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Today is today is a new band coming in the metal scene. Can you resume your story ?
6 years, 4 albums, 1 EP, several singles, 5 years amphetamine reptile/ Relapse
2 Its very difficult to present your band. How do you define your style & your influences?
No influence, no style !All from the heart with a demand for originality.
3 What are your lyrics talking about ?
4 What does a sign with the company Relapse mean to you : a sure way to burst out in the metal scene ? a good promotion.
Good conditions for recording CDís ? A way to let people hear music.
5 Youí ve already played with bands like Neurosis & Helmet. How was it ?
6 Do you plan to tour ? where & when ?
Yes, all over Alabama
7 Will you play as support act or as headliner & with which bands ?
Both were biheadliner
8 On the album, thereís a lot of effects on the voice. Can you explain why ?
To freak out. Fucks with my mind
9 What is the goal you want to reach with the band. ?
To stay alive
10 Donít you think that to be a very original band could be a problem for metal fans, because they really donít know in which style the abnd will evolve ? Are you afraid of that ?
No , fuck people, fuck you metal

11 What would you like people to say about you in 20 years ?

Fuck him

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