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This north american band plays a powerful melodic metal influenced by european metal bands from the eighties & by american progressive bands. They 've a 3 tracks on a self tittled demo, & a first album is planned.


"The other side" is the debut mCD of Tanelorn, a metal band signed on Dominion records. For a beginning, it's surely a good departure. It's in fact, really difficult to say in which style of metal this band evolves. It could be easier to say that it's a prog metal band but Tanelorn is really different from all prog metal band. At first, the band prefers to create more simple structured songs. But it's als true that for some parts, Tanelorn shows impressive technical qualities, that belongs to prog metal bands. But, Tanelorn is also able to create powerful parts, sometimes near from thrash metal. so, it's really an unclassifiable band that this one. It's a proof of originality. Songs are often based on good a simple melodies, that are immediatly recognizable. The tittle track of the mCD is surely the best one proposed by Tanelorn. It's a more atmospheric song that can remain Judas Priest (on its beginning). The chant on this one is very well worked & inspired. The singer shows that he's got a deep charisma. It's also asong based on melodies made by guitars. By certain side, the singer remains me Bruce Dickinson, by the loud & powerful aspect of his voice & by the emphasis brought on vocals line.
Guitarists blend melodies & powerful & one of their best quality is to play some simple leads for some songs. It's really a non sense to always play hyper technical leads played at a high speed. The guitarist knows that. On "Brain fed", the band shows that they also know how to play aggressive music & this song can remain Metallica at his beginning. The particularity of Tanelorn is to always counterbalance the powerful parts with soft ones. the whole give a contrasted mCD that is listened to with a real pleasure. On my own, i really regret that there's only 5 tracks on it. With such qualities & intelligence, the first album will surely assert Tanelorn on the whole metal sceene, because this band is able to please a very large audience. Read the interview!!!

T.A.R. :

Band web site : & E mail :

Old Web site :

Biography :

The story of T.A.R. began in 1993 after the meet of Juan & Torbjörn, guitarist & singer. After, they complete the line up with another guitarist, a drummer & a bssist, the band called "Vulture King" at this time, recorded a first demo called "Breaking the chains" on a 8 tracks home recording, lend by guitar player of the now famous band called Lion Share. Another demo tape called "Act 2" will also be recorded a few time later & it obtains good reviews from mags like Akasha, Backstage, ... This allows Vulture King to play as support act of bands like Dismember, Face down... After the departure of drummer, Vulture King become T.A.R. & they recorded a last demo with a rythm machine. This one was called "Are you deaf? " Then, after good reviews by lots of european mags, Perra, the new drummer (ex suffer & Serpent) join the band in the beginning of 1997. 

T.A.R. describes itself as a combination of progressive & basic music. They want to make something simple enough to be understand by everybody, but with a few complexive parts. T.A.R. wants also that all its member has something to say in each song. Heathendoom music (see on the labels page for presentation) signs the band & their debut CD is now released. It's called "Fear of Life". This album was recorded in 14 days & is quite a concept album , based on a fictive author called Jacob Werner. T.A.R. wanted also to make it different as , like they said, "songs are not the story but part of the stories & life of Jacob W. " this concept is divided in 2 parts : the first one is dealing about what Jacob wrote as author & the second part is in fact Jacob, telling his history himself.

Review : Like all production of Heathendoom music, sound & production is near from perfection. It's really excellent & different at each time. For T.A.R., the sound is very modern & original with a 12 page booklet with lyrics & lots of informations. I was thinking that Heathendoom was a doom metal devoted label & as Per (the boss) confirms in his interview, it's not the case. The label only signs good bands whatever their style of music & this one is not a doom metal band, like also Fith Reason. The style of music is for me Thrash metal, but at a mid tempos, except for some songs as "Kiss of Death" & "Ten & half" (even if this song begin as an acoustic one during more than 1 minute).

