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>1 - Can you tell us more about your band?

Unleashed Power, now U.P., had it's origin way back from the mid-eighties where the Danish band, Avalon, recorded an LP called "Unleashed Power". Guitarist, Ken Jacobsen and vocalist, John Mathias were the corner stones of that band. Avalon dissolved with the forming of Unleashed Power in 1989 when Ken Jacobsen and Ed Owen (Drums) joined together. The band now had it's foundation in New York and was on it's way to record the first demo "Blindfolded" in 1991, followed by the critically acclaimed demo "Quintet of Spheres" in 1992. Members changed when singer, Joe Karavis, decided to part ways due to musical differences after the demo recordings in 1992. However, the decision to proceed with the full length album "Quintet of Spheres" had already been made so John Mathias received the call to fill the vocalist position once more. The now transatlantic lineup had a massively impressive response to their 1993/94 debut album "Quintet of Spheres".

After a string of shows in the northeast of the United States, tragedy struck in the summer of 1994 with the untimely death of bassist, John Lievano. Ed Owen's disillusionment with the destitute prospect of finding a replacement and recording another album sans label, culminated with his departure. Enter Jörg Michael, renowned German drummer, whose credentials include: Mekong Delta, Stratovarious and Rage. Bassist, Tony Spagone joined definitely not least, vocalist, Brian T. Chaffee received the call, as he and U.P. exchanged demo's some years ago. John Mathias had left the band in 1995 feeling unable to do justice to the new direction the group had undertaken. U.P. has just released the mind boggling new album "Mindfailure" in Europe and is seeing positive results in the States at the moment. A European tour and EP release are imminent for this Fall. The latest update on the newest members are: Bassist John Balistreri has joined U.P. and Len Jarrell from Surgeon is now the singer.

>2- What are your most important influences?

I was a big Thin Lizzy fan in the early 80"s. I grew up on Judas Priest and other NWOBHM bands. I liked Gary Moore and Randy Rhoads among others. I still do. I'm into classical music as well, Dvorak, Bach etc. There are other guitar players I like, Steve Morse and Diamond Darrel come to mind. But in the past years I listen to composition first and foremost. I appreciate good musicianship and good productions. But the song comes first.

>3 - Can you present & tell us all about your last album " Mindfailure"?

"Mindfailure" is a collection of progressive aggressive songs. Recorded in '95, but released in '97. I had a clear idea of what I wanted the album to be and basically I accomplished it. I wanted it to be intense and have a full sound with a lot of analog warmth. The technical and musical aspect of the album is at a very high level and I'm hoping it will contribute to the growth of Heavy Metal. In many ways Heavy Metal is in a decline musically and I think it's a shame. In the '80 there was this attitude to push things to the limit and I try to capture that feeling. That's not to say that I'm "retro.". I know the stuff is original and different. I just try to take the best of old and new. Good music never goes out of style. On "Mindfailure" there are also intricacies that Metal don't explore. I don't know why. But I wanted to give it a shot.

>4 - You've released another album before. Can you tell us more about this one?

Our debut "Quintet of Spheres" was released in '93. We were very happy about that album when it came out. In retrospect I think there are some short comings on that album that I improved on "Mindfailure". The same can be said now and I'm anxious to do another album. That's what it's all about for me. When I'm not inspired or run out of ideas. That's when I'll hang it up.

>5 - What sort of difference can be made between these 2 albums?

Most noticeably is the appearance of a different set of musicians and on "Quintet of Spheres" I tuned in regular tuning as opposed to "Mindfailure" that is tuned a 1/2 step down. It was a quantum leap forward in song writing for me as well. The circumstances was very different for the two albums as well. "Quintet of Spheres" was basically produced in the States and "Mindfailure" was basically done in Europe. "Mindfailure" was so much harder to accomplish. It was ridden with problems and it took a lot of effort to pull it off, as I had a very high standard.

>6- U.P has got members coming from Europe, you live in USA. How do you define your band? Are you the Universal metal band?

You could say so. There is a distinct European flavor and an American vibe to the music. These days I want to have more American involvement and I'm basing the band from the States with American musicians.

