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upcoming releases Yrkoon, Wallachia, Winter Tales, Admortem, Zephyrous

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History : This label is devoted to Black metal bands. VMI (ex impure creation records) produces bands but also proposes a big distribution list with more than 1000 CD's, Demos, Tapes, Shirts only in an extreme style. I was really surprised by the quality of their productions, even if sometimes, it 's only a demo on CD (like Wallachia). this label meets success with its production & can propose its bands better ways of production & promotion. You can also find these bands in the band's page (french & other page). Read the interview of Bruno, the manager of VMI.

The whole sales prices are very cheaper. All CD's cost 55 FF-11 $ ( except Mundanus Imperium at 42FF - 8 $ ). All Tee Shirt cost 55 FF-11S & Sweat shirt 80FF - 18 $ . This prices don't mention the Value added tax & the post cost. So, contact the label for more information.

VMI has just created a sub label called "Noise Solution Records" devoted to death/grind technical music. the first release will be Godless Warpath. I hope to say more in a few weeks or months & make one page for NSR.

VMI Releases :

Blut aus nord (2 albums), Necromicon, Wallachia , The Eye , Mundanus Imperium


Album : Cold Might of Winter War - Style : Black Metal

The basis of Helgrindr are from 1993 in France but the growth of teh band was stopped due to numerous changes. So, in 1995, the band is officially called Helgrindr. One year later, "Wolvesland" , the first demo is recorded. The band is at that time described as an atmospheric black metal band. Finally , this demo is released in 1997 & it 's followed by one new track recorded for the sampler "Pretenders to the throne", released by Embassy productions. All of this long work ended with a deal signed in 1998 with Velvet Music International, the famous french underground company. This album contains one short intro & after it, there's 6 raw symphonic black metal pieces, including some female vocals. Helgrindr is a french band but it seems to be inspired by all the nordi cblack metal scene. The musical violence is counterbalanced by some atmospheric keyboards parts which are numerous & by some narrative female vocals. The keys also gives a more symphonic touch to this pure black metal band. By some ways, it remains me a blend of Limbonic Art with Empreror. The sound could have been better but for a debut black metal album it sounds beter form the average. So, if you like violent melodic black metal ( let's name it symphonic black metal ), Helgrindr features among the best newcomers.


Style : atmospheric black death - Album : Yyrkoon - interview

Coming from the north of France, Yyrkoon is really a new & young band. Theyíve been created in 1996 & began with a traditional Death /black metal. but little by little, the band works a lot to create its own style & sound. They now include permanent keyboards to their music. After a first demo, distributed at 300 copies, the band is contacted for appearance in several compilations. One of the most famous one is « Encyclopedia Pestilentia) released by VMI. So, itís natural to see them signed in 1997 by VMI following the recording of their first album. Yyrkoon is composed of skilled musicians that could easily gain a good reputation in the extreme metal scene. At first, the band is not « noise maker », even if some progress can be made in production . But the result is surely up to the average . Yyrkoon can be described like a progressive black metal band, progressive by the melodies created by solis, by keyboards or by some guitar parts , hear the excellent & complex « throne of complains » which includes several solis from guitar, bass, keys . This song is really one of the best on this album. It resumes entirely what Yyrkoon is able to play. Itís really well made & composed. Some furious black metal parts are blended with more melodic ones but Yyrkkon takes care to not falling into a collection of various parts that are not really linked together. & riffs used in songs are really riffs & not one note or one chord played as fast as possible. Thereís some progression in songs & then itís easy to make a difference between each one & each parts. Yyrkoon features probably among the good french surprise in the extreme metal scene. This time again, VMI finds a band that can be distinguish easily form th emasses of signed bands. Excellent & highly recommendable progressive black metal !