An important thing in T.A.R. is the fact that this band has got with Tobjörn a very good singer. He's very attractive & has got a real charisma like in the song "If", for example. His voice is at the same time aggressive & melodic. Torjörn is what i called a screamer-singer, someone that makes melodic vocals line with an aggressive voice. By his intonations, he remains me strongly Blackie Lawless of WASP, but in a louder way, except in the first song of the album where it seems to be more internalized & gloomier. As it's often mid tempos songs, the drummer enrichs its game with some arrangements that are really subtiles ones, like in "True violence" or in "Stained shadows" with a fine play on his ride cymbals during the break. On the ong "Kiss of death", T.A.R also remains bands like Death Angel (act III period) because of its refreshing side of the heavy & subtile breaks. T.A.R. doesn't hesitate to show that they've various influences. Then, you can hear a bluesy intro, with a voice that could be used in a gothic metal band. But for a whole part, T.A.R. seems to be more influenced by american metal bands. The 2 guitarists complement each other excellently & bring a certain presence & fluidity in songs, with a large preference to hopping & syncopated rythms. they show a lot of ingeniosity. 

In fact, T.A.R. offers a good & exploding cocktail of aggressivity & melody. The band shows an impressive potential & there's no place for boring itself when you hear "Fear of life", because of the richness of musical details. I would also like to give a special mention to the song "If" where the band hands emotions & sadness to us (a part of this song is written is Spanish!). A magnificient song!!


Taurea comes from England. If you like old english thrash band as Onslaught, you'll like "Neurotic!"


label : Axe Killer records - Style Hard rock- Album : Skin & Bones & single Soul Surgeon

REmarked by AC/DC in 75, The Angles has been proposed to tour with them for their Australian tour of 75. In Europe & USA, The Angels is also known under the name of Angel City. With all their album classed in the australian charts, there's several great US bands that now makes cover of this australian band like Great White for example.

The famous The Angels (ex Angelcity) are now back with a new album titled «Skin & bones» ! Today, the group is distributed by Axe Killer, a french record company ! What a pleasure to find this band & its music back ! The group is always as good and inspired as it was in its beginning! Their subtle Hard rock, that blends AC/DC & The Rolling Stones, sounds like never it has sounded ! The production is simply perfect and it gives a dimension that the group never had reached ! Hymns chain themselves, all better than the previous ones !. Some songs are more hard rock like « Skin& bones » , others are more rock like « Invisible man», some sounds more inspired by blues music like «World stops turning». But sincerely speaking, this album is indispensable for all those who like the hard-rock and the rock in general. « Souls surgeon » is a true hit-single in power ! This song is magnificent, very entertaining. It is impossible to not headbang while listening to it ! Never the band has appeared so much inspired & good. It is impossible to feel bored one second to the listening of this musical work of art. The Angels has found again a phenomenal inspiration level. The precision of guitars, the magnificent voice of the singer are supplementary advantages for this unjustly misunderstood group. Then, this return is a true return in force ! A long time in the shade of AC/DC, The angels has more than ever the means to overcome the comparison & to assert itself as an unique band. Here is a future classic of the Rock Hard scene!


Label : Relapse records - style : Grind (jazz!) metal - album : Under the running board

Label Web site : & E mail :

Band : http :// - E mail : or

Together for less than one year, The Dillinger Eescape plan come from New Jersey . & like Rorshach, Deadguy & Human remains,, this band has already staked out its musical territory. This mini CD has just been released after their participation to the north east & Milwaukee metalfest. Brilliant blend of hardcore, metal & jazz ( !), TDEP with its 3 tracks Cd will surely mark spirits of thousand of bands & fans ! Terribly powerful, TDEP is maybe one of band composed the most incredible musicians ! The avalanche of brutal music proposed is compensated by a musical wealth and an irreproachable technique. The group goes very far in the experimentation & some break have not anything to envy to the best moments of free jazz bands! The Dillinger escape plan can be compared by its originality to Primus ! this band is the Primus of Grindcore : inventive,powerful, brutal, melodic, ... The new member of Relapse family is really impressive ! 8 minutes of rare & unique intensity ! I hope the album will soon be out !


web site at


Bio - Presentation of"Goddess", CD rom & video

Katherine Thomas is now well known in the metal sceene. She has already made 2 cult album : "worship me or die" & the classic " Beethoven on speed". Katherine began piano at the age of 7. At 9, she played violin. She wins tons of awards & competitions. she studied in the Julliard school & so, was graduate with honors. She toured as classical violin artist as soloist at Carnegie hall. But Kat's aim was to play a living music. She thinks classical is dead. So she turns away violin & decided to became the Great Kat : the fastest guitar player of the world. Music will be a mix of classical music & heavy metal.

