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THE END RECORDS - 556 S.Fair Oaks Ave #101-111 Pasadena, CA 91105 USA

Tel: 626-403-6952 Fax: 626-403-2848

E mail : & Web site

1 Can you talk about the creation, aim of your company

Our first release came out in January 12, 1998. That's when I see the beginning of our label. We are metalfans ourselves and we believe deeply into what we do. Our goal it to introduce high quality metal music from around the world. We will try to bring forth the best music we can get in our hands.

2 What kind of bands or music, is the company devoted to?

We are a metal label and we are devoted into metal music. Some have already described us an 'eclectic' label as the albums we offer have an exquitiste angle and are not part of the norm. We are creating a niche market. Pretty much I can safely say that if you like one of albums you will like them all!

3 Do you search for new bands & which kind?

Yes, there is always room for new talented bands. We will sign a band if we like the music they offer. We always try to bring forth bands that have something new to give. There is no reason to provide what is already out there. If you are offering innovative metal music then maybe you should get in touch.

4 Talk about your distribution, where people can get Cd's, ..;Do you search > for distributors worldwide?

We are setting up quite an exstensive distribution network. Our albums are available in the USA, Germany, Italy, France, Greece, Cyprus, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Latvia, Korea, Australia, Japan, Chile, Argentina, etc. For an extensive list of our distributors you may want to check out our site. We are always trying to make our albums more widely available.

5 What are reactions facing your releases?

Well, the most common reaction is that that we just came out of nowhere with bands that most never heard before and made such a strong impact. We are a new label but rising steadily. Except to hear a lot more from us in the near future.

6 What are your forth coming releases?

Here are all the releases for 1998. Some dates are approximate:

Mental Home "Vale" - January Compilation CD "...Until The End Of Time" - February Nokturnal Mortum "Goat Horns" - March Scultpured "The Spear Of The Lily Is Aureoled" - March Mental Home "Black Art" -April/May Odes Of Ecstasy "Embossed Dream In Four Acts"- Arpil/May Notkurnal Mortum "To The Gates Of The Blashemous Fire" - July Scholomance "A Treatise On Love" - October Epoch Of Unlight "For What Has Been Will Be..." - October

7 What are problem meet by young companies like yours facing to promote its band & spread it sname into the metal scene?

If I had to start the label again I would have probably thought about it twice. It is not easy. It takes time and a lot of effort but if you have the dedication you will succeed. Do not except that things will go smoothly. Have patience and strong determination and always keep a positive mindset. I guess the most important thing is to expose the bands and create a demand. A strong promotion and a solid distribution are key aspects. There is a lot of competition out there so try to stand out!

8 A last word?

Best of luck to all of you and for more info on the label and our bands check our site or get in touch. There is always something new happening in THE END!

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