Style : Original Black metal - Album : The veil of Osiris

One man concept of Vindsval,the same one who is also aprt of Blut Aus nord & The eye, Children of Maani has came to birth in 1996. « The veil of Osiris has to be classified into experimetnal Black metal. At first, i have to notice that some guitars parts are really well worked. It really sounds more technical that the main black metal bands. May be Vindsval is able in this project to express all influences he have. Thatís certainly why, thereís tracks like « in the middle of the macrocosme ». Some guitar parts sounds inspired by oriental music. Itís certainly due to some of the effects used on guitars & by the fact that Vindsval playz 2 times some parts of guitars but in different tones. In comparison with what other black metal bands proposes, itís sure that Children of Maani is really more inspired & sounds more technical. Itís more melodic too & some solis are really impressive. Thereís not so many black metal bands including guitar solis, but when these ones are excellent, it really enriches a lot the music. Among the black metal vocals, thereís someitmes a growling voices that appears. This ones sounds really strange ! This mCd contains 4 tracks for 22 mintutes of original black metal. & if you want to discover a new & promising black metal band, Children of Maani is without doubt what you need. To date, itís the best black metal oriented piece ever released in France.


Ex VLAD, this black metal band is created in 1993 by VINDSVAL, the only member. After 2 demos, he changes his name into Blut aus nord. 2 years later, he made his first album called "Ultima thulee". On november 1996, the band (Vindsval asked Ira Aeterna to join him) made a new album : "Memoria Vetusta 1". This album shows a promising Black metal band (the best one in France ?), including several surroundings. They mix melancholic atmosphere with pure black metal parts. The two albums are available at Impure Creation Records / Velvet Music intl. Get also a look at the 5th issue of Chaotik webzine where there is a review of their last album


I've got few piece of information about this swedish band. I've just received their album (the first one it seems), sent by Velvet Music international, & called "Realm of Silence". It's a black metal band (as mainly bands nowadays). This one is really inspired. It remains me Diabolical Masquerade but with a darkest production & more power in the songs. Necromicon brings lots of new ideas in their metal & makes effort on the recording of their album to make it attractive. The sound is very good (it's not the case for several black or death metal band) & clear. Necromicon is definitly a good black metal band in the international productions. Necromicon has just signed with Hammerheart records for a new album called sightveiler.

Created in 1992, Wallachia is at first a one man project ( as often in the black metal sceene). The aim was to do something really dark & powerful, but with emotions. In 1995, after a recording made as pre production of a first demo, the band get lots of good responses & decided to go on. Recorded & mixed in three days, this debut mCD define exactly what the band wanted to do. This norvegian band is young but they are determined. Their black metal is very powerful, but they do not hesitate to include symphonic parts, wich brings to the music various atmospheres. Their debut CD contains 4 tracks. Music is melodious and inspired by heavy metal. Songs alternate sadness& fury. Vocals are very strange & awful. The production is quite good. For a first trial, it's surely a good departure.


Here's a new band signed on Velvet. Mundanus imperium with thier first mCD "Ode to Nightssky", assert itself right away as one of the most promising black metal band. At first, in comparison with several black metal bands, Mundanus Imperium has got a very good sound. More over, the band has got a good technical level, particularly the drummer. He is an excellent drummer (very fine play on cymbals & great syncopated play) & it's really rare in black metal. It's probably due to songs, 'cos it's mid tempos ' one & it allows him to bring lot of various elements in his play. He brings another dimension to music. He's got a play that enriches songs a lot. There's also omnipresent keyboards parts that bring the whole melodies in music like for The Eye , another black metal band on VMI. The 3d song & last one of the CD sounds quite different & shows that Mundanus Imperium has got various influences.  It sounds more gothic, more melancholic. But 3 tracks are really short to feel all that the band wants to express. This mCD is defintly a good surprise & a full length album is expected.


The Eye is the new project of Vindsval of Blut Aus Nord (also signed on VMI).The fist album is called "Supremacy". The Eye also evolves in Black metal style, but of course in a different way of Blut Aus Nord. At first, it's a mid tempos' songs, quite melancholic & gloomy. The rythms parts have been worked a lot & can remains the ones of band like Aeternus , very melodic & dark in the same time. More oveer, the band has got a good sound, & a good production. , even if guitars are really strange. It's really something that Velvet Music can be proud of. They always offers good coditions to their bands.
Keyboards are omnipresent & bring the whole melodies to the album. There's also some instrumental songs only made by keyboards. The whole album is very melancholic & insistent. If the main vocals are black metal ones, there's also some male vocals singing differently, like "opera" singer, spoken voice, ...It brings more darkness to songs. There's also some lyrics written in french. For the main ones, there are quite long, but The Eye is not really a symphonic or progressive black metal band, & the band leans on repetition to bring the listeners to their darkness' world. So, "Supremacy" is a captivating album, distressing, unwholesome & definitly attractive.