In 1996, she recorded a new CD " guitar goddess". 4 songs for eight minutes of ultra speed solis put on speed metal songs. The great Kat's style is defined as cyberspeed music & that's really true. Kat plays one of the fastest heavy metal in the world. In Guitar goddess, the great Kat seems to have new influences such as indus. Songs are sometimes less speed but it strenghthen the unhealthy side of her music. Her solis are incredible. She often plays arrangements of classical songs like Rossini, Beethoven, ...but at a very high speed. This shows her extreme dexterity. On her last album, there's a cover of Sarasate ( a classical composer) & Kat makes a duel based on violin & guitar. It's (on my aim) the best song of the CD. Very impressive...The great Kat's image is also one of the most provocative. On her last videos (that she produces) called "Dominatrix" you can see her in hot & sex outfits, dominating her slaves, huiliated them, .... For now , The great Kat decides to work without the help of records companies. As her slogan is "The great Kat, the music of the 21 th century", she decided to work with technology. So she creates her own web site at this site contains hot photos, songs, excerpts from her last CD rom. This one, called "digital Beethoven on cyberspeed" contains 5 new songs, a gallery of famous composers. It allows to play on virtual classical instruments, to answer The great Kat IQ test ( as it was in Beethoven on speed booklet), ....Discover her in interview

"digital Beethoven on cyberspeed" is the name of the CD rom , released by The Great Kat. It's an impressive work done on it. It's also a surprise for those who only knows The Great Kat as a provocative woman. The CD rom evolces in various direction , from educative to game & more!! Musically speaking, there's 5 unreleased songs of The GReat KAt. Some are really excellent & really need to be discovered. It's a pity for those who haven't a PC & loves The Great Kat. There's also a place where you can see The Great Kat 's TV : advertisement, weather informations, video samples, etc... presented by Kat herself in some clothes that put Kat on her advantage. If you're an addicted to The Great Kat, you can see her slave & read some of the message she received regularly, then you can also join the Kat slave club . In the educative parts, Kat explains how where created some classical instruments & for what they're used. You can also hear how they sound. Then, you can discover some great composers through a bio & compositions, Kat reads the bio for you. Finally , if you want to play some of these classical instruments, you 've got the possibility & the choice. There's also a game : The great Kat IQ test ( as it was in Beethoven on "speed ..." booklet)

So, it's definitly a great CD rom released by Kat & for mainly reason. You can find Kat, as you know her & then find another face of this artist. THe CD rom is also very well executed & it's really interactive & pleasant. 

The Great Kat also released in the end of 1997 a new video live at The Exposure. As always, the video is quite short & it just consists of a presentation of how is The great Kat on Stage. It's definitly provocative & exceptionnal. Imagine Kat 'slave licking her feet, Kat drinking blood & play cyberspeed solis. She also uses her whip on her slaves at the perfection. It's really different from what we 're used to see on stage. But Kat is really not a common artist. Anyway, visit her cyberspeed site & discover some pics that make you have a good representation of She.  

THE HERITAGE : A talented 5-Piece Rock act! "Their first gig...The Monterey Pop Festival anniversary 1989, yielded 3 standing ovations" said the bio. Their first CD called " Living ... Standing...Burning"brings lot of success for this band. this album was a #1 in some radios & for one month!!! it's true that this band has got a good potential to assert itself on th emetal sceene. The Heritage sounds like a mix between Scorpions & Def Leppard ( in the eighties). If you think that this style is old fashioned, The Heritage brings new ideas in it. Music is really entertaining full of excellent melody lines. The singer is a female one. Her voice is quite good with enough powerful to remain us that we're listening to a hard rock band. The last song of this CD is surely th emasterpiece of tis album. It sounds different from the others. it's quite a progressive track with a slow start with keyboards & piano with a real powerful rise. If The Heritage continue in this style of song, it will soon meet lots of success. There's also a cover of Nancy Sinatra "These boots are made for walking" close to the original.

With this CD, The Heritage rehabilitates hard rock & proves that this style of music is not old fashioned if musicians are good & inspired. I hope the next one will be as good! Read the interview.

The Heritage can be contacted at & see their new home site at : Last one was


self produced- Style Heavy metal- Album : 'Back to the underground' & 'consenting goat' - Email :

The bio is very explicit ( like some of their lyrics!) : 'The inbreed is a machine tha runs on beer...' This explians the attitude of these guys. It's truly honest. the band takes a lto of fun playing & creating their music. They do not play for money. & they also not try to prove they're the best musicians world wide. So, there's not pretentious riffs & solos. But it doen't say anymore that this band is not convincing. 

