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Created in 1992, Wallachia is at first a one man project ( as often in the black metal sceene). The aim was to do something really dark & powerful, but with emotions. In 1995, after a recording made as pre production of a first demo, the band get lots of good responses & decided to go on. Recorded & mixed in theree days, this debut mCD define exactly what the band wanted to do. The band is working on a first album.

Review : This norvegian band is young but they are determined. Their black metal is very powerful, but they do not hesitate to include symphonic parts, wich brings to the music various atmospheres. Their debut CD contains 4 tracks. Music is melodious and inspired by heavy metal. Songs alternate sadness& fury. Vocals are very strange & awful. The production is quite good. For a first trial, it's surely a good departure. French label Velvet music intl. 've signed this band. See labels page.


Label : Metal age productions- Style : melodic death metal - Album : The ultimate passion

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Wayd has been created in 1994 by the fusion of 2 bands, Dysentery & Marion. As their previous bands were conventional ones, Waydís goal was to burst out boundaries from the metal they play. In 1995, they released a demo tape « Shape of your mind » & in 1997 itís time for them to record their debut album. They added to their music som ekeyboards pars & female vocals. Since the released of this album, Wayd has made som elitle line up changes with the add of a singer ( it was bass guitarist & guitarplayer that were singing before) & of a saxophone player ! What a very interesting band that this Wayd. If youíve listened a lot to bands like Cynic, Atheist & all this particular technical death metal scene, Wayd can interest you. Facing the previous bands, Wayd is not a demonstrating band. Itís better a kind of fusion death metal.Thereís unusual break parts like the excellent blues /jazz break parts or the slap bass solo into « New light ». With Wayd, you can never predict what will happen in one song. If the basis are real melodic death metal, all songs are enriched with various elements coming from all musical scene you can imagine ( except techno) With a real efficience & a technical level that is better from the average, Wayd gives to metal a new dimension . The slovakian scene continues to raise !


label : Axe Killer records - Style Heavy - Indus metal - Album : Smothered

Whorgasm is the new sign of french record company Axe Killer. As this label never wants to be kept in only one style of music, Whorgasm is uncomparable with their other bands. Axe Killer is a multi oriented metal company. Whorgasm doesn't play heavy rock no more. This time, it's more powerful. But it's hard to describe this band as it plays a really original music. It can sometimes remains Metallica, sometimes Marylin Manson. their music is really at the cross of theses 2 bands. it's unclassifiable stuff. It's still diversified songs, from very aggressive ('Scream motherfucker') to melodic or ambient songs ('Alladinsane'). Even if some songs are classically played, Whorgasm also uses some samples on several ones . This gives a special surroundings to this album. It makes it sound more unhealthy, more vicious ('Mickael Jackson's sex change'). It's piece of evidence if I add that this production is totally professional & impresses a lot by their arrangements. There's also 2 excellent cover on this album. The first one is a cover from David Bowie. this song is particularly well played & it sounds like a bewitched version. The 2d cover is a classic metal track : Highway star from Deep Purple. This version has been quite well accelerated & played in a heavy metal feeling. If I say that Lemmy from Motorhead said that Whorgasm is highly recommandable for metal freaks, i think that it will convince you to get rapidly this extraordinary album!


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Created in 92, Wicked Angel is composed of musicans that studied music since their childhood. the aim with their band is to create the best heavy metal music. 'Heads will roll' is their 2d album & it 's released by Raven Music Group. This company has also a film division. One song from the album appears in a video with interview of bassist. 'Saints & sinners' their first album is really difficult to find but try to get it, 'cos this band is devoted to be a cult reference in metal music. & if you become a fan, try to get their first LP containing 4 songs from the first album & released in 92.

