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History : Thunder production is still a young label (less than 2 years of existence). But itís also a very productive one : about 10 productions & a lots of coming ones. The boss of Thunder, Jean Hervé Crépôt is a man leaded by his passion of metal music. So, Thunder is not a one styled label. All productions are really different from each others : From death metal to progressive metal....

Thunder is also a label who really produces its band. Itís not one of those who only put logo on a self produced Cd & only distribute it. Thunder often works with a good studio called Numerock with Alain Masson as sound enginneer. But this time again, Thunder differs from others Ďcos each bands keep its own sound & own personality.

The last point (for now) about Thunder productions is that this record company is not only devoted to french metal bands. Some new international bands are now released! & there 'll be some surprises!

Then, sometimes, Thunder distributes some underground bands like Mortuary, Carcariass, Acting Out, .. As the label wants to be distributed in foreign countries, Thunder also works with some foreign label. But if youíre also intersted in distributing Thunder productions, just contact them ! ! !

Thunder releases :

Days of yoreShiver compilationmortuaryM pheralFuturaMalthusDABForlorn emotionMercylessRegencythorns & Flowers

Previous releases : Fairlight , Dementia , ......


Style Metal- Album : Answer

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Dementia is back after a first album 'In core of the dark ages', that was one of the firsts , if this is not the first production of Thunder. Today, the music of the group has well evolved. If at their beginnings, Dementia played a technical death-thrash with keys in the lineage of a band like Nocturnus, it is all otherwise today. The line-up has been considerably modified. Dementia is now composed of 6 members : a singer fully fledged, 2 guitars, a bassist, a drummer and always a keyboards player. Dementia has enormously worked to offer us a sumptuous album, so much original that it becomes like unclassifiable. And nevertheless, one finds here and there thrash parts, heavy or death ones ( very little and rather concerning the voice), black parts (with some hyper speed parts, hateful chant). Brief, Dementia succeeds to use and to develop in its songs all styles of metal. The result could have been indigestible. But it it is not indeed. Dementia is to classify among progressive bands that are the most gifted ones ( but in a more extreme style)! Nothing than the first song worths the purchase of this album. It is necessary to notice that this album is presented under the form of a concept where all songs are linked between. In all , this album is 63 minutes long. The diversity of surroundings that are proposed and developed, the quality of interpretation but also the tremendous production of this album (signed by Alain Masson and Bruno Donini) and this magnificent cover make this album'Answer' as an imperishable piece , an incredible & unique masterpiece. Indeed, this album asks some efforts to appropriate it, & to master all fineness, all richnesses, but each times you listen to it, you discover new elements that bring you to discover an other dimension to this music, then, this album becomes a magical, indispensable, incontournable one. Dementia is required in 1998 as the French group the most inspired of the moment. This album is masterly from its beginning to its end !


- Style progressive heavy death - Album : Le bal des éternels.

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Fairlight is the last signature of the French company Thunder productions. This album is in fact a demo reissued under a CD format. Composed of 5 titles but for a total length of 38 minutes, this album and this group possess qualities and advantages that will certainly help them in their career. First of all, the sound of this demo/album is rather good ! We generally await to listen to a poor produced demo or a mediocre recording quality due to a lack of money or inexperience. In the case of Fairlight, it is all the contrary. Recorded (rapidly) in a studio 24 tracks, the same used by Kalisia (for its demo reissued too in CD but by Adipocere records), the sound of this album is more than convincing ! Sufficiently powerful and audible to convince the listener . Indeed, one could have reproach the lack of arrangements in the mix, but do not forget that itís only a demo and so it really sounds superior from the average ! Musically speaking, Fairlight evolves in a style which is really personal. The band takes a lot risks to play what they like : a kind of progressive and melodic heavy - death. In fact, if the main chant was not made by a voice in a death metal style, Fairlight would be then compared to a melodic metal band with progressive touches. Nevertheless, Fairlight does not try to compete Dream Theater at all. If we have to talk about progressive music, it is rather in the manner that the band works structures of its songs. Fairlight never evolves in the simple and pure demonstration. Fairlight is a progressive group in its most original senses. We could think of Pink Floyd , Genesis, Rush but in clearly more heavier version and with riffs borrowed to the Heavy metal scene. The death metal voice will surely remain Stéphane Buriez of Loudblast. Some intonations seem all coming right this guy. Musically excellent and composed of skilled musicians, Fairlight takes its listener in musical regions which littelraly bewitch us, where the musical wealth is put to the profit of undeniable melodic qualities. One will retain the large work undertaken by the rhythmical section that always trys to find rhythms, ideas that , once again, bring a lot to the freshness of this album («Encounters»). The long instrumental passages chain themselves to the perfection. Sometimes,a female voice appears (« Le bal des éternels»). So, to resume, this album is brilliant ! It reveals some discoveries & a band that really dare !. It would not be surprising to see Fairlight becoming one of the leaders of the metal scene , in 1 or 2 year ! In any case, this group some has the potential !


