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Label web site : new : : http://come.to/woodcut - old : http://www.grave.com/~mega/EC

 Email : woodcut@records.inet.fi

Adress : Woodcut records - PO Box 87 - 65 101 Vaasa - Finland

Fax : +359 6 312 8375

Woodcut records is a new finnish record company & probably one of the most innovative & promising one fom this country. Their debut releases are simply fantastic. It's rare to see a young label signing so excellent bands at their beginning. Instead od quantity, it seems that Woodcut records privilegizes quality. More, the production of their album are better from the average. It's a good element too!

Forth coming releases - Releases

Forth coming releases are :

Finnish black metal compilation with Thy serpent, enochian Crescent, throes of Dawn, ... at mid price!

A new Throes of Dawn : 'Dreams of the black earth' for mid 98

Enochian Crescent - new mCD

Thyrane - debut album

Alghazanth - debut album

Odemark - debut album ( with Throes of Dawn & Thy serpent members)

Releases are : Wings-Enochian Crescent---




Mini Album : Black Harmony - Style : Black metal

Look at the cover & you 'll definitly know what to await. It's the same while seing the back cover. Containing 35 minutes of total blasphemy, Thyrane is a typical black metal band. SO what's new? Thyrane has only composed 4 songs (from 8 minutes to 11 minutes long). With good keyboards parts & good riffs, Thyrane proposes some good melodies ( is it really melodies?) & good arrangements. It's not one piece song based on a fast tempos & with 2 riffs during 8 minutes. Thyrane developed its dieas in each song combining acoustic parts, melodic ones & aggressive ones. The result isn't so calisscal than on any other black metal albums. More, their sound is quite original & really clear. Of course, the guitar sound is characteristic but there's real riffs & melodies played by guitar. More, Thyrane has composed real songs with a real structure. So, each song is built on a chorus, a verse & so on. For a young band, Thyrane has real chance to create a surprise, provided they keep & develop their style.


style : black metal - album : Pakkasherra & Dreams of the black earth

Created by adding 2 metal bands, throes of Dawn 's goal is to create something new in the metal scene, especially the black death one. They had only to release one demo to get attention of several labels. finally , it's woodcut records that signed teh band. Then, they issued a promo tape ( under teh same name than the album) which get good responses. Then, they recorded their album & create ten songs of black heavy metal , full of melodies & technical parts.

I think that Throes of Dawn is surely a band that will create with its first album a great surprise in the black metal scene. for a first album, they succeed in creating a up to the average production. the band is composed of intelligent musicians. they know the richness & weakness of the style of music they choose to play. That's why their music is enriched & strengthen by original arrangements like in the 2d song of their album with a break that could have featured on a folk album or on a progressive rock album. But the powerful side of their music has not been forgotten at all. Good keyboards parts, excellent guitars parts ( full of melodies), a real drummer ( inventive) are elements found in Throes of dawn 's music. Some riffs remains that heavy metal is the basis of their music. Only vocals stay in the black metal range ( except for one or two parts where a clear voice appears) . Because, it's a band composed of good musicians, Throes of Dawn can expect to feature among the best black metal bands for the coming years . It may be one of those that will allow this style to reach a new standard of quality!


Album : Dreams of the black earth - Style : original Black metal

Throes of Dawn created a big surprise on eyear ago with Pakkasherra, its first album. The band were showing an impressive level of composition & originality. This new album is the perfect following to the first act. Still based on the same structures, Throes of Dawn blends with a goo dsense various elements such as folklore music, acoustic parts, original melodies & various sing. The result is even better, because the production is really better this time. Never falling into simplicity, Throes of dawn attracts us into several surroundings from the most melancholic ones to the most aggressive ones. It's definitly a masterpiece of original black metal; Of course, thoses who prefer classical black metal stuff won't appreciate all the melodies, guitar solis ( which are excellent), vocasl effort, various instruments (flute, ) which are the trademark of this band. But who cares! Throes of Dawn is one hundred times better than the bands you can see in front of the specialised mags worldwide. Throes of Dawn won't have 1% of the media coverage given to bands like Cradle of filth but if you compare these 2 bands, Throes of Dawn is really more interesting musically speaking. This band already explores the future of black metal.



