from the record Company VMI:

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Contact Adress :BP 902 / 26009 Valence cedex - FRANCE

Tel / Fax : 33 4 75 55 11 43

No Web site yet ( they work on one) but you can either read their presentation on my page : Velvet.html

Interview :

1 Tell us about the history of V.M.I. ?

Velvet music has been created some years ago as a record label into metal music & a little distribution by mailorder. We have almost presented 10 realisations since the debut of the label, we produced bands as Blut aus Nord , Zephyrous , Necromicon , Mundanus Imprium , Wallachia , The Eye , Odium , Godless Warpath ( ex Children of Maani) & soon others....since our debut, we grow up slowly but surely & our bands too. The rest of our life is very so common as a normal label. 

2 VMI exists now for a few years & since the beginning you were attracted by Black metal bands. This style is now a trend, so VMI is in a good place in this actual market? 

Yes... In France , we're more present in the market...but in other countries, it's more difficult for us as the competition is more & more difficult & promotion is expensive...It's normal if now some bands as Cradle of Filth, Immortal, etc meet great answers since the work of their label is totally professionel & awesome.

3 Tell us how to do to buy you releases. Who's your distributor?

In France, you can find our productions (CD , TS , LS) to Tripsichord distribution wich spread our releases in the maximum french shop. For foreigner countries it's preferable to contact us directly for more informations...In certain countries, we are very well distributed & it's not difficult to find our realisations, just asked for them.

4 Necromicon, one of your band has just signed on a foreign label. What's your opinion about this : a big lost for you , a proof that your choice in this band was good, a proof that you're a quality label?

We're very happy to produce the 1st CD of Necromicon. If they decided to leave our label, it's because they need to have better answers for their up-coming album; I think they're right as finally since "Realm of Silence" VMI is always a little label. The selling of Realm of Silence on VMI is very honourable, we've just to be proud of all our releases & particularly about Necromicon.

5 in VMI , there's also Blut Aus Nord, that is the first french black metal band, also considered as one of the most promising one. Give us news from them. What are the other sure value in France. 

In fat, we consider all our bands as equal on our labels, Blut aus Nord, it's the band wich represents the perfection for us, we discovered them & produce soon their 3d album, musically speaking as far as my music tastes are concerned, Blut aus Nord is simply my fave bands & this band is on my label, i'm just honoured & finally, i don't care if lot of guys don't like my tastes, i'm just happy to can present this kind of music for myself in a one hand & for all guys interested in on the second, I hope that this band will be on VMI for a long time...It's a dream but it's not impossible to see them soon signed on a huge label, anyway, I'll always appreciate their music as I will appreciate certainly the next Necromicon CD (I hope) ...With respect to dialogue with the stars CD i don't know if we'll be able to name this new musical direction "Black metal" , the progression is impressive since the 2d full length...the masterpiece of metal music, I just informed you that the second Blut Aus Nord CD is simply a rehearsal to compare with the up-coming full CD.

6 What are your projects for now & for the future?

We project to continue our work in order to promote as well as our bands, we have no more project up to now.

7 Don't you afraid that Black metal 'success ends up & that it returns to underground?

I'm not afraid because great music is great music & if the "pollution" that death metal style met now infect black metal is a normal thing, you'll see soon with our death metal sub label "Noise Solution Records" that it's possible to make great things into death metal style. 

8 What are the bands that you search?

I search for bands which fit my music tastes at 100%

9 Is VMI a black metal devoted label or can you sign bands evolving in a different style & wich ones?

V.M.I. is a label turned in atmospheric musics, black, heavy , ambient, ...

Noise Solution Records is aimed to death/grind technical music. I can also sign other brutal music style (doom, ...) if i find one who fits according to my taste.

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