style : power thrash death - album : Blind

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'Blind' is really one of the best thrash metal album ever released in France. The influence of this young band seems clear : Sepultura, Pantera; There was really a little place between these 2 bands & Awake gets it. Loud vocals, heavily riffs, weighty rythms are blend with a real sense of composition ( like in 'Fall of Blood'). But, the band has not closed the door to other influences. That's why there's some experimentations & some sounds that cannot be found in the other bands. Their lead guitarist is totally amazing. His feeling is close to what Kirk Hammett was doing in first Metallica's album, with a lot of 'wah wah ' pedals. With an awesome production wich blends really heavy guitars with a clearer & excellent snare drums ( I really appreciate this counterpoitn given by the drums), Awake really finds the good sound, the one that totally fits to its music.  The singer can takes a very aggressive voice but he 's able to make a lot of variations like some harmonies in 'Suicidal thoughts' that could have been found in some Metallica or Testament's albums too. This band has really to be taken in serious. Awake has just toured with Dearly behaded. & they really have solid ambitions. With such a good debut album, Awake should rapidly find its place in the metal market. 


Style thrash - Album : The new prometheus

Oddmongers featured as one of the most experimented french band. May be a cult one in the underground scene. Often desribed as Voivod, Oddmongers could have stayed a cult underground band. But this album will surely establish them in front of the scene. Their new album, 'The new prometheus' is really a good album. Oddmongers cahnges quite a lot its music to get this result. Sometimes too much complexive by its riffing parts & songs' s structures, the band never succeeded in finding the good combination. now, it's done. But it not also means that Oddmongers is now this kind of band easy to listen to. you need to play it several times to feel all richness of their music. The best points of this albul is the captivating melodies found by thier singer. This guy blends aggressive voice (kinda thrash metal one) with anotehr one more singed but in a loud tone. Rifs are still strange & it's impossible to classify the band. Various surroundings are created within this conceptual album : 'Tabula rasa' & 'hte anomaly' are quite slow songs, kinda atmospheric metal & 'the end..' is more aggressive ,may be closed to Pantera!on other songs, Oddmongers also use some techno gimmicks. Another good opinion for this album come from their drummer. he brings a lot by his various & original parts. It's a very good one. If you 're turned into a different way of making metal music without losing its identity, this band is the one you need!


Style heavy rock- Album : Dreamland

Dreamland signs the come back of french guitar hero, Chris savourey. After 2 instrumental albums released for Brennus records, Chris is back with a new line up & a singer! This album is excellent. Surely the best heavy rock act ever released & not only in France. The fact, Chris finds a good singer is may be a reason for this result. Solid blend of powerful songs ('Blackmark of evil', 'give me a sign',..) & ballads, Savourey shows a solid potential . Melodies are excellent. Savourey also succeeds in proposing real songs . It's never a basic riffs or melodies put there to allow guitarist to play a 3 mintues solo. It's absolutly not boring to listen to this masterpiece because of its quality. A good musicianship & a powerful production complete this work. I'm sure it's impossible to stay insensible to songs like 'Dreamland' or ' don't belive a word'. But the best song is probably the bonus track which is the french version of ''heartache' renamed 'le feu à ton âme'. This song has got a high potential. May be a hit song in the carrer of this band!