Enochian Crescent

style : black metal - album : Telocvovim

Created in 1995 , the band is strongly influenced bu all that's nihilism, fanatiscm & mysticism in black metal. On stage, the band has also a special attitude ( blood, self mutilation, scythes, corpsemasks, black candle, ...). Woodcut records singed them after a live performance! AFter a sold out demo 'promo 96 anno bastardi', this band from Finland released its first album. This album is releaased by Radioation records ( a subdivision of Nuclear Blast) in Europe too!

It's really difficult to classify Enochian Crescent because it's really not a common band on this album. Affiliated with the black metal scene, because of its vocals, lyrics & attitude, Enichain Crescent can also feature as one of the favorite band for people listening to other style. Instead of composing crushing songs at an ultra brutal rythm with viociferating vocals & absolutly no melodies, the band takes teh best points in heavy metal, death metal & black metal. 'Cresentian' for example strongly remains me Running Wild by the quality & melody of its guitar riffs. The main vocals are turned into black metal movement, but it's also the type of vocals used in early thrash scene with bands like Kreator & later Carcass. Sometimes there's a louder voice or a different one that allow to reach anotehr horizon to their music. What's most impressive in this band is the high level of its guitarist. In the black metal wave, it's generally poor technical level one. There, it's an excellent one & not only for rythmics guitars ( which are never a one chord guitar part played during 5 minutes!) but for solis too. His potential is surely a reason to the quality of this album. Then, it cannot be always the same song played here like we used to hear.  On some other songs, the band can also remain band like Venom by its primitive brutality. Tehn, the band explores new dimensions in black metal scene. It's innovative again but in another direction from Throes of Dawn. This time again, Woodcut records releases a band with a high potential.



Label : Woodcut records - style : atmospheric metal - album : Diatribe

The birth of this band started in 1992 & was at first a one man project. The first demo contained 2 songs which were released on a 7" EP by the french company Adipocere. As the 1000 copies were rapidly sold out, Gabriel S. strenghten his project by completing the line up. This result in 1996 by a sign with Woodcut records. 

Musically speaking, Wings is a kind of atmospheric doom metal band. It sounds very heavy but very melodic too. On some songs, it's like Metallica meets Paradise Lost. Recorded at Tico Tico studio ( impaled Nazarene, Sentenced, nightfall, Yearning, ...), the production is very impressive. The vocal work is excellent , blending screamed voice with gothic ones. The play of bassist seems to be very important in the music & it gives a louder tone to it. If it's described like an atmospheric metal band, it's also because Wings never gives the feeling to participate to a race where the faster one wins. More their attachment to create melodic climate gives more emphasis to songs. It's no more funny melodies too! all of them reflect dark state of mind where sadness & fear seems to live together. wings is certainly not the easiest band to listen to, but it's probably on eof the most intereesting one. Each time you play this album, you discover new elements, new arrangements. More, their beautiful cover complete this album. It's an essential album for those who like to discover original & uncompromised band!


style : Rock bizarre - album : Anima (mCD)

Born in 1995, noitapastori released a first demo tpae 'Taivaan elävät' which get positives responses from teh underground world. In 96, they win the finnish rock lyrics championship. Then, Woodcut offers them a deal. So , 'Anima', their mCd is released on a 24 tracks studio. It's difficult to classify this band into an extreme style & even in the metal style! With lyrics written in finnish, Noitapastori evolves in an unique direction & plays a dark rock, with several surroundings like on 'Sanaton' , built upon keyboards parts ( which sound like violin). All drums parts are made by a rythm machine. When songs are heavier ( like in 'Hopea'), it's always counterbalance by some violin parts or more atmopsheric break . It's really different from all that has been created yet! I thought only Adipocere were signing bands evolving in other direction than metal. Woodcut proves that it's also an open minded company.

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