Contact : YYRKOON - 189  rue du Verpillemont - 60170 RIBECOURT - France - yyrkoon@mindless.com
Label : Velvet Music Intl. - BP 3072 - 69397 LYON CEDEX 03 - France

1.)   When was created Yyrkoon ?
The band was formed in september 1996. The original members recorded their first demo « Oath, Obscure, Occult... » in 1997 (which is no longer avaible). Only twwo members from this original band are still in the band Stéphane (guitars an vocals) and Laurent (drums). The new members are Jeff (keyboards),  Jérôme (guitars) and I (bass). In December 1997, wwe returned to the studio to record our first album « Oniric Transition » at the Walnut Groove Studio (in Amiens).

2.)  What are your influences ?
Musically, our influences are diverse. We listen to all kind of metal (heavy, black, death, etc ...). As for the lyrics and for the concept, we are for the moment very influenced by the Heroic Fantasy and rôle playing games universes.

3.)  What does Yyrkoon mean ?
What a mystery...

4.)  You 're a young band. How di dyou get this deal with Velvet ?
As you have evidently noticed, we are not still very wellknow... VMI was the first to contact us and their conditions were acceptable... Moreover, you should know that VMI consider themselves a launghing label, which works out well for us, for the moment.

5.)  and 6.) Is your album a concept one ? & what are lyrics talking about ?
 Oniric Transition is a concept albumm. It deals with the psychological evolution of a character (a young warrior) who, ofter his first battle - his first defeat, in which he has lost his best friend - put all his beliefs back in question (for instance, the notion of Good and Evil).

7.What about Yyrkoon on stage for the promotion of the album ?
We hope to be acknowledged enough to attract the most people when we play our gigs. Indeed, concerts are very important for us. And we hope to play the most gigs we can. Everythings else ... Carpe Diem...

8.)  Can you tell us more abou tht efrench scene, its main problems, the good bands, Ö ?
The French Metal scene presently produces more and more very talented bands, and above all, more and more original bands (Carnival In Coal in particular, but there are many others°. On the other hand, there is totaly no importance for us to know whether a band comes from France, Tanzania or Indonesia. What is important is that they produce good music. If you look carefully, you will see that there are very good bands found all aver the world (I have even seen a catalogue selling music by a band from Lichtenchtein ! ! !). The problem in France comes noadays more from the concert hall from the organizeers which often doesnít take the bands seriously. For them, they give  you a present by letting you play ! ! ! You have to be happy if they manage to pay your travelling expensives.... And to play for the beauty of art is maybe nice, but you also have to be able to survive.

9.)  Have you already som eideas for the next album ? Can we know more ?
We are presently working on our next album. It is sure that we are evoluing to a new concept yet keeping in mind our original morals and ideas ; but itís too eraly for saying more about it....

10) Tell us how to get your new album ?
You can contact us at this address :
189  rue du Verpillemont


or our label :

Velvet Music Intl.
BP 3072
69397 LYON CEDEX 03

11.)  A last word ?
  Our first cd is available at the same address for 80FF ( +5FF for the charge of delivery) or at your record store.


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