Days of yore

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History + Presentation

They come from Quebec & aremore than promising band, even if the line up was incomplete on the demo. The band has been created by two brothers on guitars, Martin & Sylvain Giguere & a skilled vocalist, Jerome Parent). Now, the line up has been completed & Days of Yore can work for its posterity . They had released a demo in february 1997 . This tape was to help them to work on their first album available on july 1997 based on a concept story . Days of yore plays heavy metal as Helloween was making in the 85' but with a modern progressive & powerful touch . Some other influences that you can find in their music can be bands like Maiden, Priest, Savatage, King Diamond & mainly more. In fact, despite they're young musicians, Days of Yore evolves in the same scene than these bands & they also owns the same qualities than these ones. I think this music really kills. They've got a really cool site & you can send them mail in french. Read the interview on the inter/review page made at the released of the demo tape. A new one will soon be made. Their new & first album is out now. Its name is "The mad god's wage" & will be distributed in France & Europe by the french record company Thunder productions. But if you cannot wait for it, contact the band & order your copy!

Here's a FANTASTIC - INCREDIBLE -INDISPENSABLE - MASTERPIECE created by Days of Yore. If you can only buy one album, it's this one you must have. When i discovered it for the first time, i feel an indescribable emotion. "The mad god's wage" is a marvelous & unique masterpiece. the kind of album that is definitly timeless. This album is the one that awaited the metal scene for years. Days of Yore proves that heavy metal & power metal have still good days to live. More, they renew this style with this superb concept album. Presented in a luxurious version : a box with a 36 pages booklet with excellent illustrations & a true concept, the CD is really one of the most beautiful object released theese past years

Musically speaking, Days of Yore continue to create power metal songs, enriched by a fantastic musicianship & a vocal contribution that blends originality & theatrical approach. Guitarist Martin & Sylvain represents at this time the best complementary guitar duet, i've ever heard since Dave Murray-Adrian Smith or Mickael Weikath-Kai Hansen. It's incredible to see their understanding. More, they reached now a high level of interpretation & creativity. " The mad God's Wage" unites powerful songs ("Impreilled Kingdom, "gathering Clouds", ...) with classical inspirated instrumental ("Essence of God", "The Odyssey", ...). There's also a fantastic power ballad " The visage of Doom" where the band shows a different face & then proves the scale of their talent. It's really impossible to particularly distinguish or put the highlights to one song . It has to be listened in his globality. These young musicians proves a rare & unique musical & artistic sensibility. The subtleties & fineness of their music are the trademark of the best bands & Days of Yore owns these 2 essential elements that lead them to a level that only a few ones will reach during their carreer. 

Days of Yore is an exceptionnal band & I highly recommend you to visit their site & hear the samples. 


Shiver compilation

Created by Laurent Plainchamps, a guy totally devoted to metal, Shiver is a compilation including underground bands with some that may be quite known in the scene. 9 bands with 2 songs (except No Return, a famous french band & the greek band Septic flesh), some with albums & signed on some underground labels, some that only have demos. But, the great surprise is that even if there is some demos , the sound of quite all bands is very good. Some are better than other ones , but the main part stays very pleasant to hear.   This compilation is now distributed by Thunder productions & at a reasonnable price. It's also availabel in my distribution list

Mystic : It's quite not easy to define this band. including some elements that could belong to black or death metal, or even in thrash metal.   the first song of the Cd is quite atmospheric with some surroundings that could have suit to vlack metal . But the second track is more in a power thrash vein but still with a blend of atmospheres. Anyway, Mystic is composed of skilled musicians, that have a high level of originality. The main voice is quite powerful but sometimes a clearer voice appears. There's also some keyboards parts . solis are also very good & drummer brings a lot of originality in his play. The band has no album yet, but the potential is here. just wait see...

