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Radiant Flux Sensors
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Radiant flux sensors.


Thin foil flexible radiant flux sensors consist of a thermoelectric panel laminated between flexible heterogeneous plastic layers with shiny reflectors on one or their both external sides. Captec radiant flux sensors are wide range wavelength while delivering an output voltage directly proportional to the radiant flux density (in Watt/m2). Its median thermal emissivity can be adjusted on request in the range 0.3- 0.7. Since their introduction by CAPTEC over 20 years ago, these radiant flux sensors are used as plane black body radiometers and have demonstrated significant advantage as compared with conventional radiation sensors.


Easy to use: simply connect the terminals to a millivolt or microvolt meter.
Custom tailored for better fit: Size and shape possibilities are unlimited. CAPTEC builds sensors as large as 150x150mm, as small as 5*5mm. You can specify specific shapes to follow the curves of your hardware. Computed aided design produces uniform or profiled heat flux sensing elements to meet your precise needs.
Integral temperature sensor: CAPTEC can furnish heat flux sensors with integral thermocouple built in the sensing area ideal for heat transfer controllers.
Heat flux sensing assembly: As an added service CAPTEC can clamp heat flux sensors to mating metal parts. Our specialised equipment guarantees superior performance.
Ultra thin and low response time: the thinner the sensor is, the shorter is the time required to reach its steady state sensor temperature.
Electric resistance: lower than 500 Ohm.


Accuracy: Thickness of 0.4 mm, guarantees minimal disturbance
Sensing Area: Up to several square feet (precisely shaped and sized on request)
Operating temperature: from - 180C to 200C (-330F to 500F)
Input range: - 500 kW/ m2 to 500 kW/ m2
Electrical resistance: About 20 ohms for a sensing area of one cm2
Thermal emissivity : 0.48
Instrumentation: Any voltage measuring instrument having a 0.1 mV range.
Connection: Either by welding or by copper Teflon insulated color coded wires.
Response time: 0.1 sec
Possibility to insert a thermocouple in order to also measure the temperature.

10x10 1 0.2 2
50x50 25 5 50
100x100 100 20 200
150x150 225 30 300

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