'back to the underground', their debut CD shows a heavy metal band, inspired by bands like Maiden. It's piece of evidence when you hear songs like ' Hollies homicide' or 'Jack in the box'. It remains the kind of riffs used by Maiden in the end of the 80's. The bassist is also excellent & sometimes it gives the impression to hear some bass parts of Steve Harris ( like in razors Edge'). But The Inbreed also have some others influences. Then the clean guitars on some songs sounds like a 60's song or like Country music (It makes me feel of the soundtrack of Pulp Fiction!).  "Intoxication city' is may be one of the best tracks they composed for this album. It's a very interesting & attracting track. So, for a debut Cd, it's very different from the masses & it shows a open minded band. 

'Consenting Goat' is the 2d Cd of The Inbreed ( even if this one is signed under teh name of Inbreed). Thi sone has been issued in 1997, one year later after the first one. This album is more brutal & raw than the first one. fi Maiden or english metal acts of the 80's semmed to feature as their most important influences in the first album, teh 2d one sounds more modern. Inbreed seems to appreciate also the american wave of metal of 85 with bands like Metallica, Testament & later Death Angel or Mordred. This album seems to have been recorded ten years ago! It sounds like 'Kill' em all'. More, the band copied Metallica in the end of their track 'No one' that is taken from 'jump in the fire' of Metallica) .  Guitar solis remains strongly Kirk Hammet but vocals strongly sounds like in Mordred. The blend is so, very interesting. The bassist is still excellent ( 'Fire in the sky') & he often puts some very good bass lines during some break parts. Facing the first album, this one sounds more hardcore. Songs are shorter & it's more aggressive. If you want to get back to your roots, Th eInbreed is surely a good band for it.

THE QUIET ROOM : This band is coming from Denver, USA. All members in the band studied music. So, its obvious (when you hear them), that they work in a professional way . So, they all have a brilliant technical level. & for a band that wants to evolve in the progressive metal style, it's really an advantage. "Introspect" is their third album but the first for Dominion records. The Quiet Room is surely growing in the international sceene. They described themselves as blending the powerful of metal & the solid emotional expression that some progressive bands losts.More over, the excellent production & sound bring a lot to appreciate them. But, a good sound doesn't mean that the band was inspired. It's not the case for them.

The Quiet Room succeeds in playing an original blend of metal music. The influences of the band seems to be European metal bands. To give you an idea of what they sound, imagine that they remain Queensryche ("Operation Mindcrime "or "Empire" period) which have find again inspiration & powerful . If your favorite bands are Symphony X or Eldritch, The Quiet Room evolves in the same way . But be careful, because it's really not a copy but a real personal work.

Songs are sometimes powerful, sometimes they bring emotion & sometimes they blend these 2 aspects like in "Altered past". All arrangements show the subtlety & the musical genius of this band. Each song is complex, but always coherent & not only demonstrative. That's a reason why The Quiet Room is so impressive. Songs are never a collection of riffs. So, it's more united & it has more power. The singer is one of the most talentuous one i've heard coming from USA. He proves that heavy metal singing is not old fashioned & that it's the best way to say his emotion on music. He owns a real charisma like in "Drowning", which remains strongly Queensryche. Guitars are very complementary & incisive like in "Experimental". Guitarists own a rare technical level & ability to show & build melody & feelings like in "Second time around". The drummer & bassist bring cohesion & a superior level of subtlety to the band. & finally keyboards are not omnipresent but always used to strenghten songs like in "Suspended seconds".

To resume, if Dream Theater is referencee in progressive metal , The Quiet Room develops his own style ( sometimes close to them in "Undetermined") , that is more compact & so, with an immediate effect. It's sure that if originality is one of the qualities of this band, their extreme ability to compose offers audience to listen to one of the best progressive metal band worldwide. It's obvious that The Quiet Room can compete with the best progressive metal bands on earth. More over, as soon as begin the first track of the album, you're convinced that you're listening to one of the best progressive metal album ever released & truly the best one in 1997.  "Introspect" is definitly impressive & indispensable for metal fans. 