Futura : Futura has been signed on Thunder productions after playing 2 songs in this compilation. The style of Futura is still the same : power thrash metal with killer riffs & lot of energy. Rouslan Tsar proves agin that he 's a skilled guitarist with a lot of ideas on how to creat origianl arrangements with killer riffs. 

Metallords : 2 songs coming from a promising demos. Metallords proposes a great death metal influenced by heavy metal. Tempos are very speed & guitars bring teh main melodies. Metallords will surely remain the US death metal school with bands like Death or sometimes Testament for the solis ( Alex Skolnick!) : a good blend between powerful & technicity. the 2d track is also sung in french!

Kristendom : 2 tracks also issued from a demo. With the same singer than Mystic but in another style, more thrash. Kristendom, evolves in the power thrash scene. The work of art of this band is the quality of its arrangements that give a lots of originamlity to songs. 2d track could remain FIGHT, for example in the riffs. 

Misanthrope : This is a well known band , may be a cult one. They've already released 4 albums on their own comapny, holy records. Main particularity is the french singing & the concept inspired by Moliere . The 2 tracks are isssued from their last album 'Visionnaire'. It's quite a technical thrash metal with good rifs & good bass line. Recorded in Sweden, this album has also got an excellent production. 

Processus : May be the most original bands on this compilation, even if it's this time again a demo. The style is close to power thrash, with some hardcore touches. The originality come from the creativity brings in riffs. Sometimes the band is also near from fusion like in the break parts of their first song. On their classical basis, the band builds its personality. 

Droys : one of the oldest french band, still in the underground. After some demos & a mCd 'Experiment' for X label, the band has released a new demo. The style of the band stays the same : technical thrash death metal, close to Coroner & Watchtower ( musically speaking) . Recorded on a 8 tracks studio, the sound is quite poor but good. remember, it's only a demo! Still skilled, musicians of Droys are now better composer & the music is now more powerful, more arranged & played. The voice is now clearer & more thrash than death. The main sounds now better. 

Septic Flesh : Issued from their last album 'Ophidian wheels', Septic Flesh reveals a unique doom metal, including female vocals. The band is signed on Holy records like Misanthrope & a new album has just come out. Enriched by guitars melodies, music is never boring & reflects a compexity in arrangements & orchestration. 

No Return : One track but totally impressive. No Return starts its carrer in the 90's with a solid album 'psychological torment', strongly influenced by Testament's bay area thrash! Then, they slowly turned into the death metal scene & released 2 others album. Last one 'Red Embers' was issued by CNR inFrance ( the same label than Angra, van denPLas); No Return has now evolved with this track to a powerful thrash metal, close to Pantera. Due to their long experience, ( the band has already released with guys like Colin richardson, Scott Morris, ...), the sound of this track is the best one of this compilation. More, Didier, the drummer is one of the best one in France. At tis beginning, the band was supported by Coroner ( with whom they toured) . A proof of their quality!



Mortuary has already released a first self produced Cd, 'Hazards of Creation' ( see below) . 'Eradicate' is their new opus & this time it has been produced by Thunder productions

'Eradicate' is the death metal album of 1998, indisputably. It's a bomb!!! The band works a lot to erase the mistakes made on the first album. this time it's really one hundred times better than the common production in that style. recorded & mixed by Bruno Donini (Sup, Loudblast & mianly others one, ...), the sound is impressive : in the same time powerful , clear & precise. I rarely heard such a brutal music, as well recorded. This huge production strengthens songs. Close to bands like Cannibal Corpse or Malevolent Creation, Mortuary outdoes its rival with the qualities of their arrangements.  Sometimes, guitars can remain bands like Carcass at their beginning. Death metal was a quite moribund style & Mortuary 's album signs the rebirth of this style. It really gives the will to hear again death metal bands. 'Eradicate' contains12 furious songs , where brutality is at its best. there's absolutly no dead time. I highly recommend this album to death metal fans. Mortuary seems to become the new leader of the death metal scene with this album. A must have!!