'Head will rool' is the kind of album that's out of time. Wicked Angel will please all nostalgic of the golden metal years , the others ones will surely hate this band. Anyway, give one hear to this album 'cos it really shows what's true heavy metal in the US scene. Composed of guys that have a solid musical background & a strong scene experience, Wicked Angel creates 50 minutes of raging & melodic heavy metal. 'Heads will roll' would have been a real sensation if it has been released in the debut 80's. Now, the scene si quite different but it's good to see that bands like them still exists. Wicked Angel won't follow trends, won't do a song for radios or mass medias. They play what they like & that's why this album is a total success. It's truly honest. '20 minutes of pain' & 'good bye' are some of the best power ballad i've ever heard. It could have featured on a Scorpions album. but other songs really kill & could remain old Judas Priest, Manowar.  Lead guitars are very good . Solis are really crazy like in 'When the hammer fall' for example. Note that one of the 2 guitarist is a woman.

 The revival of the heavy metal scene is still growing & bands like Wicked Angel shows that this style is still actual provided inspiration & honesty are here. 


Self production - Style : Gothic black metal - Album : The building up & breaking down of matter

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Having its bitrh in the year 91, Willow Wisp is a name that begins to be known due to the tons of appearance in several mags & zines from France to Norway, including some talk shows. This album is now re-released by Pandaimonium records. Willow Wisp described itself as Music for the doomed generation. Each tracks of this 12 pieces albums sounds very differently & if you hear only some trcks maybe the opinion about the band can be faked. This album starts with a pure gothic track with dark keyboards parts & loud vocals as it used to be done in this music. Facing several gothic bands which music only develops one & only oppressive climate. Willow Wisp creates more complexive songs, with tons of arrangements. When playing gothic songs, Willow Wisp can sometimes remains the gothic master Moonspell on its last album like for « Lame » but with a surprising break parts that can let think about Pink Floyd or David Bowie !. Willow Wisp seems to have the will of disconcerting its audience Ďcos itís impossible to link tracks between them. « The building up & breaking down of matter » goes in various direction & itís a real pleasure to dkiscover whatís hidden in each tracks of this album. Another face of this band is a black metal face. Even if the band shows that theyíre really able to play some symlphonic black metal with lots of keyboards, i must admit that I prefer their gothic parts which are really more built & more accessible. Some tracks can be really aggressive like their hymn « Sodomized by God » ! With sometimes keys interlude, listen carefully Ďtil the end of this album Ďcos after the 12pieces, thereís still 54 songs of 3 seconds length all of silence except for the 66 tracks !

WITCH -HUNT : in 92, 2 brothers created the band in USA. They want to transform their energies in a positive way. After, they complete line up & make 3 demos(fisrt kill, born dead & fearless), , they record in 95 "Darkened salvation" wich meets lots of success. then, X rated records sign the bands (see labels page) & press on a mCD the 5 new material : "Prophecies of a great plague". This mCD shows a death metal band in an american style. There's no major weakness on this product. It's often mid tempos songs & some arrangements & melodies remains me bands like Death. Witch-hunt seems to have other influences than death metal. Sometimes, the singer uses a voice near from dark metal & there's some gloomy ambients parts , mostly when they use keyboards. 

Witch Meadow :

Web site : meadow/

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Created 3 years ago, Witch Meadow is a band that has always believe in the heavy metal style. influenced by bands like Maiden , Priest, Kiss, Skid Row, dokken, Motley & so on, the band has aklready released a demo tape 6 tracks called "When midnight call" & a debut Cd called "Down eternity's hall".

The first thing to say about this band is that their first Cd is a real cool one : purely refreshing & devoted to heavy metal of the 80's. I'm sure that if this album had been released in the 80's it should have been a great success. Today it will be certainly harder for them but that's sure that Witch meadow is a very good band in his style & that they will pleased all metal fans that grows with the 80's sound.  Their Heavy metal is musiclaly simple but teh structure are very good. In comparison with main HM bands, Withch meadow doesn't exclusively sound liek an european band or a us one. The main influences seemes to come from Europe but there's some touches that remain that the band come from USA : some melodies, some ballads will surely remain bands like Ugly Kid Joe ( Kiss of Beltaine) or Scorpions (Do you want to live forever). Anyway, Witch Meadow evolves more in a direction close to Judas Priest ( in the 80's period) than Kiss. Some songs are fast ( Soldier of Fortune), some louder ( the gift).  In 8 tracks , Witch Meadow proposes all the elements that proves the success of Heavy metal. The singer is really good & could feature in several professional bands. He owns a special tone in his voice that give an original touches to the whole music even if sometimes he is close to Rob Halford. So, it's definitly good : the kind of band that makes appreciate heavy metal & that give the will to discover again this style.


