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PO box 146546 / Chicago, Il 60 614 USA

Ph :(312) 666-8661 / Fax (312) 666-8665

Website :

This label is dedicated to hardcore metal bands . There is also a mailorder list with tons of CD's, LP's, Shirts, , 7'', Demos, ...This label is also on the web. Thus, you'll have the possibility to order. all Cd's LP, 7" are between 4 & 11 $.

This label proposeslots of productions. They also works with another label called Desperate fight records & distribute its production. As they don't send me their productions yet, i can only speak about their bands through their mailorder catalog, a regular update, very well done, with lots of details about the bands : tour, ....

Releases & Catalog :

OS 101 :

Style : Hardcore - Album : United brotherhood of scenesters

here is an album of Hardcore in the purest tradition of the style. OS 101 give a real pleasure when you hear it ! This album reflects the integrity in the first sense of the term. Influence from Suicidal Tendencies is strongly felt all to the long of the 13 titles of this album. But some parts of pieces show that OS 101 is a band able to play more technically songs. Their musical brutality is not the fact of a limited technical level! Able to be by moments very brutal « Stealth », OS 101 slows sometimes the rythms and lets too the guitarist plays some solo («Shut Up Kid »). Of more, OS 101 diversifies atmospheres of its pieces. Some are violent musically as well as vocally. Others are far more melodic with fun lyrics and remind the US punk rock movement. Musically and technically irreproachable, OS 101 gives with this album a lesson of Hardcore-punk rock. Fundamentally honest, this album is the archetype of what is the best in this style !

Bloodlet : "Eclectic" (VR 31) available on LP

Earth Crisis : "All out of war" (VR20), now available on 7''

Cause for Alarm : "Anthology" (VR19), 7"

Earth Crisis : "Firestorm" (VR12), Cass

It's for Life : "Various artists" (VD01), CD & LP

Snapcase : "Progression through unlearning", (VR51), LP, CD (rom), K7

Cast Iron Hike : "Watch it burn", (VR52), CD, LP, K7

Integrity : "Seasons in th size of the days", (VR53), CD, LP, K7

Strife : "In this defiance", (VR54), CD, LP, K7

Various artists : "Victory style 2" (VR 55), CD (at a low price)

Desperate Fight records :

Final Exit : "Teg" , (VD01) , CD

Shield : "Vampire songs", VD03), CD

Purusam : "The way of the dying race", (VD04), CD

Finalk Exit : "Umea", (VD05), CD

Abhinanda : "s/t", (VD06), CD

Various artists : "Straight edge as fuck volume 3", (VD07), CD

Desperate fight Compilation : mcd's of 4 bands on one (Shield, Purusam, Outbound, Seperation), (VD08), CD

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