Mathüs is one of the new releases of the french record company Thunder production. This band comes from south of France & evolves in a thrash death metal style. But with a difference between mainly of this bands. The rythmic section will surely remains bands like Atheist or Cynic. So, it's better to define them as a technical death metal band. What's most impressive is that songs remain good & efficient even their complexive rythms & parts. The drummer has got a very fine & precise play on his cymbals & with the help of a fretless bass, it gives a unique color to the music.   It's very rare to hear this kind of play for a drummer & bassist in this style. You'll find it more in a jazz band or in the metal band like Watchtower. But Malthus's music is not only based on drums & bass. Guitars are very fluid & aggressive like in "For them", that is a good example of their way to compose. Finally, it sounds & remains Loudblast on their "Cross the threshold" CD. More over, the voice is really close than the one in Loudblast : loud, brutal but controlled, with a certain part of melody in it. 

So, you'll find some experimentations & unheard things in thrash death music like in "Obliveon" , a song build in 3 parts or in "Leaving the body". But the band succeeds in creatings songs with good structures. Then, it's never boring & each songs is enriched by the technical parts. The band takes care in structuring songs near a "simple" basis. So, you always know where you are in a song. One last thing about Malthüs ' songs is that they are often included some atmospheric parts based on guitars melodies like in " Between the cold" that strongly remains Paradise Lost ( Draconian times period) .  

To resume, it sounds very unique even if it's easy to find which bands influence them ( Loudblast, Cynic, Paradise Lost) . The muscians has got a great musicianship & compositionship tha finally give the birth to a solid first album . It's a great visit card & surely one of the most interested album released in this style for the 1998 year. It'd be a pity to ignore this album because it can pleased a various audience. 


M pheral

M Pheral comes from the north of France. May be , you know one of its guitarist also playing in Sup (ex Supuration). M pheral plays indus death metal. They've already recorded 2 albums. The first one was self produced & called "Lie". In 1997, the band has been signed by Thunder production. The, 1998 will see the release of "Soil", the second album, recorded by Bruno Donini (Loudblast, Artsonic, ...). This time again, the sound is impressive. But for a band mixing death metal & industrial music, the most imortant is arrangements & surroundings. M Pheral owns this 2 qualities. Surroundings are really gloom & somber & the whole album remains very depressed & aggressive. The violent aspect comes mainly from the vocals, a piece of harsh, hate & pain. It's bizarre to see that voices can in the same time be aggressive & reflect an impression of inner pain.

If the basic structures of songs are created with machines (sampler, ...), the band always adds guitars & bass. Then, it's not totally inhuman & cold. It's very hard to tell particularly about one track  , because the whole album seems very indissociable. The masterstroke is that some songs enter in your mind immediatly like "Order" with its distorted bass parts, "Sub version" with its amazing vocals line & riffs, "Pryne" & "Erase" with its techno atmospheres, "Only die oen" with its obstinated rythm, ...

So, "Soil" is definitly an incredible album. I was really not convinced by industrial music. But after seeing them on stage & hearing this album, I see that it's possible to create with machine songs that keep a soul. It's alwyas attractive 'cos there's always an arrangement, something that make songs indispensable . I really think that M Pheral will assert itself as a "foreman" of this style. 



Futura is the work of a man called Rouslan Tsar. He came from Russia where he studied guitar & music for a long time. then , he came in France. "I am wanted by a dream" is his first album for Thunder production. Rouslan has now been joined by a drummer & bassist. Musically talking, Futura will suit to those who appreciate last work of Annihilator or Pantera. Music evolves in a power thrash metal that i find really close to what Jeff Waters used to play : a blend of musicality & powerful, with innovative parts. Rouslan Tsar plays all guitars, uses programming machine & sings. 

