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Being put together by a management company, from a collectoin of various bands, Vast Minority purpose was to create the best possible original alternative/material.; Their first effort was released for a 8 titles EP, simply selftitteld. The next step was the release of a first album , 'trip for thought'. About the name of the band, Vast Minority means a comment on the way minority rules in society. 

Vast Minority EP : This EP allows us to discover for the first time, Vast Minority, one of th emost interesting US bands for this last years. Imagine a fusion between the 'Black album' of Metallica & 'fool's game' of Mordred . Vast Minority is with this EP this kind of band. It blends with perfection heavy guitars ( played with a high precision) with this originality that used to enrich songs in Mordred. May be the voice of the singer isanother thing that let us thinkabout Mordred. There's some look-like with the 2 singer. More, some good arppeggios showed that they can play on various style & propose various emotions. Anyway, this EP is excellent & a good start for Vast Minority. & for a first EP , it's a total success, Vast Minority means perhaps the renewal of US metal but surely a new start.

Trip for thought : This album is scheduled under the way of originality ! But the band doesn't sacrifice some elements that belong to metal . I think the best way to describ this band is to refere to Metallica ( black album period) for the loud sound , tempos & killer riffs & to Faith no More because of the originality of vocals line & creativity put in 'classical songs'. For some others, Vast Minority will surely remain bands like Mordred. this band has got a high level of creativity & cleverness, like in the song trip for thought' for example. Enriched by skilled & open mind musicians, Vast minority develops an unique style, blend of classical loud metal with dancing & dynamic accent . The album proposes a large sphere of emotion, from the atmospheric 'Season greetings to the powerful 'I can"t run' & the very good ballad 'Night in Gale'. There's really a lot of richness in Vast Minority Music, certainly due to a hard the work of composition. Between originality & classicism, there was just a little place & Vast Minority just takes it. 

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