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Toxic Twins - Lucca Eric - 3, place du Fort Lacroix - 20 200 Bastia ( Haute Corse) - FRANCE - fax : 33 4 95 33 46 66

Label : Brennus records

Contact : Alain ricard / 5 rue de Lixy / 89140 Villethierry - France tel / Fax : 33 3 86 66 51 41

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Created in 1994, Toxic Twins recorded its first album in Norfolk (UK) after 6 months of intensive rehearsals;  This 9 tracks albums, selfproduced is their first visit card. in 1995, the band went to USA where they've been  remarked for their good work, especially during the NAMM Show of Loss Angeles. A lot of artists such as Ace Frehley, Rob Halford, Vince Neil, Lemmy, Neil Stevens, ..; were very impressed. They found a distribution contract with PAIN independant music for the us market. & a french company wanted them to sign for a second album.
"Menace to unity", this second album will be released a few months later, but due to a rip-off of the company, the band quitted the label with its album. in the same time, Toxic Twins released its first video clip "In teh wind of your wings" which will be programmed on french national TV channel M6.
Then, Toxic Twins signs with Brennus reocrds & reissues its second album.
Then, the band started to work on the third album but due to a medical problem with their drummer, the band had to wit for him for about  a year.  Unfortunately, Toxic Twins had to find a new drummer. So they did! Teh band stops to plan the issue of the third album & starts to work on new songs; The next to come : a 4 tracks CD with some surprises!


Album  : Toxic Twins

9 tracks for about 28 minutes of raging metal music. The debut Toxic twins album is a real surprise. The band was young & with few money to record this album but Toxic Twins never hesitates to do things well by hiring a studio in Norfolk (UK). All the elemetns that will lead to give its own personailty to th eband are here for the first time : 2 lead vocals, each one in his own style. toxic Twins has taken its influences form the best heavy metal & heavy rock bands. You can imagine the cross between Kiss, Aerosmith Judas Priest & all the monsters of Rock music : good heavy riffs combined with a high technical level  & an extreme ability to find seducing melodies. Toxic Twins's road to success has began !

Album : Menace to unity

Created in 1994, in Corsica, the band recorded a first album 6 months later in England with the aim to be signed by a record company. So in 1995, they get to Los Angeles to find distributors. They’ll meet Rob Halford, Vince Neil, Lemmy, ... at the NAMM. The result of this travel is radios passages, reviews on the web & good sold in States.

In 1995, they sign with a new record company & recorded the "Menace to unity" album. Due to problems with the label ( it was just a rip off & several bands were fucked up like Acting Out, Lonewolf, ...), they quit them & sign with Brennus in 1997. So the label re released this album. Meanwhile, a video is released which obtains osme passages in M6 a french national TV channel.
Toxic Twins described itself as a heavy rock band. I would prefer to describe them a sa heavy metal band with strong american influences like Motley Crue with Corabi(" Bastard "  for voices,"Tribal painting" for guitars). But Toxic Twins can also for some parts be near from thrash metal. They don’t want to have limits in their music. They’ re really open mind musicians. In fact, the band remains me Leatherwolf, Motley Crue or Vicious rumors. This mix is really original. The voice is quite harsh but there’s real melody lines on songs & not cries. This voice is quite near from bands like Rage, Running Wild, ...
All these elements make this band unclassifiable. If this band have a good support from metal fans, it will surely burst out in the metal area.


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