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Design and manufacture absolute calibrated Heat Flux Sensors and Radiant Flux Sensors

Captec is a leading global manufacturer of customized heat flux sensors , radiant flux sensors , solar heat flux sensors and Thermal Conductivimeter.
The heat flux is the rate of heat energy passing through a section in a given period of time. A heat flux is measured in Watt per square meter (W/m).

The Captec heat flux and radiant flux sensors offer unique characteristics in terms of size, thickness, flexibility along with unmatched performance: response time, accuracy and easiness of calibration.
Offering a comprehensive and highly customizable product line, Captec boasts one of the broadest selection of heat flux sensors and radiant heat sensors in the Industry.
Many organizations worldwide have a need for measuring not only the temperature but the heat flux a surface or an object is exposed to, as the heat flux will have a direct impact on the temperature evolution.
Whether standard or customized, Captec products are operational in many industries…

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