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The Geat Kat Biography :

The Great Kat was born Katherine Thomas in Swindon, England and at the age of 3, moved to the U.S. After listening to Beethoven since birth, Kat realized that her mission was to become a composer and musical revolutionary. Kat began piano studies at the age of seven, and switched to the violin at the age of nine in Long Island, NY.

At 15 years old, Kat was accepted to the prestigious Juilliard School of Music in New York City. Kat won many famous competitions in Classical Music, including "The Artists International Competition," "The Robert Hufstader Award" and "The Great Neck Competition." Kat also toured as a soloist in Mexico, the U.S. and Europe.

One day after seeing a Judas Priest Music video ("You've Got Another Thing Coming"), Kat discovered heavy-metal and decided the future of Classical Music was to mix it with Metal. Kat systematically began transcribing all of her violin solos to the guitar and quickly became a guitar virtuoso. Kat invented a new genre of music called "Cyberspeed" (a mixture of Classical and Metal). Cyberspeed music is known for its phenomenal speeds, complicated riffs, screams, heavy rhythms and thrashing sounds. The Great Kat is now on a path to take Classical music into the 21st Century with Metal through the use of MIDI instruments, computer technology and the Internet.

The Great Kat's Greatest Works: "Worship Me Or Die!" CD "Beethoven On Speed" CD "Digital Beethoven On Cyberspeed" Multimedia CD-ROM "Guitar Goddess" CD "Bloody Vivaldi" CD

The Great Kat's Cyberspeed Musical Style: Cyberspeed Classical/Metal Music is the brilliant, unique mixture of Classical, complex music with vicious, violent Speed Metal. The one-of-a-kind blend of Kat's Classical violin virtuosity and speed guitar shredding makes The Great Kat the most eccentric and innovative genius since Beethoven.

Kat Web Site at Email Kat at Toll Free Hotline: 1-800-KAT-9199 or 516-549-7575 Kat Slave Club, PO BOX 20554, Columbus Circle Station, NY, NY 10023

Presentation of"Goddess", ,CD rom & video , Bloody Vivaldi-

Album :Guitar Goddess- Style : Great Kat music

In 1996, she recorded a new CD " guitar goddess". 4 songs for eight minutes of ultra speed solis put on speed metal songs. The great Kat's style is defined as cyberspeed music & that's really true. Kat plays one of the fastest heavy metal in the world. In Guitar goddess, the great Kat seems to have new influences such as indus. Songs are sometimes less speed but it strenghthen the unhealthy side of her music. Her solis are incredible. She often plays arrangements of classical songs like Rossini, Beethoven, ...but at a very high speed. This shows her extreme dexterity. On her last album, there's a cover of Sarasate ( a classical composer) & Kat makes a duel based on violin & guitar. It's (on my aim) the best song of the CD. Very impressive...The great Kat's image is also one of the most provocative. On her last videos (that she produces) called "Dominatrix" you can see her in hot & sex outfits, dominating her slaves, huiliated them, .... For now , The great Kat decides to work without the help of records companies. As her slogan is "The great Kat, the music of the 21 th century", she decided to work with technology. So she creates her own web site at this site contains hot photos, songs, excerpts from her last CD rom. This one, called "digital Beethoven on cyberspeed" contains 5 new songs, a gallery of famous composers. It allows to play on virtual classical instruments, to answer The great Kat IQ test ( as it was in Beethoven on speed booklet), ....Discover her in interview

CD Rom : Digital Beethoven on Cyberspeed - Style : Great Kat music

Kat 's Cd rom

"digital Beethoven on cyberspeed" is the name of the CD rom , released by The Great Kat. It's an impressive work done on it. It's also a surprise for those who only knows The Great Kat as a provocative woman. The CD rom evolces in various direction , from educative to game & more!! Musically speaking, there's 5 unreleased songs of The GReat KAt. Some are really excellent & really need to be discovered. It's a pity for those who haven't a PC & loves The Great Kat. There's also a place where you can see The Great Kat 's TV : advertisement, weather informations, video samples, etc... presented by Kat herself in some clothes that put Kat on her advantage. If you're an addicted to The Great Kat, you can see her slave & read some of the message she received regularly, then you can also join the Kat slave club . In the educative parts, Kat explains how where created some classical instruments & for what they're used. You can also hear how they sound. Then, you can discover some great composers through a bio & compositions, Kat reads the bio for you. Finally , if you want to play some of these classical instruments, you 've got the possibility & the choice. There's also a game : The great Kat IQ test ( as it was in Beethoven on "speed ..." booklet)

So, it's definitly a great CD rom released by Kat & for mainly reason. You can find Kat, as you know her & then find another face of this artist. THe CD rom is also very well executed & it's really interactive & pleasant. 

Video : Live at the exposure- Style : Great Kat music

The Great Kat also released in the end of 1997 a new video live at The Exposure. As always, the video is quite short & it just consists of a presentation of how is The great Kat on Stage. It's definitly provocative & exceptionnal. Imagine Kat 'slave licking her feet, Kat drinking blood & play cyberspeed solis. She also uses her whip on her slaves at the perfection. It's really different from what we 're used to see on stage. But Kat is really not a common artist. Anyway, visit her cyberspeed site & discover some pics that make you have a good representation of She.  

Album : bloody Vivaldi - Style : Great Kat music

The Great Kat is finally back with her new opus : Bloody Vivaldi. Her last one was just incredible. This time, itís overwhelming impressive. The Great Kat has done more than her best to make the ultimate album before the XXIth century. This album starts with an amazing cover of Vivaldiís « The four season ». The Great Kat is the ultimate shredder. Listen to « Torture chamber » which is her most vicious track she ever composed. Itís 2 :38 minutes of horror, screams, agony . Itís heavily intense with hallucinating solos. « Blood » the following tracks sounds more classical in The Great Katís repertory. Played at hypersonic speed, She creates her most impressive tracks for a while. Itís quite unbearable blend of violence & musicality . Her new album ends with another cover version of the famous composer Sarasate. Itís ĎCarmen fantasyí played for violin & guitars. This time again, Kat proves that She reached a so high level of genius that nobody can be compared to her. The Great Kat is unique, The Great Kat is genuine, She is really the best !

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