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1 Stators ‘s album is now reissued, 13 years later. Your impressions ?

1 I am the executive producer of the remaster of ‘Never too late’, so I’m glad to see that there is a little bit of buzz about it.

2 Can you present it ?

2 The first part was to make a real work of master cleaning & after change as possible the final mix to hav emor epowerful sound. The 2d part was to intoduce in the booklet new photo (from the stage of theFrance FESTIVAL) & also all the lyrics of the songs.

3 What does the members of Stators do now ? Are they still in th emusic business ?

3 I don’t know what are doing now the member of the group

4 Will this reissue bring a come back of the band with a 2d LP ?

4 No more LP with this band

5/6 The album is excellent & in 1985 reactions of the media were also very good. So, why don’t you release another album & exxplain us the split ?

5/6 We has most problem with the singer so we have to stop the band. What a pity because we had lot of good critics about the LP in France & also in England. We had 3 stars in Rocksound for the LP in England. On stage we were a great power band.

7 What are you rbest memories in the band & the worst one

7 We have 2 best memory’s, the first one was to play in guest of the group ‘Quiet Riot’ in Paris & the other one was the France Festival concert with all the best french band.

8 What’s your opinion about the current french scene ?

8 I think that thers’s a lot of pretty good group in France.

9 A last word ?

9 The original LP have a good sound but the remaster is more powerfull & the booklet is more sexy, so enjoy it loudly ! ! !

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