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Version  :  1.2.1
OS  :  Windows 9x/NT4/2000/XP
Internet Explorer 4 or upper
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I heve whished to custumize the appearance of the folders under Windows for a long time. I had taken part in the tests of a software which made it possible a long time ago. It is Icon Magician. This software approximately answered my request but unfortunately, this sofware is a shareware...
And then came Internet explorer 4 which allowed (it seems to) to easily custumize the appearance of the interface,hence the folders.

Change Icon is not the first utility which uses the feature of Internet Explorer to custumize the appearance of a folder. I tried to make it as simple as possible and most functional. I have worked so that the selection of the icons is simple. I have also worked so that it is not necessary to restart Windows to see the modification of the icon of a folder. That was not easyiest thing !

I hope that you'll appreciate Change Icon. Please send me all remarks at pmdevigne@nordnet.fr.

Internet Explorer 4 or over needed. If you haven't got these versions, you can try Icon Magician.

  FONCTIONS (version 1.2)

Allow to custumize the appearance of the folders individually :

    - full drag&drop for the selection of the folder or the icon file.
    - the modified icon can be seen immediately.
    - the folders attibutes are managed.

Here is a view of my favorites folders as they appear in Internet explorer 5 after i custumized some of them :

Here is the main window of Change Icon :

Click on an item to see its description :

Fenêtre de configurationFolder selection
      Click "Other folder..." or drop a folder from explorer to customize another folder.
Fenêtre de configurationNew icon
      Click Browse button to choose another icon file (or drop a file over the Change Icon window).
Click Default to get back to default icon for this folder.
Selected icon is previewed on the right of the window in both normal and small format.
new! An history of last files used has been added to simplify the selection of your icons libraries. The Browse window is opened, showing the folder which contains the file currently displayed .
Fenêtre de configurationIcons list
      This area display all the icons which are inside the actual selected file. Click on an icon to select it for the customized folder.

Fenêtre de configurationRebuild
      Sometimes, Icons are displayed incorrectly by Windows. In this case, click on Rebuild to rebuild the icon cache.

Fenêtre de configurationInfotip
      You can type a description for the selected folder. This description will be displayed when the cursor moves over it.

Fenêtre de configuration1. OK, Cancel, Apply buttons
      As you can read.
v1.2.1 (05/2000)
        Solve a problem with the english version for modifying drives' icons.
v1.2 (04/2000)
        New : drives letters icons are now managed.
        Ini file as been modified for the system consider a modified folder
        as a normal folder (by example, no confirmation is displayed when
        you want to move the folder).
        There was a bug under Windows 2000 when you want to drop a folder
        directly on the Change Icon exe file.
v1.1 (11/1999)
        You can see icons inside a file directly in the browse window.
        It's a cool thing, isn't it ?
        An history for last used file has been added. The lastest file used
        goes in first place.
        A Rebuild button has been created. When icons are mixed up, click
        on it, and all is back to normal.
        Drag & drop has been imroved : you can drop a folder or a file
        anywhere in the window.
        Bugs correction:
        Sometimes, desktop.ini was not deleted when you click OK instead of
        Apply button.
        Some files could hang Change Icon because they contain empty icons
        (shdocvw.dll by example). I had to change the way icons are extracted
        for those files.
        When you used (very) intensively Change Icon without closing its
        window, icons were not still correctly displayed.
        Change Icon understand environment variables.
v1.0 (07/1999)
        - 1st public release
        Allow to modify the appearance of each folder in explorer.
        Drap&drop supported.
        Show a preview of the selected icon in big and small format.
        Tested with I.E.4 et I.E.5, Windows 98 & Windows 2000.
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