The Snap Dragons :

Web site :

Email :

The Snap Dragons come from USA, Pennsylvania created in 92. After changes in line up, they entered a sutio to record come of the 30 songs they had composed. Then , the entered a studio again to release a 12 tracks demo tape. This time again , the band must faced line up problems. Now it solves & the band still continue to work for th erestoration of The Embassy Theater, a project that needs lot of support. The Snap Dragons has done a lot for this but they still need some help!. 

It's incredible to see that there's still bands releasing long demo tape & it's a good thing. This one is more a tape album ( 12 tracks), even if the sound remains that it's only a demo. Anyway, for a demo, it's a quite clear sound & it really allows to see what the band wanted to do with its music. But it's still quite hard to define them & to give a name to their influences. The Snap Dragons is for me a hard rock band, with an emotionnal touch. It's darker than classic rock bands. They alternate mid tempos "aggressive" songs with some gloomy ballads like in 'Just in Memory' or ' what's the connection'. These songs are really well composed & i think that The Snap Dragons could work nthis direction. They find with these songs something that will probably hurt a lot of listeners. It could probably become a hit. Musically speaking, the band is in place & there's no faults on the interpretation. The singer has got a stranger voice, sometimes harsch, sometimes loud, like in a gothic way. The band seems to work a lot to get an original style & they are slowly succeeding in finding one. I really appreciate the work made by the rythmn section. They give a lot of dynamism & powerful in the songs. the bass player brings fine ideas that enriches songs & gives it a special surroundings. So, this band is surely growing & it'd be good thing to have an hear to their demo tape, 'cos they're are creating something new that could influence other bands. 


This canadian band is influenced by earlies 80's metal bands like Virgin Steele, Manowar. They made a cass album called "Tales of Darkness & light"


'Nettle-space productions- Style Heavy prog metal -Album : 2 worlds -

web site :

E mail :

Created in 1995, Timescape has for goal to be one of the most innovative bands playing in the progressive music style. they do not want to have boudarie in their musical directions. After a 3 tracks promo CD, Timescape gets a large amount of inquiries toi this mCd, which was at first only a promo one. So, they released 1000 copies that were quickly sold out! Then, they started to work on their first full length album, 'two worlds' at the beginning of April 1997. the band released it on its own label. May be you've already heard on one of the member of the band : johan erixon that toured in Japan & Europe with another band : Pandora, a swedish top band. 

It's incredible to see that Timescpae is not signed yet! They do not have a lot more tolearn about music & recordings. Their first Cd is a incredible album, very well produced & arranged. When it needs 2 or 3 albums to see some signed bands getting a correct sound & production for their album, timescape overcomes them with their debut CD! There's really nothing to say about this production. It's awesome & totally professional. On the left & right side, there's tons of musical arrangements that strenghten songs & allow the band to reach a superior level. Musicaly speaking, Timescape is may b emore than a prog metal band. Their influences & musical level & abilities are larger than the metal scene. Of course, guitars are heavy & some riffs are really powerful, but like Eternity X or Dream Theater ( on 'Awake' ), it's better musicality than aggressivity that is in front of their music. The singer is very close to James la Brie. He never trys to be demonstrative ot to let people think that He is the bets singer worldwide. He better prefers to find the good melodies to each songs & to enrich somes with double vocals parts & harmonies.  Then, you never have the impression to hear a singer showing his singing lesson. Musically speaking, the band often blends calm parts with more powerful one. It's better played at a mid tempos. Guitars parts are overall impressive & solis shows that the band can plays as well highly technical parts than slower one with a subtlety touch.

Their incredible musicanship & technical level defines Timescape as one of the future BIG progressive band that appears these past few years. Timescape sounds unique, despite their influences, because of the richness of their musical spirit. I'm still asking myself why & how record companies have not signed them yet. 

TIMELESS HALL : Bio - review

TIMELESS HALL is a Scandinavian/American band comprised of two Danes, one Norwegian and an American. Since their inception in early 1993, TIMELESS HALL has written and recorded one full-length compact disc. To support their recording endeavours, the band has toured Denmark intensively on the club circuit, opening for such acts as MANOWAR, JONI BISHOP and MERCYFUL FATE, just to name a few. TIMELESS HALL recently completed the recordings of a 3 track single, to be followed by a full length album. TIMELESS HALL«s style can be described as classically styled, progressive and melodic hard-rock, songs for the barbarian or the bard in us all! All members of Timeless Hall have studied classically for their chosen instrument(s).