>7 - Your drummer is maybe one of the most known & famous in Europe. Can you tell us more about him & explain how he joined UP?

Yeah, he's a fantastic drummer. I called him when our old drummer decided to hang it up. He was very interested in the challenge. We got together in Germany and rehearsed and recorded the drums in Germany as well. We became pretty good friends in the process and are still in touch periodically. I hope we can find someone who can live up to his standard for the next album. But he can still be heard in this band on the upcoming E.P.. He recorded the tracks before he left the band.

>8 Kreator was probably the first thrash metal band that became worldwide known. but it seems that they lost a lot of audience these past few years. Do you think that UP can be the new Kreator?

I think Kreator and U.P. are very different styles of music. But the comparison has some validity in that we both play music at inhuman speeds. But I think that's were the similarities end. I must admit that I don't compare us to anyone else. But I think we can be successful given the opportunity and the consistency. I also think that there were other thrash bands that were/are more known, like Slayer or old 80's Metallica.

>9 Despite you creation of aggressive music, it's piece of evidence to say that riffs are really amazing & that UP is made of excellent & skilled musicians. Don't you think that sometimes your music can be really hard to be described or comprehended by audiences? Don't you think that you could sell more by playing more simple songs like Sodom for example?

Maybe. But the music comes straight from the heart. Therefore I hope that honesty will prevail in the long run. Sodom has the advantage in that they can replace musicians easier than I can and maintain some form of ease of productions and live shows. They are signed and established. But it comes naturally to me writing in this style of music. I want the music to be as good as I can get it and I don't adhere to any formulas. As long as I feel inspired to write songs I'll keep doing what I do. It would be nice to sell a lot of albums, but not at the expense of integrity. You have to wait to hear what we have up our sleeve. The new stuff will be different and more melodic. I feel it's time for Metal music to grow up a bit. It seems so sensationalistic and just plain mindless at time. When the big Metal revolution happened in the early '80's. There seemed to be that consensus as well. Maybe that'll happen again.

>10 Did you tour to promote the album? Can you tell us more about these dates. Which ones were the best, your feeling, the best bands you've played with, ...

We haven't had the opportunity to tour at all since "Mindfailure" was released. For some reason or another there always seems to be a hurdle that can't be overcome. Especially with no Label support.

>11 What are your coming projects? Can we know more about the next album ( tracks, studio, sound, ...)

The next release will be an E.P.. It'll consist of 5 songs. It's should be ready real soon. Some of the songs are from the early days of the band there is a brand new track featuring our new singer, there's acoustic guitars on two tracks. But my desire is to start production on the next album. Most of the material is already written and I think it's a big step forward from "Mindfailure". I have put more emphasis on melody and dynamics. It's accomplished without being wimpy about it as is so often heard when other bands try to get melodic. I hope to commence the recording process early next year.

>12 For those that would like to get your 2 Cd's, can you tell us how to get them?

They can get them via our website. That's the easiest. But they are not too hard to find. Especially on the web. Check our site for more information! www.UnleashedPower.com

>13 You're signed on Amarok records. But are you well distributed everywhere? Where do you still need some distribution deal or a company to promote you?

They really haven't done anything for the band. The management and I are doing all the work. We basically have the album out all over. But there is no other support than what we do. It's a lot of work. But that's fine. I'm just disgusted by the lack of commitment and lies that we run into all the time. To be honest, we don't know what the Label has done. They don't tell us squat.

>14 A last word?

Sure. There is a drastic change happening in the music industry right now. The record company role is changing and with the impact of the Internet, the ball is in the fans hands. It's becoming more the bands responsibility to produce their own albums. I plead to the fans to be more selective in their choices of music. Since the hype of bands is still controlled by the bigger Labels, it's important that good bands with quality recordings don't get lost in the myriad of mediocre releases. The fact is that, what should be a demo tape is being released as a CD and it floods the market. What determines a bands success these days? Marketing! It's not as simple as it used to be. But somewhere in all this there is great benefit to the fans of Metal. But how does one choose what to buy?

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