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Contact Label Adress :PO box 70 - Skillman , N.J. 08558-0070 USA

Web site : http://www.DominionRecords.com

E mail : DominionRK@aol.com

their presentation on my page : Dominion.html

Interview :

1) What's the story of Tanelorn?

"Tanelorn is a mythical city where peace reigns over pain. It is a city whose inhabitants have traveled agony filled lifetimes to find freedom and tranquility. It is the brain child of Michael Moorcock, who tells the story of Elric, a demon sword weilding albino anti-hero, whose epic existance entails the quest for a peace he can never find. (Bob Vogel/Implosion Magazine)

2) What are your influences?

In our personal collections you will find just about every style of music available. We mostly all listen to different things, but we do have quite a few in common especially when it comes to heavy metal. Icons like Sabbath, Priest, MAiden, Overkill, King Diamond, to those who are not quite icons but quite deserving like Fates Warning, Sanctuary (now Nevermore), Flotsam and Jetsam, Toxik, Trouble, Marillion, Mekong Delta, and list goes on and on.

3) Tell us about the recording of "The Other Side".

The recording was done at a place called Nu Blue in Passaic, NJ which we chose because it was within a half hours drive from each of our homes, and it was considerably cheap since the engineer was fresh out of school. The recording from start to finish, including mixing, took only about 30 hours total, which is almost unheard of. For the guys first project, I think he fared quite well. I wonder what has become of him.

4) Why did you only release a MCD?

This CD was only supposed to be an advance tape for record companies. We had a few offers for two or more album deals, but we didn''t take them. It sounds crazy but we felt that if we signed for more than one album, the record company would stifle our creativity on the second one. So we never took any of them, and the band unfortunately broke up son after. Overtime word got back to us that it was being bootlegged in Brazil. Since Ron just started Dominion and was interested in putting it out, we thought it would be a good idea to let him put it out. Originally we we're going to go into the studio and record the remaining songs and put out a full length, but we felt we needed to get something out real quick.

5) For now, how do you analyze your MCD? What would you have liked to change?

Since this was only supposed to be a demo advance, it is easy to find fault. If we we planning on recording the actual album, we would have put more time and money into it. The difference would be night and day.

6) It's hard to describe you. You're not really a progmetal band, you're sometimes very aggressive (but still melodic). What is the best definition of the band? Do you think it is easier for metal fans to be interested since you are not easily classified?

Dynamic Metal, Power/Progressive Metal, or Heavy Melodic Metal are some that we've heard. But yes, it is quite hard to classify our music, since we are a mix of many different things. As long as people enjoy the music, that is what's important.

7) What are your goals for the MCD?

For the most part we are letting the music speak for itself. If people think enjoy it and think that someone else they know might enjoy it, they will spread the word. So we are just letting it go where it may. I guess we would all like to see just how far it will grow.

8) Do you plan on recording a full length? When & Where?

We have alot of songs that were never recorded, plus there are alot of ideas bottled up that we haven't had a chance to play for one another. There's alot of great stuff ready to go and I guess we are just waiting for the word.

9) What are your favorite underground metal bands?

We've been out of the scene for a while so it's hard to say. But there have been a few that Ron has played for us that sounded pretty cool like Psycho Drama, Mercury Rising, Gamma Ray, New Eden, Opposite Earth, Enertia.

10) Is it more difficult to meet success when you are a band coming from USA? Why?

There is a bigger metal scene in Europe than in the US, so it is easier for European bands to perform more frequently than a US band, which helps. The internet is making it easier for bands to become known. But it really comes down to word of mouth. Friends telling friends, telling friends.

11)Musically speaking, what does Europe and France mean for an underground North American band?

Europeans are a bit more open to hearing new ideas are are not as trend oriented as other parts of the world. I think this is why most bands look to Europe.

12) Maybe a last word?

It has been said that people only use 10% of their brains capability. I would like to think that through our music we are proving them wrong (laughs). Thank you for the interview.

Review:"The other side" is the debut mCD of Tanelorn, a metal band signed on Dominion records. For a beginning, it's surely a good departure. It's in fact, really difficult to say in which style of metal this band evolves. It could be easier to say that it's a prog metal band but Tanelorn is really different from all prog metal band. At first, the band prefers to create more simple structured songs. But it's als true that for some parts, Tanelorn shows impressive technical qualities, that belongs to prog metal bands. But, Tanelorn is also able to create powerful parts, sometimes near from thrash metal. so, it's really an unclassifiable band that this one. It's a proof of originality. Songs are often based on good a simple melodies, that are immediatly recognizable. The tittle track of the mCD is surely the best one proposed by Tanelorn. It's a more atmospheric song that can remain Judas Priest (on its beginning). The chant on this one is very well worked & inspired. The singer shows that he's got a deep charisma. It's also asong based on melodies made by guitars. By certain side, the singer remains me Bruce Dickinson, by the loud & powerful aspect of his voice & by the emphasis brought on vocals line. Guitarists blend melodies & powerful & one of their best quality is to play some simple leads for some songs. It's really a non sense to always play hyper technical leads played at a high speed. The guitarist knows that. On "Brain fed", the band shows that they also know how to play aggressive music & this song can remain Metallica at his beginning. The particularity of Tanelorn is to always counterbalance the powerful parts with soft ones. the whole give a contrasted mCD that is listened to with a real pleasure. On my own, i really regret that there's only 5 tracks on it. With such qualities & intelligence, the first album will surely assert Tanelorn on the whole metal sceene, because this band is able to please a very large audience.

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