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Ayumi aswer your questions......

1 Tyrant is a balck metal band coming form Singapour. what 's the situation for you in this country? Is it different from other countries like Europe or USA?

I. Firstly I would like to say : We are NOT from Singapore but from JAPAN ! ! ! ! There are a few melodic extreme metal bands like us and no scene here. This is the UNDERGROUND music.

2 What are your influences?

II. Our influence are different for each other hard rock, heavy metal, black metal, ambient music, gothic or so... all we have listened to. Especially for me, Mortis Arcturus, Savatage and the quality extreme metal.

3 Your first album is incredible by its sounds & musical qualities. How do you explain the poorness of so musch black metal bands?

III. Early days black metal bands were great. But the bands in imitation of that bands were not ! ! ! The bands developed their music by themselves are great. I think such as Covenant or Arcturus. I sympathizee them really.

4 Your guitar leads are one the best ones , i heard in your style. Is it something you do to make a differnec between Tyrant & other bands in black metal?

IV. Thanks a lot ( -Hidenori) ! ! ! The most important is the guitar because we are the metal band. The balance between the guitar and the keys is the special factor to make a difference think.

5 Your band name was one of a UK band in the 80's. I think that there's now 1 or 2 tyrant playing worldwide. Is it a problem for you?

V. We would not change the name TYRANT which is since the band was born. I heard it was took from « Circle of the tyrants » - FROST.

6 What are your favorite black metal bands?

VI. Lately, those are Arcturus or Covenant (maybe they are not black metal bands...). They are genius. Of course, I love the black metal such as Burzumm, Darkthrone, Emperor and Ulver.

7 TO be signed for your first album is something due to your talent, due to luck or your work ( or something else)?

VII. I donít know very well, but due to timing, I think.

8 Your projects & a last word?

VIII. I want devote myself to compose new songs. Thanks for an interview ! ! !

TYRANT c/o KEISUKE KUBO 15 7 301. Kiribatake Kanagawa - ku. Yokohama 221 - 0832 JAPAN

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