"About our Trust" is a good resume of Futura 's music : loud, powerful, innovative. It 's sure that this album need several listening to feel all the various elements put in music. It's certainly because music has been enriched by the background of Rouslan. So, you'll find musical parts directly influenced by typical russian music or by classical chords (" look here") . 

Each songs ows its particularity that makes it indispensable & attractive. So, it is always easy to remain them & make a difference between each other & that's really a trump for this kind of music. It's also a proof that Futura is a promising band, with skilled musicians. More, the band sometimes comes back from its musical roots. It's evidence that Futura is not only influenced by thrash metal bands & better from some bands of the 70's & 80's. that explains the richness of songs like in " just nature" for example.

About vocals, Rouslan works a lot to give them in the same time aggressivity & melody like in the tittle track of the album for example where he blends a loud voice with a clearer one.  What is always surprising in Futura is the ability to counterbalance a heavy parts with some arpeggios at a time where you never waits for it. So, you alwyas ask yourself when & where it will be in the next song of the album. So, it's definitly an interesting album where there's still something to discover. Typically the kind of album that you will still listen to in ten years. The russian response to Annihilator!

TPR 001 MERCYLESS : "Cold" http ://


Mercyless is not a unknown band in international area. In 1992, the band released « Abject offerings », a splendid technical death metal CD & continue with « Coloured funerals » CD, still with Century media. But, now, Mercyless has been signed by Thunder, after some changes in line up (drummer, , bass, & add of keyboards), & because Thunder was close to what Mercyless wanted to do.

So, is released the third album of Mercyless which brings lots of changes in the music. The tittle of this album is « Cold ». At first, Mercyless plays no more technical death metal. Itís now near from thrash . But, music is still technical & may be more than before. Mercyless is certainly one of the best french band. The work made on guitars is quite fabulous. Iíd say that the band has now find its own way. The music they compose is really original. Mercyless, like all bands has got several influences & has certainly decided to not limit itself as only somes. So, itís impossible to say that the biggest influences is this or this one band.

The production is surely the best one of Thunder & one of the most impressive iíve ever heard for a french band. Mercyless has got an international stature & the impact theyíll have will surely not limit itself at the french sceene. Songs are enriched by tons of arrangements. Mercyless plays more with atmospheres which allows them to diversify the songs. So thereís various ways of singing which depends of the songs & the surroundings. « Cold » is for now, the best original thrash metal album released ( & not only inFrance).

TPR 002 DAB : « Beyond the mirror »


REad the interview : DAB

A few years ago, DAB has crushed lots of metal fans with their first album « Stormbringer s » issued by Danger rec. This album was showing a band playing like Entombed at its first period : very brutal, with a loud sound. For more, one song was composed by Lars Rosenberg (now with Therion) himself. Thunder signs the band but the result is very different. The time where DAB was a « french copy » of Entombed is over.

DAB works a lot to create its own style. If itís still death metal, they try to add progressive parts in their musiclike in « Incest » or « spiritual quest », not to impress someone but just to make a more intelligent music. & this album, called « Beyond the mirror » is a real success. Lots of things has changed. The voice is clearer but still brutal. Then, itís more easy to follow lyrics. The singer sings like a damned. He makes a great work in the songs called « Clone 2057 », alternating loud & shrill voice. He feels very angry. The sound is this time very good, powerful & clear, so more audible than before. All these elements make music more audible. So, DAB can be appreciated at its real value. They really succeed in evolving. The band is more original. They now build their aggressivity & brutality in songs instead of being always brutal as it was for the first album.

So, DAB plays a kind a progressive brutal music. This musical evolution leads musicians to play at a better technical level (drums parts on « You burn my life » for example). But sometimes, like on the beginning on « Incest », the band plays in the same way as before. DAB controls now its aggressivity & brutality & becomes now unstoppable. One last thing, a great effort has been made on the cover & booklet.

