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Label : Solid State records/Tooth & Nail - Style : Thrash Death - Album :Where blood & fire bring rest.

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The story of Zao is quite strange. After a first tour to support thier LP ‘The splinter shards the birth of separation’, Jesse Smith found himself alone into the band ! So, he had to build again Zao ! That’s why there’s no bassist in the band ! influences range goes from At the Gates & Carcass but hardcore too

Zao is one of the only groups (apparently) from Tooth & nail to have more European influences than American. Because if it were necessary to say to which resembles more Zao, I would say to Carcass, time ' Necroticism.. It is certainly the voice of the singer who imposes this reference so much his stamp of voice seems similar to that of Jeff Walker. Because musicalement, the group dissociates a little more Carcass. Admittedly, one finds there some of the elements which made the glory of this group: riffs sharp, vicious melodies, instrumental quality and originality (' to think of you is to treasure year absent memory' and especially ' Devastation ritual'). But Zao exploits a rate/rhythm slower than Carcass. So the tempos are heavier. But the power released by the group does not remain less impressive about it. The quality of the riffs and their originality do of Zao one of the best extreme groups of the moment The music of the group is straightforwardly hypnotic and it is impossible to resist this sound flood. The rhythmic guitars cut the share of the lion and their precision will make fade considerable contemporary formations. Moreover, Zao is able to find the melodies right. Thus, the group does not sink in the silliness or the ridiculous one. Lastly, the beater shows much originality, knowing to air its play or to seek more personal rates/rhythms which differentiate it from the average. Zao east can be one of the rare groups to succeed in taking again the things where Carcass had to leave them without passing for a clone of this group. It is a turn of force there! ' Where blood & fire bring rest' are an excellent album which deserves really the attention of all!


label : Axe Killer records - Style Heavy metal - Album : All hail to thee / knock ‘em they’re down

Znowhite was a standard power metal band from Chicago that came out in 1982. The band participated at the volume 3 of Metal Massacre which led them to play with Metallica & Raven during their us tour. Recommende by Johnny Zazula, the recorded their first album in theame studio where Metallica recorded one week before its legendary ‘Kill’em all’. Released by Johnny Z ; & Doc mac Ghee ( the same guy tht will work later for Motley Crue or Bon jovi !), their first album get a lot of positive answer form metal medias., that have remaked their powerful rythmic section their female singer & the talents of the guitar parts. Tehn, theu released in 1984 & 1985 the album ‘All hail to thee’ & the EP ‘Kick’me when they’re down’ that are now re issued by Axe Killer on one CD. Then, they plaeend to release another album that came to the light in 1988 on Roadrunner records & at this time, the band triied to be more powerful & closer to the thrash wave.

As soon as the first track is played, Znowhite shows a rare intensity for a so young group. Carried out by a singer with a clear voice which can recall per moments the one in the french band Syrens Call, the band started with a great speed song but where the melody is not forsaken. The songs are short (1:40 minutes for ' Saturday night') but are connected at the speed of the flash. The production remained effective in spite of the years. The rhythmic parts are precise and the unit sounds very powerful. The chorus and melodies are well found. The rate/rhythm of the songs nevertheless points out more a boosted Judas priest with some Metallica’s touch although certain parts of guitars are more than aggressive (' Do or die'). But the group could not be prevented from offering us a ballad, benefitting from the clearness of the voice of their singer. For the mini album which follows, the receipts are the same ones, in spite of a production a little deafer and which sometimes made us think about Motorhead. Certain solos seem straight to come out of the guitars of Kirk Hammett or Dave Mustaine. Even 14 years later, this album (or rather these 2 albums) still sounds pleasant when listening to them. Znowhite has to be discovered or has to be rediscovered! But attention, this album as all CD ‘s editions of Axe killer is in limited and numbered edition. Then do not waste time!

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