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1 Can you tell us the meaning of your name? Don't you think that this kind of name can be a problem to be exactly remained by metal fans?

1 Name strange ? Not easy to keep up in mind ? TSATTHOGGUA is the name of an ancient god in HP Lovecraft's literature work. He was described as a big black toad or frog with wings. The original Tsatthoggua is part of the Ancient Ones, universe's most spectacular conspiracy and attempt in controlling mankind. The Ancient Ones are Cthulhu, Yog-Sothoth, Nyar-Lathotep, Ninnghizhidda, Absu, Shub-Niggurath, Azagthot and Tsatthoggua. There are several bands who named themselves after these powerful gods. It is a name which is kept up in mind by all initiates of the mighty Call Of Cthulhu, so I don't care if anybody else cannot remember it. The most important thing is that we honour the gods and demonstrate our band as part of this movement which is a strong group running into the next millenium. It would be great if there could be a festival in the year 2000 where all these bands play.

2 Despite qualities albums, it seems like if medias were not supporting the band as much as Immortal or Marduk. Why?

2 Quality of album is good - media and press support other bands, why ? Yes, that is right. Bands like MARDUK and IMMORTAL are supported much better. The answer is easy: They are over-the-top Black Metal bands and both have released four albums at least. The tour IMMORTAL / MARDUK in 1994 has been the first true Black Metal tour in Germany. These bands deserve all the respect they are given and IMMORTAL's "Blizzard Beasts" is one of my personal All-time-faves. However, we often wish some more support from fans and magazines but it becomes better now. We have quite a lot of interview requests and really good reviews for our new album. OSMOSE has done only very, very small advertising as I know. That is not too cool. But they sent some hundred promo-CDs to magazines and radio stations. That is o.k. I think.

3 What is the difference between your music & the one of Marduk & Immortal?

3 Difference to these other bands ? We are a german Black Speed Metal band in the tradition of SODOM, KREATOR or DARKNESS. Like these bands we are playing fast, dark music with a difference. I don't like the comparision to scandinavian bands. TSATTHOGGUA is a german band with a german touch in the music. It was not the scandinavian scene who invented this music but the german. So what the fuck with this "Scandinavia Ueber Alles"-shit? Of course there are high quality bands. But even these bands follow the vein of german Speed Metal of the 80s. And in fact there are several bands who EXACTLY copy this style, like BEWITCHED, GUILLOTINE and INFERNO. All songs of INFERNO have been released in 1986 on DESTRUCTIONs "Infernal Overkill" album. Who is accusing them for copying german bands ? Nobody! They are seen as "retro-thrash" bands ... We play in the vein of older bands but we will never steal guitar riffs or vocal tunes, not from older bands and not from present bands!

4 Can you present your new album ?

4 Present new album "Trans Cunt Whip"! The first song is the title track, a fast and simple song about the strange love of a guy towards his wife. "Ia O Tsatthoggua" is the second song which is our hymn to the Ancient Ones and to the namegiver of our band, the mighty Tsatthoggua, toad and terror from the dark. The music of this song is more complex than the first song but still hard and fast. "Status Sturmer" is a short song with certain variation in guitar riffing and the fastest part on the album. This song is seen as the best one by most people. Me personally I adore the fourth song "To the Credo of Inversion" which is a sick, heavy, bombastic chant to the life of orgies and ecstasy. It contains the best bass line we have ever written and it is maybe our best song in 8 years. "Golden Shower" is a structured song, not that chaotic like older songs, but of course it is fast and perverted. "Endavour To Pace" was supported by Mikael Hedlund (HYPOCRISY, WAR, THE ABYSS) on vocals and is a song in the vein of "To the Credo of Inversion". "In Dope We Trust" is our hommage to the essence of the gods, the green plant that twists your brain into another world. The music is very simple, extremely fast and demanding. "Angel Of the Universe" is a very mystical song about the Fallen Angel collecting his souls at the portals of Eden. I like it a lot because it is not only fast and aggressive but catchy and groovy at the same time. The chorus is just perfect! The last song on the album is "Courtesan Mary Slut", a blasphemic chant to the Virgin Mary. She is invited to join our table and celebrate a party of debauchery. She has been betraying her husband Joseph. So she is a bitch. We like bitches.

