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THE END RECORDS 556 S.Fair Oaks Ave #101-111 Pasadena, CA 91105 USA

Tel: 626-403-6952 Fax: 626-403-2848

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The end records is a new label. they've just released a compilation CD to present some of their forth coming releases. Some are scheduled for the beginning of this year, so, we'll havez soon news from them & some new promisign bands to discover. Read the interview of the manager to learn more about The end records. 

Releases :

the end compilation


Album : What will be has been - Style : Death/black metal - Interview -

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The end records is now a well known record company worldwide. More, this company reflects a feeling of honesty & professionalism, because The end records sign non ordinary bands. Epoch of Unlight evolves in an extreme style, but don’t await a carbon copy of what has been already released one million times. EOU blends various elements such a death metal, black metal. Between the Swedish (Gothenburg) death metal bands & black metal one. With extremely excellent & innovative guitars player, Epoch of Unlight reveals an original personality. More, with a good & heavy production ( here’s finally a very good & heavy guitar sound !), the band easily outruns its following. With good melodies & excellent riffing parts, EOU is probably the best new bands appearing into the extreme scene, one of the most innovative ones & technically irreproachable.


Album : A treatise on love - Style : Prog Death metal - interview -

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Here’s the metal revelation & revolution of 1998 ! Scholomance is just one of the most amazing underground bands. This band has no boundaries to its music. Imagine a melodic & progressive death metal played by technical instrumentalists. Scholomance creates its own & unique style, which cannot be compared to anyone. Maybe this band can feature as an extreme Watchtower or Coroner. If bands like Dark Tranquillity have impressed you , Scholomance will astonished you one hundred more ! It ‘s like the cross of Dream Theater with Dark Tranquillity. Guitarist is just amazing, keyboards player is really impressing of dexterity, so with such an important musicianship, Scholomance won’t meet any problems to assert itself into the metal scene. Absolutely indispensable & innovative. A pure must-have for extreme underground metal fans.


Style Atmospheric dark doom metal- Album :Black Art

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Created in 1993, the band released its first demo in 94 « funeral service », followed the same year by « Mirrorland ». This last recording was released by a record company called Metal gen records at 5000 copies . Then, the band recorded « Vale » , released in 96 by The end records. This album was sold out in Moskow in less than 3 months & hit the russian metal chart as #1 ! In 1997, the band entered the studio again to record a new album called « Black Art » , released in 1998. Be careful, this album is also available in digipack with a clip of one track « Pagan Fredom ».

In 53 minutes, Mental Home achieves to convince us that they’re simply one of the best russian bands in activity. The end records is an US company that proved in th epast that they were signing original bands & Mental Home is maybe the symbol of this company. « Black Art » shows exceptionnal melodies that bring various emotions where guitars are expression of sensitiveness. « The plague Omen » is certainly of the most captivating song of this albumm. It contains some riffs & melodies that stay in mind for a long time. Including a keyboard player, this 4 piece band proves during this album how much talented they are & ho wmuch inspired they were during the process of creation of these songs. With a very good production & sound, Mental Home overcome a lot of atmospheric dark death band that have forgotten they were also a metal band. Mental Home has not make this mistake. Guitars take a high place & it brings a huge emphasis on songs, emphasis that is helped by very good keyboards parts & a complementary rythmn section. « vale » showed us an interesting band to follow, « Black Art » is a proof of their incredible talent & the sure way to assert themselves in this so particular atmospheric metal scene.


Style Progressive Death metal- Album :Embossed dream in 4 acts

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This band comes from teh greek scene, which is truly bursting out nowadays with a skilled generation of bands. This one is proud to have worked on a more eclectic musical approach. Created in 1993, the band released in 1995 its first promo tape with only one song. In 1996, the irst official demo is released . It’s called ‘Atheistic Emotions’. Teh band presented ther 3 songs of atmospheric symphonic death metal with som efemale vocals & a cover of Black Sabbath ‘Paranoid’. Getting a lot of positive answers & often described as one of the most promising greek band, Odes of Ectassy had to wait 1997 to release a new song for its promotion. Including elemetns from classical music, the band is often compared with Septic Flesh, Therion, theatre of tragedy, ...This new demo, featured a sdemo of the month in Metal Hammer ! This led them to sign with The end records for a first album..

