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Contact :Leclerc Rémi & Nathalie - 681 rue Waldeck Rousseau 08500 Revin -FRANCE

Label : Thunder productions - 10 rue d'Auvergne - Appt 8 - 51200 Epernay - FRANCE

Tel/fax 33 3 26 55 15 66

Web site :No web site but you can see the complete presentation of the band & the review in my page

1 Your style of music remains me Paradise Lost (before their last album!!). Is this comparison with them irritate you? 

Paradise lost is a bant that is a referencee in the style. They have a big audience on stage & sell tons of CD's. So, we're flattered to be in comparison with such a great band. But musically talking, i don't knowif we have to be so certain o fthis. It's true that like them, we play a melodic metal on mid tempos with a more or less raucous voice . For me, the comparison stops here. they take their influences from Sisters of Mercy, but ours are more progressive. & to know if this comparison is irritant for us, it should not exagerrate : it's still a compliment.

2 So what are your influences?

They are various. It goes from progressive bands like Dream Theater to somes more atmospheric like Tiamat or Moonspell, with some special bands like Miranda Sex Garden§. In the main thing, we listen to lots of different music & not only in metal. 

3 The way to use lots of clean guitars allows you to enrich your songs. How do you create songs? 

Eric (lead guitar) comes with acoustic parts that are not necessarily metal. Then, it's when we put music in place that we create together arrangements that give a metal dimension to the song. It's generally at the end that i put my vocals line. This way of composition allows us to have our personal touch.

4 Can you tell us the story of the band?

It begins in 1994 when Frédéric Manon on drums, Nicolas Gatinois on guitar & Julien Guilmin on bass decided to create a death metal band. Then, we work together to have a good rythmic cohesion also with the help of covers of Cemetary, Paradise Lost, ...& we complete the line up with Eric Polfer on lead guitars & Julien (on bass) that definitly becomes the singer. But we changedour style on our first demo tape "The Awakening" recorded at the end of 1995 at the CMA of Valenciennes (north of France, see Loudblast, Supuration, Gang....) & distributed at more than 400 copies. The band plays a progressive thrash, original, melodic & melancholic. So, french label called Thunder records (see on labels page for details) signs us & we recorded on february 1997 our first album (with 8 songs) called "Unchain". 

5 For a first album, the sound is very good. What aaare your studio experience & tell us about the recording of "Unchain"?

For our experience, we have already passed 3 days in studio at the CMA of Valenciennes with Bruno Donini ( Loudblast, Supuration) for our first & unique demo "The awakening". For the album, we worked with Alain Masson, a sound ingeneer that is diversified enough in his work. He worked on the album of Mercyless & DAB (see them on Thunder production 's presentation ) The recording session was on 8 days & with a good ambiance. I find this result good enough particularly if we consider that it's our first album. 

6 What are your projects? 

At first, we will privilege stage in trying to perform a lot in France & Benelux.

7 To be signed on a label for its first album is not a current thing. For you, for wich reasons do you attribuate this ?

It's true that to sign a contract of production with only a demo & some concerts for visit card is not a current thing. We can say that it's for a few a combination of circumstances & at the same time the result of a few years of work. But this resumes well our conception of what to do to build its name is music : a few talen, a lot of work & tons of luck. I hope that future will still bring us some good surprises. 

Review : « Unchain » was recorded by Alain Masson at Numerock studio (who often works for Thunder productions). This sound engineer is really going to become a famous referencee in underground sceene. This time agan, cover & booklet are magnificient. The cover is really original & visual with its great colors. Thorns & Flower seems to be influenced by Paradise Lost, even if some rythmic parts can remain bands like Megadeth (« under a dirty rain »). If the voice sounds like in Paradise Lost, sometimes it takes a gothic tone, when tempo is slower. So itís impossible to say that Thorns & Flower is just a copy of Paradise Lost. Itís sure that the band is evolving in the same style. For example, they really try to add their other influences in music, playing with various surroundings created by the voices & the arppeggios that youíll find in each songs (« The awakening » is a good example). Thereís also a great work by the lead guitar (« Nothing else than my life ») Still in comparison of Paradise lost, Thorns & Flower is more an innovator band : hear the break parts in « Nothing else... » & « Vendetta ». So, « Unchain » is a great first album full of surprising rythms, good refrains, ... which allow to give a special color to each songs. But donít be afraid, even if thereís lots of arppeggios, the band is still a powerful one. Thorns & Flowers has also pushed back limits of this style, including a ballad (« The days too long » This is really an attractive song, dark & sad where acoustic parts are mixed with heavier one. In spite of visible influences, Thorns & Flowers succeds in recording a very pleasant album. A great debut CD ! ! ! !
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