Album : SAMPLER - Style : Death / grind

This sampler has been issued by one of the most underground french metal label : Velvet music international which makes us discover bands like Wallachia & ton smore. This sampler contains some signed bands on VMI but also on other labels & some unsigned bands. Too; It starts with unsigned bands. The best ones are undoubtless Necrophagist & Skinned with 2 excellent death/grind tracks perfectly composed, played & recorded as well for the Belgian band Exhumator which remains the crazy death metal wave of the 80's. Some bands have really a weak sound but with a few means they succeed in delivering good songs. With a better prodution some of this bands could easily feature as good surprise. That's the case for Mortal Flesh , Uncreation ( good vocals parts & riffs) or Excavation (thanks to the rythm machine!) with its surprising 2d track blending techno with furious grind part (ithis song is really too short) Godzilla is a really good surprise with a real professionalism attitude. This band has reached a high level. They won't be unsigned for a while. For Traumatism, it alternates betwsen Obituary (slow heavy parts) & extreme grind parts. It remains me Kataklysm & Brutal Truth. It's really good & well made, just like the same for Absonent Cadence & The Darkening which sound differently but are really good in their style. The most original surprise is to find Scarve. Scarve isn't playing grind at all. It's better innovative metal, unclassifiable & extremely well played & composed. This song has already been reviewed in the site a few months ago. Scarve continues to surprise a lot . It's a real professional band by its attitude & work. When will they be finally signed? With Damn nation (the french one!), we're back into grind death in its primitive way. No production, no technical part, no nothing! It's the same for Conqueror signed on Evil Omen records , Gods of Emptiness, dead end, Loggerhead & Bloodsuckers ( which are very bad, especially for the sound), lividity. Then Admortem astonishes with its technical death metal. Admortem is signed on VMI & it's an excellent metal band. If you like techncial death metal music, Admortem is really excellent. Morphisem another french young band proposes a song coming form a nother sampler (intramurock). The problem with this band is that you never know in which style they evolve. It's black metal like Immortal, then, it sounds like Cradle of fiflth & so on. It's really well made but with not enough personalities for now. But if oyu like something well made, Morphisem is ok! Benighted the following band comes from Sweden & as always, the sound is good, the msuic is deaht/black with heavy metal influences, especially for the riffs. Classical made but very good. Sacred Sin, the famous protuguese band also gives one track. It sounds like Avulsed with techno rythm put on heavy guitars. It's really new, refreshing & really well made but a real nightmare for those that hate techno. So, like all sampler, this one shows various bands . Som eare really interesting, some are less interesting, some are really bad. So, this sampler will definitly suits to the most underground metal fans. They'll find there one of the most uncompromising bands.

Noise Solution records


Style : Death metal - Album : Ad extremum supplicium

Velvet - Noise Solution records Admortem is a new death metal band from France. After a demo tape, the new division of VMI called Noise Solution records ( & especially devoted to death metal bands) sign Admortem. So, the band is back with a first mCD. Admortem had already played with bands like Cannibal Corpse or Six Feet Under. This mCd come before a full length album that will be recorded in UK (Birmingham) in the Colin Richardson studio. One can immediately notice the good appearance of the production. Admortem, strong with the experience of a very good first demo, has taken care to get the best sound as possible and the production of this album is the proof. Thereby, it is far easier to appreciate the group to its just value. 9 titles of this album are excellent and very few French Death metal band praise to have released a product of such a good quality. Indeed, by moments, the voice can remind Stéphane Buriez from Loudblast. But musically speaking, Admortem explodes others horizons. Combining passages of a quasi - primary violence with far more melodic passages ( hear « Lifeless », one of their best song !), guitarists do not hesitate to make excellent & melodic solis for our greater pleasure. Because the wealth of this album is found in its diversity. So, a title as "Yog Sothoth" summarizes which kind of band is Admortem. With a very good drummer, excellent guitarists and a bassist that arrives to to be sufficiently inventive to pull its pinfrom the game ("underground"), Admortem proposes one of the best releases of brutal death in this year 1998 with the excellent Mortuary. ADMORTEM is assuredly a group to follow and to support. Their next album would allow them to explode on the international scene, because they have really means to be required on this Death metal scene that only asks to relive the explosion of the beginning 90.

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