It seems that the grunge wve is definitly dead & that heavy rock bands make a good come back. Timeless hall as Naked Rain, evolves in a style that was very important in the end of the 80's with bands like Ratt, Motley Crue , White Lion, ....To play this kind of music needs a good technical level & a perfect production, 2 elements that you'll find in this band.

TODAY IS TODAY : History & Review

Coming from Nashville, Tennesse, Today is Today was formed in 1992 by Stee Austin (guitar & vocals). After a 7" Ep for their own record company, Supernova records, , the band records new tracks for a advance tape. Amphetamine records signed the band & released the first album "Supernova" in 1993. Then, the band toured in USA & Europe with Helmet, Sick of it all , Unsane, Eye Hate God , Neurosis , ...In 1996, they tour in europe & featured on a recording of the Peel session for the BBC. Due to problem with the record company, the band signed on Relapse records. Today is Today described itself & its last album "Temple of an morning star" released in 1997 as an absolutly mind controlling riffs & surgically precise percussive maipulation combine with maniacally negative personal frustration.

Today is today is really a strange band, extremely spellbounding. Otherwise, it's really an unclassifiable music. Originality is the main word during the album. "Temple of the mourning star" reveals various surroundings but there's one thing that stays : all the voices are distorted with effects ( it can remain the black metal band 's singer of Wallachia on V.M.I.) This gives a special color to the sing & the most incredible thing is that it's really vocals lines & not only screams. It's a kind of tortured sing, unhealthy & frightened like in the tittle track. the Cd starts with a strange song, very atmospheric, calm. Then, the 2d song sounds like country music & finally, it really starts. The main songs are played at a mid tempos. Sound is very loud but the production is very good & original. Imagine a drums that sounds like a jazz drums & loud guitars & bass. The work made by the rythmic section is impressive like in "Miracle". the drummer is excellent ( "Kill Yourself" ) . It's really an original & refreshing stuff. The main atmosphere is very gloomy & dark, very disturbing & in the same time terribly attracting. Sometimes, Today is Today proposes more atmospheric songs like on "Mankind" that bring more melancholies on songs ( "Root on an Evil") or songs that are turned to industrial music like on " hermaphrodite" . So, it's really a band that knows how to play with surroundings. So it's definitly an out of time album. The first & last track are selftittled. The first one is acoustic & the last one is really the masterstroke of the album & it really resumes the spirit of the band. & in the middle of this one, there's an excellent cover of Black Sabbath : "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath". 


This band came from Hungary & has split in 1991, after two demos. They started in 1987 & played some black metal influenced by the old school bands like Venom, Bathory, Possessed, Celtic frost, Destruction. One of the particularity of the band is the folk music parts (from hungarian traditionnal music) in their metal. Tormentor is one of the precursor of the Black metal sceene of today. They were the first to include atmospheric parts in their music. Their first demo " the 7th day of doom" has been bootleged on CD. But their second one "Anno domini" is re-issued by the norvegian label "Nocturnal art production". These two demos were recorded in 1988, but it sounds exactly like new black metal bands


Label : Solid State records/Tooth & Nail - Style : Power thrash - core - Album : the falling cycle

Web site - - E mail

The band ‘s first goal is to create an original piece of work ! This ends into a first EP in 1996, called ‘Plastic soul mpalement’ & produced by Bryan Carlstrom (Alice in Chains, White Zombie, Slayer, ...). In 1997, it’s now the turn of ‘The falling cycle’ to be released on Tooth & Nail - Solid State records !

This group releases a musical violence that would not be denied by several extreme formations! On a basis that is rather hardcore, various influences are grafted. The whole album really sounds ragor with the most heinous sing as possible. The riffs are in the same time very heavy but without falling into the extreme. So the result sounds very powerful. The production is very powerful with excellent arrangements (' pretty picture of lies') and thoses who appreciate Hardcore metal in the vein of Fear Factory can find in Training for Utopia a group with the same qualities. It is a pity of having to be only satisfied with these 4 titles. But it is better quality rather than the quantity. And with this extremely promising group, quality seems to be a trademark! a group which is undoubtedly to follow so much its potential is significant.


