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TOFF RECORDS : Fairfields, Ascot Road, Nuptown, Warfield, Berkshire, RG42 6HS, UK. Tel: 01344 884 704. Fax: 01344 893 693. Official Web Site: Email: .

Toff Records was set up to accomodate the releases of Pendragon , as it was impossible for them to get a record company interested in the band. But now, Toff records also produces other bands or solo projects: A Million Blues have released their first album on Toff Records too and recently Peter Gee ( the fantastic bass player of Pendragon) have released his second solo album "A Vision Of Angels" on this label too. Music style is more progressive rock than Heavy metal. But links to metal are closed (think about Magna carta label & new progressive metal expansion).

But you can order all Cd's & also the videos (don't miss the new one, showing the band at its best on "The Masquerade Overtour"!!!) at the official french fan club called "Et Maintenant" (MSI distribution for France). "Et maintenat" is a great structure where you can find all what you need about the band : news with "Ouats", ....Contact Flod :

Here's a review of one of the last Toff records's release :

PENDRAGON : "The masquerade Overture" is really a brilliant album. Music has got an incredible delicacy with subtle arrangements. The main part of this album is quite calm but as soon as guitar is more present, as soon as the drummer speed the tempos, Pendragon shows its powerful. The band lead us to new horizons. The influence that they have on metal prog band is evidence (see Magellan & sometimes Dream Theater) : songs are quite long with complex development showing differents ambients parts. Pendragon's musicians are fearsome technicians & affirmed composers (hear the tittle track : an opera ouverture ). this album is surely one of the best prog rock album of these last years. I think it 'll be hard for the band to make a better one. Pendragon has got its own style even if sometimes, influences of bands like Pink Floyd or Genesis are present. To complete this scheme, production & cover art work are just fantastic. Pendragon wants the best for its fans. A limited edition (2CD) of "The masquerade overture" is also available at the same price than the simple CD. The second CD contains radio version of tracks , some unreleased tracks, ... See complete review & presentation of the band . Also read the interview...

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