Contact :Lucca Eric / 3 place du firt Lacroix / 20200 Bastia - FRANCE

1 To be a band coming from Corsica is it an advantage or a problem on the french/international sceene

We think it's an advantage, 'cos we don't feel the influence of differents musical styles. Our music is something difficult to define & we want it like that! Here, in Corsica, woman are beautiful, there's sun, beautiful beaches & it only takes 1 hour & 30 minutes to join european capital cities with a plane. So what 's the problem?

2 Tell us about the recording of your last CD "Menace to unity"?

"Menace to unity" is born in the wordt conditions that you can imagine. We only have 3 days for the recording & 5 for the mix & in a grange built like a studio, you see that the so called label "Flip prod" was just a joke (read rip off)! Fortunatly, we were ready & our sound ingenneer knows their job (all that don't kill you makes you stronger!)

3 You were signed by Flip prod; & are now with Brennus records. Why & how do you do?

You must know that Flip do nothing for promotion! Nothing goes like we want from the beginning til the end of this damned story! The day before our gig at "la Locomotive" (a club in Paris -FRANCE), we "recommend" them to end the contract . They did it the day after! The CD was in several shops (FNAC, Virgin, ...) & even with the lack of advertisement, this Cd received a good welcoming for several metal fans. In november 96, Brennus Records contacts us, we meet Alain Ricard & a few weeks later, we were signing a contract for the re release of "Menace to unity" (for september 97).

4 Your music is a mix between of various styles : heavy metal, thrash (for some parts), heavy rock, ... What are your influences & how do you define yourself?

Our influences are so various, that it's impossible to tell about all 'cos it'll take too much time!We listen to all things, from extreme metal to progressive one. We think that it's a bad thing to be sectarian in the musical area. there's the good music (the one coming from your heart) & the bad one (coming from money), we evolve in the first one! to define ourself, you must know that we don't like to be labeled & we're simply a band that recorded songs meaning its life! It's surely not exceptional but it's true!

5 We cannot find your first CD. Why? How can we buy it?

There's none avalable! that's simply! In fact, it was just a visit card more than a real album. We produced it & did its distribution by our own means. We sold it even in Los Angeles!! May be Brennus will re release it one day?

6 On some songs of "Menace to unity", thre voice is sometimes different, less harsh. Why? Is it a new direction?

Not at all! We're 3 singer inthe band &of course, our voicees are differents & it's something that we want, because, if for example you dislike my voice, Phil's one or Alex's one can be the one you like.

7 What are your main projects? Still with Brennus?

We' re going to tour in our country (Corsica) this summer, but we also prepare the nextr album & the 2d video clip "Menzce to unity", in september, Brennus will re release the CD in France, Italy, Japon. We hope to visit you soon!

8 Can you take stock of your young carreer? Can you do the same thing with the sells & promotion of your album(s)?

Positive! These past 3 years, there's non problems within the band. Musicaly talking, we become more & more mature, the selld are good for a band that had noo official advertisement & promotion. & we kow tha tBrennus will do a good job in september.

9 What are the main qualities of theband & of the last album?

Tenacity for the band, honesty for the album!

10 What's your plaec in the french & international sceene (the 1st CD was recorded in England, then you go to USA to find distributors, ...)What are your favorite french bands?

We think we're in good place in France & that we've got some credibility iin foreign countries, but in september it'll take an official way! For the french bands we like, it's difficult for ust o say our fave ones 'cos we're in an isle & we cannot see several bands on stage. But all the bands on the compilation CD "Vae Victis" ( the last compilation CD from Brennus) give a good hope for the future of Hard Rock in France!

11 You meet Lemmy, Rob Halford, Vince Neil,... what does it bring to you?

When someone that you hear for ages & that you think that's someone that you 're unable to see & talk with give you congratulations for your work, you're at first very proud of it & you take an huge strength to go on! Surely one of our best experience in our lives!

Review : Toxic Twins described itself on flyers as a heavy rock band. I would prefer to describe them a sa heavy metal band with strong american influences like Motley Crue with Corabi(« Bastard » for voices, « Tribal painting » for guitars). But Toxic Twins can also for some parts be near from thrash metal. They don’t want to have limits in their music. They’ re really open mind musicians. In fact, the band remains me Leatherwolf, Motley Crue or Vicious rumors. This mix is really original. The voice is quite harsh but there’s real melody lines on songs & not cries. This voice is quite near from bands like Rage, Running Wild, ...All these elements make this band unclassifiable. If this band have a good support from metal fans, it will surely burst out in the metal area.

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