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1 what are your main influences?

We have about 3 decades of influences to draw from,although i think there is a definite SOTW sound present.There are so many but i will try... Earlt "Black Sabbath","Iron Maiden","Judas Priest","Deep Purple", "Alice Cooper","Pink Floyd","Blue Oyster Cult".....thats a mere hanful of Progressive metal type music.....and then New Age type stuff such as,:"Enya","Tangerine Dream",and"Synergy".

2 on your album logo & cover reamins black metal bands & dark things. Why did you choose it?

At the time the original logo came about there wasn't anything around that was concidered black metal really....metal was metal... We do write alot of darker subject matter i suppose but not always. The logo is actually a Space Ship that i drew at the age of 12. hahahahaha....and that's a whole other story!!!

3 The guitarist seems to be influenced by early 70's guitar hero in his solo. Is it something true or an error?

most definitly true...I was influenced mostly by Toni Iomi from Black Sabbath,Ronnie Montrose,David Gilmore,Todd Rungdren,and several other guitarist's from the 60's and 70's.

4 Tell us about SOTW on stage?

SOTW has in the past few years devoloped a very theatrical stage presence.The mood on stage can turn from mystical to very intence frenzy. It's a bit of a vage description,but that is the best i can do.The real opinion must come from the viewer's.We like to make our showa as visual as possible.

5 As USA is a large country. Is it harder for a band to have success & to live by its music?

There is definitly not enough places for bands to play any more.Espeacially if you want to put on the larger type stage show. But things are starting to change again.So, we shall see what the future brings!!

6 Your singer is very good . He's got a real voice & is truly a heavy metal singer. How does he work his voice?

My brother ,WES started training as an actor at a very young age,but decided he would rather sing in band. He has had no real professional training. Just some tips here and there from Experience. He kinda just jumped in and devoloped his own way , and gets better as time moves along.

7 In your music, synths are not omnipresent, it's more punctual interventions. Do you think it will change & that lead you to become a progressive metal band?

Well, basically we are already concidered by many to be a progressive metal band. It really depends on what song you are listening to. On our next album there are a couple very keyboard oriented songs. But still for the most part i doubt we will ever loose the heavey guitar sounds.Maybe now and again we will be in the mood to throw something really sweet out there ....and then turn aroung and HIT IT heavy!!! We like to write songs and try them out on audiences before we decide what to put on the album!

8 what is the situation of metal music in USA?

We will not wait for anything. All the money from a mojor lable push would do wonders for exposing us and distribution,and that is something we need. BUT we ain't waiting around for it to happen! so, we formed our own small lable,put our product together and do what ever we can to get it out there. Hopefully our lable "EARTH MOTHER MUSIC" will become larger! hahahahaha That's what we are shooting for in the mean time!!

9 What are your main project : Waiting for a sign with a well known record company, record a new album, ...

WE decided to catagorize our selves as .... Progressive/Gothic/New Age Metal....with a twist of lime ..shaken ....not stirred! hahahahaha

10 How do you describe your music & give the man qualities of your album?

Our qualities are that we are versitile ,,but firm in the belief of boundaries....!!!!!...and we love to Experiment!!

Review : The SOTW 's album is truly one of the most interesting melodic heavy metal albums for years. (This one was released in 96) The artwork & logo on the Cd remains one of brutal death metal or black metal bands but when you put it on it's really another atmosphere. SOTW plays melodic heavy metal with good keyboards parts. The guitar player seems to be influenced by bands coming from the eighties. His sound is really original. The way he makes his solis is excellent. Phaedra Rubio, the bass woman player has also got a fine style. SOTW is really not an old fashioned metal band. Its music is attractive & innovative by certain parts (Electric dimension for example). They made a great work on vocals & backing vocals. So, it's easy to remain songs. Sometimes (in "Long cold winter" for example) , the singer is close to Midnight ( the singer from Crimson Glory) in their "Strange & beautiful" album . You can also have your own opinion about SOTW in hearing the complete first song of the first albumat this adress : (real audio / 5 min to download).
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