After a intro with a piano which takes a lot from the traditional repertory, the first riff comes likea heavy metal band of great class! And yet, Odes of Ectassy would be rather to classify in the category Death metal. But attention, where majority of their fellow-members alway seems to evolve in the most primary brutality, Odes of Ectassy enriches its music by new sonorities loaned to the traditional repertory. And the female-intonated voice which punctually appears is certainly one of the best one ever heard. She’s really a singer of classical music, with the clear voice, powerful and suffering from no limit. Her singing exercises are all more beautiful the ones than the others and sound all right, which is not often the case! But there’s also another voicie evolving in a death metal style. Some riffs and certain melodies of guitars will point out the best current groups of heavy metal, with some melodies that sometimes sound close to Maiden for example (' War symphony'). Equipped with an effective production, Odes of Ectassy also explores new sonorities and does not hesitate to show audacity as in ' the total absence of light'. The end records has just offered there an album to us which will certainly compete with the best productions of the kind. Odes of Ectassy make u sthink about Therion. The group thus shows quality of compositions, originality and ‘know-how’ which should carry out them very far in the underground. Undoubtedly a group to be followed and support!

THE END RECORDS COMPILATION : until the end of time...

The end records

this compilation, released by The end records shows 6 different bands that are on the previous releases of the label. So soon, you'll read the presentation of the entire album . the entire compilation contains 8 tracks fro man approximate length of 46 minutes. 

Mental Home plays 2 tracks on this compil. 'Vale' will be their album. Coming from Russia, the band evolves in a dark doom atmospheric style. with a good production, Mental home reveals a melodic band that works a lot on arrangements. Sometimes close to Paradise Lost for its surroundings, the 2 tracks on this album presents a promising band & a album that will be one of the most interesting from Russia.

Scultured is may be the band that convinced me the most in this compilation. playing a progressive death metal, also described at Avant Garde metal, Scultured get its basis from the roots of metal music. Then, it's very technical & well played. This song blends in the same time melodies ( like old Helloween) & powerful side. More, the band also used some elemtns that give an original aspect to this music like acoustic guitars for example. A very promising band!

Epoch of Unlight : Here's a black metal band, that plays ultra speed tempos but takes also elemnts used in heavy metal & thrash metal.Very well played & done, their song shows a band that could compete with the best ones in that style. In comparison with seceral black metal bands, Epoch of unlight never hesitates to use melodies to enrich its music.

Nokturnal Mortum : 2 tracks for this black metal band. Using folkore instruments to create its surroundings & to counterbalance its agressivity , Nokturnal Mortum plays in a style near from bands like Limbonic Art : a kind of symphonic black metal, using a lot of keyboards parts ( that give the melodic side to this music). very brutal & symphonic

Odes of Ecstasy : Inspired at first by death metal, Odes of Ecstasy evolves in a register close to Septic Flesh. The band is going more & more far away from primary death metal to create a complexive music. using various voices ( death metal, soprano female vocals), this song shows a lyrical musical concept enriched by skilled composers. 

Scholomance : their song starts like a black metal one : very speed, with dark melodies. But it seems that this band wants to get higher in metal music. Schlomance blends a lot of metal elements that belongs to all styles existing : from thrash to death & black metal. It's really different form all other bands, certainly more original but not very easy to be listened to. It really needs to have a special attention to feel all elemnts included in this song.  Schlomance is unclassifiable but truly avant garde!


Style Black metal- Album :Goat thorns

band web site at :

With such a so good cover, it would have been a pity if this album had been on the average of the main production. Fortunately, it's nothte case & for its 3rd production, The End Records has done again a very good work. After along keyboards intro, Nokturnal Mortum ( also written Nocturnal mortum) , starts with a furious 7 min. piece. This 6 piece band contains 2 keyboards player, so, it's piece of evidence to find them regularly. Nokturnal Mortum relly plays on its album, it doesn't sound like rythm machine & all musicians has reached a good musical level. this results to a solid musical basckground, enriched by excellent keyboards parts. It's not only a few notes played here & there to create surroundings. Keyboards alsocreates lots of melodies & sometimes, it's on them that songs seemed to have been built. More, Nokturnal Mortum is not also this kind of band playing the same riffs during 3 minutes or creating 9 minutes songs with only 3 guitars chords. all songs are really built & their structure is quite complex, like it was in thrash metal in the 90's. So, there's various tempos within each songs, from the loudest one to the speedest one. 

So, Nokturnal Mortum released a solid album, which is highly recommendable for black metal fans.

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