Self production - Style : Black metal - Demo : Evil shall prevail

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Witchery has been created after the split of Irreverent ( that was created in the 90ís)Witcheryís goal is to perform the most morbid style of metal. they started with a first demo recorded in 96. & then they released thier new demo in 98. This demo tape seems coming right from a reheasal session. I donít think itís been made in studio. But anyway, sound is clear enough to listen to it & itís only a demo tape, remember ! Witchery evolves in a very extreme black metal style where melodies have completly been forgotten. It runs as fast as possible without any subtleties. Witchery will surely pleased those that follow black metal since its beginning. No demonstration of pretentious riffs or keyboards parts. The main world is total aggression. Itís really intense , terribly raw & without compromises.


Selfproduction/Cryptic souls productions- Style : Death metal - Album : Forgotten sunrise

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Management :

1998 is certainly the year of the come back in strength of the Deth metal scene ; & 1999 will certainly strengthen this return. Withered Earth is a real pleasure for those who lived the golden years of Death metal. Withered Earth can feature as one of the best death metal band in the united states. This album has got a really professional production, which remains strongly the 90ís. More, songs sounds very raw & intense. Withered Earth plays Death metal in the pure meaning of this term since 1995.  The band alternates slow parts with furious ones, guitar melodies (but not insipidly melodies) with aggressive riffs. To describe Withered Earth, you can imagine a sort of blend with Morbid Angel for arrangements, musicalship & technical level with Obituary for the heavy feeling felt while listening to this album. Itís fast, itís raw, itís loud, itís intense, itís excellent. More, Withered Earth enriches its music with some original arrangemetns. But donít worry the powerful & heavier side of the band remains here strongly. The band had released 2 demos & played with acts like Morbid Angel, Napalm Death, immolation, Deicide, ..."Forgotten sunrise" is their debut album for Cryptic Soul productions & a new mini album is already scheduled. Withered Earth renews with the primary death metal wave & itís a real pleasure to re-discover this kind of band. This band plays US death metal at its heavy best !


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This swedish band has been created in 1995. After a debut demo 'forever closed', recorded in their own studio in 96, released at more than 500 copies , the band gets some proposals form vairous companies but none of them was really interesting. But Without Grief continues to work. The band appears in several C compilation & released another demo that get more success than the first one! Then Serious entertainement signs the band & 'Deflower' is the name of their debut album, produced by Jacob Hansen (Illdisposed). Teh cover is a work of art, made by the one who also worked for Dimmu Borgir, Hypocrisy...

'Deflower' is  surely the best melodic death metal album released for ages. It's indisputably THE Cd that all death metal fans must have in his discography. For a first album, Without Grief recorded the perfect album! When bands like Carcass, Dark tranquillity, Morbid Angel, ... need 2 or 3 albums to create their masterpiece, Without grief does it with its first album. It's unbelievable. Enriched with a fantastic heavy production, Without Grief composed songs that could unite death metal fans & heavy metal ones. Blending acoustic guitars with heavy ones, music reveals a high technical level & a rare & unique sense of composition. There's lots of technical subtleties that enrich melodies created by guitars parts. That's why Without Grief evolves between Carcass & Dark Tranquillity. Some songs because of their melodies could remain some elements used by bands like Maiden : guitar duets, guitar harmonies, ...More, bass player & drummer combine perfectly to reach another dimension for songs. 'The failure's crown' is a real resume of how Without grief sounds. 