102-7 1996 DEMENTIA : « In core of the dark ages »

REad the interview : dementia

Dementia could appear like a more classical band in Thunder productions. But if you think so, itís only because youí ve not listen to this album enough ! ! Dementia has got surprising qualities that makes this album very attractive. At first, for a death thrash band, Dementia included a real keyboards player in the line up. The music remains me Loudblast (guitars on « Virtual sensation », « When 2 demons have pleasure ») or some geram bandslike Kreator. But in fact, the band is nearer from Nocturnus because of the technical level of the songs.

Dementia is a band who trys to build song with numerous breaks sometimes melodic ones with long solis. But, itís not a reason to add riffs behind riffs. Its not the way that they proceed. Songs are really coherent, complex & technical (like « The dance of the wise spirits ») This is a rare quality for a young band in this style of music. Dementia is progressive in its way of making songs like in « Tormented souls » where the drums & guitars complete themselves in a style near from another french band called Kalisia.

Dementia succeeds where other technical or progressive death metal band failed. This is certainly due to their ability of compose ocherent songs. The technical level of musicians help to compose & not to prove that theyíre good. Dementia is a real hope in the french sceene. The next album will surely confirm their position ! Read the interview!!!

TPR 003 THORNS & FLOWER : « Unchain »

thorns & Flowers

REad the interview : Thorns & Flower

« Unchain » was recorded by Alain Masson at Numerock studio. This sound engineer is really going to become a famous referencee in underground sceene. This time agan, cover & booklet are magnificient. The cover is really original & visual with its great colors. Thorns & Flower seems to be influenced by Paradise Lost, even if some rythmic parts can remain bands like Megadeth (« under a dirty rain »). If the voice sounds like in Paradise Lost, sometimes it takes a gothic tone, when tempo is slower. So itís impossible to say that Thorns & Flower is just a copy of Paradise Lost.

Itís sure that the band is evolving in the same style. For example, they really try to add their other influences in music, playing with various surroundings created by the voices & the arppeggios that youíll find in each songs (« The awakening » is a good example). Thereís also a great work by the lead guitar (« Nothing else than my life ») Still in comparison of Paradise lost, Thorns & Flower is more an innovator band : hear the break parts in « Nothing else... » & « Vendetta ». So, « Unchain » is a great first album full of surprising rythms, good refrains, ... which allow to give a special color to each songs. But donít be afraid, even if thereís lots of arppeggios, the band is still a powerful one. Thorns & Flowers has also pushed back limits of this style, including a ballad (« The days too long » This is really an attractive song, dark & sad where acoustic parts are mixed with heavier one. In spite of visible influences, Thorns & Flowers succeds in recording a very pleasant album. A great debut CD ! ! ! !

TPR 005 FORLORN EMOTION : « The sweet decline »

Forlorn emotion

Read the interview : Forlorn Emotion

With Forlorn emotion, Thunder production has released an experimental band. The band is influenced by bands like Supuration (« A part of me ») but without the coldness aspect of this band. Songs & chant are obstinated like in « Farewell » for example. Thereís always break parts to bring the listeners to new horizons & counterbalance the repetition aspect of this style of music.

The line up is enriched by keyboards & citharre player ( a female one) which brings something more in the music . The singer also uses different styles of chant : itís more often a clear voice at a low level like if it was a whispered voice. But for certain parts, the singer is crying out in pain or says his anger. Even if this style of music is quite complex & dificult for the audience, songs are easy to remain (because of the riffing parts & the melody lines).

Forlorn Emotion is a band like Pink Floyd but in a heavy thrash version. Itís got an experimentation side where slow & obstinated surroundings are subtlety broken to let burst out a inner rage. Thereís on ly ine song which is structured in a more classical way :the instrumental « In trance ». For a first attempt, Forlorn Emotion makes a master stroke. Itís a high emotional metal. This time again, the production is excellent (itís rare for a first album). This album was also recorded by Brunon Donini.