Web Site :

E mail :

This is one of the most impressive heavy metal band coming from Sweden. This one could easily compete with the best metal acts worldwide & if they have the support of a good record company & distributors, Treasure Land will certainly overcome all the masters in that style. There is several reasons for that : at first, the band is composed of brilliant musicians that takes their influences from the 80's major bands ( for the melodies & sense of composition) & those of the 90's ( for their powerful & originality). If your favorite style is heavy metal, this band is the one you must know. Imagine the prefect crossover between Tad morose, Malmsteen, Maiden, Helloween, ...If musicians are skilled technically speaking, they also have a fantastic sense of composition. Songs are are in the same time very well structured, powerful & melodic & enriched with a lot of sutleties parts like in "Kingdom". Guitarists have certainly been inspired by classical musiciens, that's certainly why it can remain Malmsteen in some songs or in some solis ("Why"). The most incredible musicians for me is the lead singer, which is close to a flawless Bruce Dickinson. He has the same intonations & same tones in the voice ( "Misery" ) .  But he can also have a voice that goes higher. He is really impressive. I recommend you their album "Questions", it's surely the best surprise of the past year . Even if we can find some references & influences in their music & even if heavy metal is not the trend style todays, Treasure Land creates a masterpiece in that style & succeeds in adding some innovative parts in their music. The best way to define them would be to present the band as the perfect blend of heavy metal, progressive metal & symphonic metal . There's alwyas in each songs something that makes it indispensable. It could be a solis or a break parts, a rythmic parts or a vocal line. In the same way of "Accident of Birth" of Dickinson, "Questions" refresh this style & Treasure Land works at his best for the continuation of a style that has still a lot of things to offer. Treasure Land is the spearhead of the renew of heavy metal. If you have got some problems to get "Questions" in your music shop, have a look at the Laser Edge whire it's still available. 


Here is a Norwegian Black/death metal band . After three demos tape, they 've just recorded a CD called "Where the light touches none". It 's a quite brutal band as mainly north european bands but with dark & atmospheric parts (on the album, they use female vocals). They think they have found their own style. The band has got its own page where you can hear their last production.


Label : Pulverized records

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Created in 94, Tyrant is the piece created by Keisuke & Ryugo! the band is coming from singapore & evolves in the Black metal scene ! 1995 see the release of a debut demo 'Black Crown' with a more complete line up. including now keyboards (playing by a female player), Tyrant released 'Grudge of Dannoura' , a 2 track demo that get good reviews. One track feature on a compilation released by Art productions. Pulverized records signs the band & a first full length album. 'Under the dark mystic sky'. 

This album is surely the most impressive black metal act ever released in the renewal of the black metal scene. what strongly differs with Tyrant in comparison with the other bands is the fact that this band is composed of good musicians with a really skilled technical level . Thus, the musicanship is most often up to the average in this kind of productions. More, the band used one the best studios to record its album. So, it's also a professional recording that allows to listen to a quality album. Musically speaking, Tyrant uses all elements that belong to black metal : fast tempos, slower ones, high riffing parts, various surroundings, gloomies emotions, ...But Tyrant never forget to take its references from heavy metal or thrash metal. so, it's really one of the most richness black metal songs ever released. All elemnts in this album reveals a high potential band. More, guitarist enrichs its play with technical solis that make songs reach another level . Combining aggressivity with some folklore Japonese elements , Tyrant composed a majestic masterpiece of Black metal. It seems that this band has no boundaries & exploits all possibilities to create metal at its best. It's very clever! & highly recommandable.


Label : Forbidden records- style : Rock - album : don't play with matches

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Tabitha's Secret is really a strange band. after a single '3am' that was gold, platinium & then double platinium, & another single 'tired', they released the 'don't play with matches' album. A 12 songs albums including their past hit singles in original version ( there's 2 versions of '3am'). This album has to be put with the best rock album released in USA. Typically influenced by all us rock albums, Tabitha's Secret has really nothing to learn in this style. Don't await for crushing guitars parts, rumbling drums & things like that. Songs have been worked a lot to offer the best structure, the best chorus, the best vocal line to each of the song. Musically clos to Bryan Adams latest albums ( so with a lot of ballads), Tabitha's Secret can also create songs that could have featured into Kansas album. 'Dear Joan' is per example a superb ballad as equal as the Kansas 's hit single 'Dust in the wind'. The main force of this band is the singer. He's got a very good voice & always find the good melodies. But if there's a lot of ballads, there's a few songs that remains that Tabitha's Secret is still a rock band like 'Tired', High' for example . in some way, the band also remains me nirvana like for the intro of 'swing'. there's quite a sad feeling. this song is built with an opposition between slow & dark parts with some more aggressive like for the chorus. Be careful because there's hidden tracks including so play it 'til the end!


