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X Factor X :

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Bio - Presentation

X Factor X comes from USA& was at first a hard rock cover band from 93 to 96. Then, as their success was growing, they decided to complete their line up & to work on their own songs. They've already played as opening acts for Warrant, Great White, Slaughter, Overkill, ...X Factor X is now seeking for a major labels & continue to see its audience grown . Thier first selftittled Cd is out now. 

Despite the main scene in metal music seems to be only devoted to progressive metal or extreme & dark bands, ther's like a new wave of heavy metal growing slowly but surely. The U.S. scene seems to know a burst out of new talents , like Enertia, The quiet Room, & mainly more. X Factor X is surely one of the bands that will meet a large success in the forthcoming years. No prog metal, this time, just heavy rock played at its best. In fact, X Factor X remains me the cult U.S. band Obssession that relased excellent albums in the 80's. It's impossible to let insensible to this kind of groovy songs, with an excellent play & composition. More, the band innoves ( like on BAMF) & owns qualities that are rare for such a youg band like in the song "Nightmare 7", that is surely one the best one they composed. . Their musicianship is totally impressive & they all have an over the average technical level. One of the best point in this band is surely the singer. Main ones in melodic metal band are copying some famous singer. This one has got his own voice & he knows how to use it at its best. Everytime, he succeeds in finding the best vocals line that suits to songs. His voice can be aggressive, raw like on "Lie" or sweet & hot like in the superb power ballad "Shadow". More, the guitar works is amazing & guitarist John masters his instrument & technical level. For the rythm section, they bring lots of arrangements in songs by a bass line "Lie"or a various play in songs " Devil's lobotomy".  

X factor blends the powerful side of heavy metal with the melodic qualities of A.O.R. like Talisman. But X Factor X 's album is only the first one & it already shows a huge potential & a maturity that 's hard to find in a young band. X Faxtor X only needs support of a good record company to become the reference in heavy rock for the end of this century.

XPLODE : Bio - review

formed in 1996 Feauturing Michael Uppman / Lead vocals - Ex. Y.Malmsteen, Critical Mass (US), Paradise, Sex Shooters, Playground, Autocrash Anders Arstrand / Guitar, Vocals - Ex. Playground, Mötley Jovi, Red Nex Jan Walles / Bass, Vocals - Ex. Playground, Mötley Jovi Conny Bevelius / Drums, Vocals - Ex. Sex shooters, Blizzard of Hits.

Xplode has not recorded an album yet but on the promo sampler released by Dzynamite record, there's one track ( a demo version) that gives a good opinion about the band. For a demo , the sound is pretty good ( & better than for some albums i've ever heard). Musically talking, Xplode plays heavy metal at a mid tempos. It seems that they blend various influences & elements from Heavy metal. That's certainly why this band is unclassifiable. With only one track in a demo version, X plode shoiws an interesteing potential. 

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