Forlorn emotion is a band for those who are open mind, for those who want to dicover a more emotional & intelligent way to make metal music : innovator & with a rare beauty. I really had pleasure to listen to it & be led by those competent & inspired musicians. « the sweet Decline » is very recommendable...

TPR 004 REGENCY : « Regency »


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This is the first progressive heavy metal in France. Regency has just released a 4 tracks CD which surely stay in the memories for long. Itís real impressive debut one. If the referencees are Dream Theater, Regency has also got its own touch. The singer is near from James la Brie but in a louder tone & his way to sing is very particular & personal.

In comparison to the masters of prog metal, Regency has condensed its ideas to keep their powerful of a music (even if the 3rd songs is quite calm). Of course, the technical level of all musicians is obvious & unreproachable. The sound of the CD remains me the first Lemur Voice, ; so itís useless to say that itís an excellent one (still recorded at Numerock). The aim of the mCD was to present the bnad in the metal sceene. Now itís done. The first album is surely awaited, but donít gorget this first act Ďcos itíll soon be unavailable.

CD's also distributed by Thudner productions :


Acting out

Strange history than the one of this band. Ripped off by a label, their first album 'Enculés par le destin' has never been released. more, the band knows a lot of difficulkties to say alive & to follow their carreer. Fortunately, a new label 'Indelible records' proposes to work with them for the release of a mCD. This one is now easily available on the Thunder productions mailorder site, as Indelible seems to no longer exists. 

'Disorder in space & time' : It's quite difficult to present this band. Thrash metal one? It's a short resume! Acting Out evolves in the thrash metal scene but their influences put them to add some samples in their music. In comparison with their first album, Acting out seems to be less a power thrash band than before. Surroundings are quite different & it's darker. The band also uses sometimes a clearer voice like in 'Mis en trop' or 'take on' . Even, if they uses samples, it's not reallyin a industrial way . It's more for surroundings. the gait of this band is unclassifiable & they do not want to be define like the common bands in the metal scene, even if they use trends elements, like samples, spoken voices like in rap/hardcore, ... A real nonconformism band

MORTUARY : « Hazards of Creation »

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Hereís a brutal death metal band. This first album is a self produced CD distributed by Thunder. This band by its brutal aspect can remain Cannibal Corpse or old Morbid Angel. But the main influences seems to be Sepultura, « beneath the remain » or « Schizophrenia » period ( i.e. « dead heroes for nothing » & « Evaporated Landscapes »). Mortuary knows that sometimes a songs need to have slowing down before runnong again. Vocals are close to Napalm death, Sepultura or Obituary. The drummer has got a great style & makes some experimentations like in « Dead heros... » thereís some good arrangements on guitars for the song « Suffocating thoughts », with guitars on the left side & on the right side. This song shows a more innovator side of Mortuary. May be a new direction for the band ? The new album is out & is called Eradicate!!!

CARCARIASS : "Hell on earth"

REad the interview : Carcariass

Carcariass is a death metal band created in 1991. A first demo "Ancestral War" was released in 1994 & distributed at more than 750 copies. CARCARIASS has already played twice with SADIST, Broken edge, .... Because of line up & health problems, Caracariass had to stop for about one year. But in the end of 1996, the first CD of CARCARIASS, called Hell On Earth is recorded. This album is now available & the band begins its promotion, touring with bands like Excrement, Craddle of filth, ....

"Hell on Earth" is a very well done debut album. Carcariass is more (on my own)than a simple death metal band. The band seems to have been influenced by thrash metal bands from the eighties. Their sound is also different from other death metal bands. It's a very clear sound & it's not as loud as it used to be in death metal. this made them more original than the average. A real effort has been made on structure of the songs, there's lots of technical parts as they were in Death (the band) & good solis. Carcariass is not a definitly brutal bands, they put lots of melodies in songs ( the guitar player has got original ideas). The only reason that let carcariass in the death metal style is the voice, who is typically in a death vein & the way that they structure songs. Carcariass is now looking for a record company. See the interview.

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