardcore bands (Backfire!, Right Direction, $400 Suits). Since there is such a huge hardcorescene over here, their music rubbs off on us as well (like in "Light Of My Life"). We are still able to keep it metal, though!

2 Tell us about the recording of your first album

We went to the Beaufort Recording Studio to record our "random acts of Human Behaviour" album, because the owner/producer has worked with practically all the major metal bands in The Netherlands ("The Gathering", "Pestilence", "Gorefest"). It took us about 14 days to put everything on tape, and the mixing took another week. It's always an experience to be in a studio, but this time around it was very special. I guess that this feeling also found its way onto the recording. At the moment, we are still thinking about releasing one of the songs as a single ("Suicide Solution").

3 At this time, what have been the reactions about this album & your projects?

Most reviews have been positive, although there were some people who found our musical diversity to be confusing. We believe, however, that since metal today is so broad, it would be a shame if you didn't use the entire spectrum. As far as the live shows go, we NEVER fail to succeed. We always give 100%, and this makes our shows very lively. As far as other projects go; Roy (guitar) and Don (drums) left the band during the summer to tour with their other band, the $400 Suits. They did a European tour together with Pro Pain, the Spudmonsters and Gurd. At the moment, however, the $400 Suits have split up. We are currently working with a new line up.

4 Where can we find it, which prices, ...?

At the moment, the album can only be found in specialty shops in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Scandinavia. However, you can always order a CD at our contact address. The Price is HFL 25,- / US$ 15 / FF 85; only paper money!! This includes shipping costs. SotD Pomonahof 33 6215 RM Maastricht The Netherlands tel: +31-(0)43-3472188

5 On this album, SotD show 2 different faces : first one is more aggressive, blending melodies & powerful side of heavy metal & remain for a few bands like Metallica, other face is more "commercial". Was it something that you really wanted to do or just because this album was released with old & new songs.

When it comes to writing songs, we go for the feeling; it it feels right, we keep it and if it doesn't feel right, we throw it out. So when the end result sounds more commercial, than that's not something we were looking for, but rather something that just happened. The album contains material from our earlier days up until the time we went into the studio (we actually finished one song during the recording session). So the album does show some musical development. But that doesn't mean that some songs are musically less than others - they just show a different musical insight.

6 Your new tracks sound more worked & personal & privilege the melodic aspect of SotD. Is it the direction that you'll take for the 2d album?

The current material does sound more melodic. We seem to be moving into that direcion at the moment, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the entire album will be more melodic. What is nice is that this album is more of a group effort. On the "random acts..." album, I wrote 99% of the material. Now, everybody works on the songs. This also shows in the music - each song now contains four different visions, instead of just one. Lyrically, the subjects indeed are more personal. I try to write more about what's going on in my life. After releasing the "random acts..." album, we got a lot of positive responses about the lyrics. Therefore, I work really hard to write the best possible lyrics to fit each particular song.

7 Can you tell more about the release of your 2nd album : date of release, recording, title, ...

At the moment, there are no plans for recording our second album. We are still working on new material, and until we are ready to enter the studio, I don't want to think about a new album. This would put pressure on us to come up with enough material as quickly as possible. We like the freedom that being in a band gives you, so pressure is something we try to avoid. As soon as we are ready we'll let everybody know.

8 Did you find a label or some distributor for it? Do you need some?

We released our first album by ourselves, together with a small record label. After the release of our album, we discovered that that label doesn't really work on promoting its bands. This caused a lot of unnecessary delay in the whole process. Also, our album did not find its way into all the shops as it was supposed to. Therefore, we are looking for a record label/distributor for when we'll release our second album, and also who'll promote our first album as well.

9 May be a last word

It looks like metal is on its way up again. Slowly, you can see everybody taking notice of the bands again, and people start showing up at the gigs. I hope that 1998 is the year that metal will make its full comeback, and that we can see a lot of the bands that worked so hard over the last couple of years in the underground get their share of it. See you at the gigs

Jack SotD

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