5 The imagery of the band seems turned into perverse & sexual attitude. Is it something that we can find again in your lyrics?

5 Image visual and lyrically ? We do not have an image. We are just writing our songs about the things in life which are of interest to us. Sometimes it is having a party, sometimes it is literature and sometimes it is just sex. The next album "EXTAZIA" will probably feature more of the literature aspect in our band, which means that we will have lyrics about the Lovecraftian universe and the Cthulhu Mythos. Presently we show this S/M-fetish-thing on stage as well as we show it in most of our lyrics. It is just one aspect for the whole range of life activities we prefer. TSATTHOGGUA does definitely not stand for the atmospheric, romantic thoughts about death and hate. We support life and all its spectacular contents. Man can experience immortal adventures during lifetime and we want to show that we are active, tolerant people who prefer direct living in contrast to some bands who pretend to be depressive or in danger of comitting suicide. That is not our cup of tea. We adore the fun in life like drugs, alcohol, noise and sex.

6 In comparison with your first album, what is better with the new one?

6 What is better with the new album in contrast to the first ? Especially the sound!! The production of the first album has been a little bit strange. For example Herve of OSMOSE first thought that the DAT was broken when we sent it but he recognized that the sound was meant to be like it was. I still LOVE the songs on "Hosanna Bizarre". They are definitely sick and fast. They show the music of a long period of time of our band because they were created in the years 93 to 95. The songs of the new album have been written in only half a year and I have done the guitar parts on my own. Before that time we always had two guitarists in the band so the input has been better. But when Perverted Pete was arrested due to his drug accuse I have been the only guitarist. That is shit! Allthough I am quite happy with the songs because they are all extremely fast, weird and aggressive. My favourite song on "Trans Cunt Whip" is "To The Credo of Inversion". We will do songs in future which will sound like that.

7 What is your opinion about make up in black metal?

7 Opinion about Make Up in Black Metal ? Hmm, when we started our band back in 89/90 we used this sort of SLAYER-make-up with black eyes. Later we used the Black Metal corpse paint as well but since 1995 we only used our leather and rubber masks. I think make up is maybe the correct thing for bands who started long ago and who do not want to change their image, like IMMORTAL and MARDUK. If we would start a band now in 98 we would never use it because some bands really look ridiculous like carnival jokers. Corpse paint is no longer a way of showing attitude but it mutated to just being an image for most bands. You can be true without it ...

8 What does your band lack to be as reputed as major bands like Immortal , Marduk or Cradle of Filth?

8 What does the band lack to be reputated as major bands ? Just two or three more record releases. I think that's the point which makes a well-known band. If you compare to a band like MARDUK, their first album has been almost unknown and the second one enabled them to be a support act. Since the release of the fourth album they are a major Black Metal band. Of course I will not forget to mention that it is extremely important to work hard and improve your abilities as a band to achieve more than small success. But we are quite pleased with the "success" we had up til now. We released two albums through OSMOSE, recorded in the Abyss-studio and we have done a great tour with MARDUK. What can you expect more from the first two years of a band in the CD market? There are so many bands in Europe and elsewhere who work as hard as we do and the only success they get is a good demo review in a fanzine. So we really must not complain about less media support. Our efforts will be that way that we try to create outstanding music for a certain elite in Metal music. We will never write music for the normal fan but for people who are into bizarre, outrageous Speed Metal with a touch of Black Metal. If we should be a major Metal act in future depends on several things and one very important aspect is just LUCK! Being at the right place with the right music at the right time.

9 A last word?

9 Last words ! Yes, we want to hail all our fans in France. It is absolutely true that most interview requests come from France and I hope that we will have the possibilty to do a concert in Paris or elsewhere in France. And last but not least I congratulate la Grande Nation for winning the World Cup. As I know (and have seen on TV) the complete nation is celebrating the victory now in a way which seems to be abso-fucking-lutely GREAT!!

Bye and hail, NAR MARRATUK 666 ###############

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