Label : Forbidden records- style : Heavy metal - album : superdragsmackheadpsychoplasticgogopunk

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The Kill is really an innovative band, even if it's also a band evolving in the heavy metal scene. This proves that this scene is still alive & pretty well! It starts like a slow version of last Anthrax album. ( may be because of the chorus & the 'hot' voice of their singer). but in the same time, there's some elements that could be find too in Motley Crue 's albums ( like the chorus of 'I wanna know') . Melody sense, quality of songs & production, skilled musicians... are some of the best trumps that can be find in The Kill. In fact, The Kill is one of the rare band able to unite all metal fans from every style : from melodic thrash metal to heavy rock & sometimes punk rock like ofr 'All tied up'. Enriched by a high level production, The Kill proposes 9 unstoppable tracks ( & some bonus one!) . The quality of their arrangements , the powerful side of their riffs make them as one of the best metal bands from USA. May be one of the most talentuous there. Their guitar sound & some riffs are really really heavy ( hear the riffs of ''speedin' to Oblivion')! Close to a band like Cipher, The Kill is really a band to mention & to support. It's excellent & high level heavy metal. This band really works for the renewal of this style.


Label : Woodcut records - style : black metal - album : Pakkasherra

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Created by adding 2 meal bands, throes of Dawn 's goal is to create something new in the metal scene, especially the black death one. They had only to release one demo to get attention of several labels. finally , it's woodcut records that signed teh band. Then, they issued a promo tape ( under teh same name than the album) which get good responses. Then, they recorded their album & create ten songs of black heavy metal , full of melodies & technical parts.

I think that Throes of Dawn is surely a band that will create with its first album a great surprise in the black metal scene. for a first album, they succeed in creating a up to the average production. the band is composed of intelligent musicians. they know the richness & weakness of the style of music they choose to play. That's why their music is enriched & strengthen by original arrangements like in the 2d song of their album with a break that could have featured on a folk album or on a progressive rock album. But the powerful side of their music has not been forgotten at all. Good keyboards parts, excellent guitars parts ( full of melodies), a real drummer ( inventive) are elements found in Throes of dawn 's music. Some riffs remains that heavy metal is the basis of their music. Only vocals stay in the black metal range ( except for one or two parts where a clear voice appears) . Because, it's a band composed of good musicians, Throes of Dawn can expect to feature among the best black metal bands for the coming years . It may be one of those that will allow this style to reach a new standard of quality!


Label : Hammerheart records- style : Black metal - album : Thyrfing

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Thyrfing is a new swedish metal band, influenced by the legendaries Vikings. Afeter several demo tapes which received lto of attention, the band is signed by Hammerheart records. Their first album has been recorded in the famous Sunlight studio with Tomas Skosberg & the drummer of Dismember ( Fred Estby ) . More than black metal, Thyrfing can be described at a viking metal band. Their songs remain some hymns, sometimes close to black metal ( Vargawinter) but more often close to heavy metal ( Raven Eyes). They also complete their songs with atmospheric touches brought by keyboards. Then, Thyrfing sounds like a new & modern version of Bathory. Through the help of epic stories & barbaric hymns, Thyrfing builds a very good first album. Some riffs & some attitude can also allow them to be classified amongst the mighty Venom. Like a back to the roots of black metal with a viking touch! A promising debut album


Label : Osmose productions - style : Black metal - album : Trans cunt whip

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After a first debut album called 'Hosanna Bizarre' issued in 96, Tsatthoggua gives itself all means to create something 100% better than their first album. Recorded in the mythic Abyss studio with Mickael Hedlund & Peter Tagtren ( from the famous band Hypocrisy), their new album 'trans cunt whip' has got an impressive production. It's really hard to have a clear sound for a band being so aggressive & corrosive. Playing at an incredible speed, Tsatthoggua shows its difference by the quality & diversity of their riffs ( like for 'golden shower'). Tsatthoggua is a band to put into Immortal & Marduk but with a more bizarre & perverse elements. To hear this album is like a discharge of adrenalin. It's like a release of a deeply inner rage. This album is purely irremediable!

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