Our Company, Dumortier Frères was created in Tourcoing, in the North of France on the 5th of July 1898. More than one Century of different activities. A simple mill at the beginning, it then became a big plant using the procedure of trituration in order to grind seeds ; and finally, a refinery with several bottling lines.


Moreover, Dumortier decided to produce its own plastic bottle. It is a revolution regarding packaging in 1962.

At the same time the Company extended its range with new products using fats : margarine and soap.

During the nineties a new industrial strategy was implemented : the trituration, refinery, margarine & soap activities were stopped and replaced by 2 new activities : vinaigrettes; and since the year 2003, cold sauces & mayonnaises.


105 rue de Rotterdam- BP 30120 - 59202 TOURCOING Cedex - France
Phone number : 33 3 20 69 11 11 - Fax number : 33 3 20 69 11 12
E-mail : contact@dumortier.fr