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Heat Flux Sensors Radiant Flux Sensors Thermal Conductivity Customization Heater

Heat flux sensors
The heat flux sensor has been designed to measure total heat transfer through conduction, convection, radiation and deliver an output voltage directly proportional to the total heat flux without requiring a temperature compensation.
Radiant flux sensors
The thin foil radiant flux sensor has been designed to measure the thermal radiation emitted from or absorbed by its sensing area even in the presence of heat transfer through conduction, and convection.
Thermal conductivimeter
Thermal conductivimeter has been designed to measure thermal conductivity without comparison sample.
        It's an absolute measurement.
At CAPTEC, we are able to customize our flux sensors to your exact needs: size, shape (e.g. circular or rectangular), sensitivity, rigid or flexible, waterproof, operating temperature, etc.
Heater - Temperature probes
Thin film heaters, thin film thermocouples, nickel probes


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