'Deflower' is for me the absolute reference in melodic death metal. this albul is a total success & signs the beginning of a promising carrer. Without Grief is the best melodic death metal band !

WORMWOOD : EARTH : Wormwood : Earth is described like an original, metal/groove band coming from northeast Tn . As i'm waiting for their promo package, you can already listen to their samples & cool other things that you'll find on their site too.

Wyzards :

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Web site :

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The story of Wyzards starts in the end of the 70's. Wyzards is born because of their devotion to the band Rush. But as Wyzards is a meeting of carious musicians, all will bring their personnal touch to the music : from Rush ot Ted Nugent, Kiss or Black sabbath. The band has to changed its line up during the 80's & makes some tour n USA. Now, Wyzards is a power trio & they released their first album, selftittled that contains songs that were created in the 1980-82 period. . Of course, there some lilttle changes in music ( more keyboards for example). 

For those who have grown up in the 70's & in the debut 80's, Wyzards will certainly remains them the style of music that they've heard by this time. As soson as i've heard it , i think about the band White Spirit. It's a fantastic hard rock, enriched by instrumental parts. The produciton is really the one that suits to this music. When you hear thois song, you can find that it's quite simple but it's really not the case. Wyzards must have worked a lot to give this impression of easiness. This album contains only 6 tracks for about 58 minutes of fascinating music. In a way, Wyzards is a progressive band but the word progressive doesnt sound the same as todays. It's progressive as Depp Purple, Rush, Yes or Marillion play progressive music. Musicians masters their technical level & their aim in a song is not to prove that they 're the best musicians . They use their technical level to create the best songs as possible. That's why, you find 2 style of songs in the album : short ones ( between 4 & 8 minutes) & epic songs ( 11-13 minutes). This Cd has been released in 1997 by Mandrake Root , a division of the Laser's Edge, a famous distributor in the net. This realisation is really impressive & original by this time. If the album will pleased all the nostalgic of the 70's period, it's also the best way to discover the origin of progressive music & to find in Wyzards the best response to the one that discovered metal music in the late 80's & 90's. 


Self production - demo : War over Nordland - style avant garde black metal

E mail : tlaunone@cc.helsinkifi

This is a demo made by Nomicon's leader, Tommi Launonen. This demo shows a very avant garde black metal band. It's may be the most original band i've ever heard in Black metal. It's surely because of the richness of Tommi 's influences : heavy metal, death metal, thrash metal, ... All of this makes something very new to hear. Songs are really strange for some parts with brutal acceleration with deep & captivating melodies. Walhalla can probably features as the new trend for black metal fans.


Label : Woodcut records - style : atmospheric metal - album : Diatribe

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The birth of this band started in 1992 & was at first a one man project. The first demo contained 2 songs which were released on a 7" EP by the french company Adipocere. As the 1000 copies were rapidly sold out, Gabriel S. strenghten his project by completing the line up. This result in 1996 by a sign with Woodcut records. 

Musically speaking, Wings is a kind of atmospheric doom metal band. It sounds very heavy but very melodic too. On some songs, it's like Metallica meets Paradise Lost. Recorded at Tico Tico studio ( impaled Nazarene, Sentenced, nightfall, Yearning, ...), the production is very impressive. The vocal work is excellent , blending screamed voice with gothic ones. The play of bassist seems to be very important in the music & it gives a louder tone to it. If it's described like an atmospheric metal band, it's also because Wings never gives the feeling to participate to a race where the faster one wins. More their attachment to create melodic climate gives more emphasis to songs. It's no more funny melodies too! all of them reflect dark state of mind where sadness & fear seems to live together. wings is certainly not the easiest band to listen to, but it's probably on eof the most intereesting one. Each time you play this album, you discover new elements, new arrangements. More, their beautiful cover complete this album. It's an essential album for those who like to discover original & uncompromised band!

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