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Label : Amarok records - Style : thrash metal - Album Mindfailure

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Unleashed Power ( now U.P.) has been created in the mid 80ís in Danemark under the name of Avalon. A first album was recorded by th efamous producer Flemming Rasmussen (Metallica, Apocalypse, ...). This album was called « Unleashed Power ». In 1989, Avalon became Unleashed Power. The band had now its foundation in USA (New York). UP recorded 2 demos in 91 & 92 ( « Blindfolded » & quitet of spheres »). Then, after a few changesin line up, the band decided to record a first album called « Quintet of spheres » like the demo ( but their new singer joined them later !). Having tons of excellent reviews with this album from everywhere, the band went into a tragedy with the death of their bassist (John Lievano). Wihtout any label, they decided to go on & to record a new album. Then, the famous & most reputed drummer in Europe, Jorg Mickael ( Rage, Running Wild, Mekong Delta , Stratovarius ; ...) decided to join the band & then a new bassist & singer were found too. The result is this new album called « Mindfailure ». But never out of ideas, an EP is already scheduled for this spring. The thrash metal scene returns in force ! And U.P. could surely be the chief of file of this return! U.P is an European origin group and that feels all along of this prodigious album . «Mindfailure » is a monument of thrash metal ! Borrowing to the greatest bands of European thrash , such as Kreator, Coroner, but also Mekong Delta, U.P. has created its own style. In 8 titles, U.P. gives a lesson of total thrash where some melodies strengthen the brutality of the riffs. Technically irreproachable, the group aligns future thrash metal standards . It begins with « Gateway » that is more than 8 minutes long. Immediately, the impression left by the group is great ! Infernal rhythmics directed by a drummer out of the common, killer & complexive riffs , aggressive singer, powerful but knowing to remain melodic, great arrangements, ;.. All is there ! Ken Jacobsen offers us solos that are never the same. He is able to play very primary solos aswell as most complex one without it deserves songs. Some riffs remind a lot Mekong Delta and the play of Jorg Mickael strengthens this effect. « What they don't know » is heavier and slower with a rhythmics reminding Slayer but in a more technical way and with a very surprising break. « Mindfailure » is on the other hand a very speed title . The most melodic piece is without any doubt « Thou Shalt Live ». Its rhythmics remind the most Mekong Deltaís song. Then, « Cataclysm », the next title is the best title of this album and merit to it alone the purchase of this album. This piece of 11 minutes is a real work of art !Carved in several parts, this piece starts by some arpeggios with a very fluid solo before to leave in explorations punctuated in 5 parts. This piece demonstrates the great qualities of composition of this out of the norm group! Between Coroner and Mekong Delta, U.P ; has created its web. This group is definitively one of the best in this style, one of the most inventive and the most gifted one ! Their thrash is subtly elaborate to convince both amateurs of melodies, complex music but also aggressive music. 

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